10 Budget-Friendly Retirement Hotspots You Need to Know

Palm trees are on either side of the road. Public beaches are a few blocks away. A nice little family diner is at the city center. When you close your eyes, that’s the ideal retirement place you can think of. 

Yet, when you have to choose your perfect retirement place, affordability takes center stage. In this article, we look at the top 10 places where people can retire in the USA.

St. Petersburg, Florida

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Considered a popular spot for retirees, St. Petersburg is a vibrant place to settle down. The average home cost of $374,185 makes it workable for retirees to buy a house and live there.

Moreover, it has become a cultural hotspot over the years—the Salvador Dali Museum garners particular interest from the locals and tourists alike.

The weather is warm throughout the year, and you can access the beach, pick up water sports, or go fishing at your convenience.

Last but not least, it is one of the most tax-friendly places in the USA.

The population’s average age is 43.1 years. The warm climate all year makes St. Petersburg a perfect retirement place.

Atlanta, Georgia

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Atlanta is the perfect fit for retirees wanting to spend their leisure years relaxing in parks and at baseball games. The city also boasts delicious Southern cuisine and a low crime rate. The weather is amiable throughout the year, and there are hefty tax exemptions on retirement income. 

Minneapolis, Minnesota

St Anthony Main; Minneapolis, Minnesota: Third Avenue Bridge
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Minneapolis isn’t the most affordable of cities for a retiree in the USA. It is famous for its robust healthcare system and benefits for retirees at 65 years old. 

Alongside this, a whole host of activities are available for senior citizens. Minneapolis has a lot of museums, parks, and lakes and boasts a thriving cultural scene. Besides this, it also offers landscapes for hiking, camping, fishing, and boating. 

However, it gets cold in the winter with average temperatures between December and February dropping below 19⁰F. The average cost of living is higher than the national average. 

Casper, Wyoming

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If you want to spend your retirement years in the countryside, Casper is the place to be. Fish, canoe, hike – you name an activity, you will get it in Casper. 

Additionally, you can always make trips to the Rocky Mountain national parks and enjoy nature. 

The cost of living in Casper is 2% less than the State average, and 10% lower than the national average. It makes it perfect for retirees looking for a financially comfortable life.  The healthcare services are also up to the mark and the city offers a vibrant culture for its citizens of all ages. 

Tampa, Florida 

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Florida features yet again in the list. The city of Tampa is an excellent place for those seeking an active lifestyle. It has a large number of housing options. 

Tampa is also a connecting point for several beach towns in Florida. Besides, Tampa is famous for its food options. La Segunda and Rooster & The Till offer a diverse culinary experience. The city experiences a moderate to warm climate and sees very little crime. 

Wilmington, Delaware

Aerial view of Delaware Memorial Bridge at dusk. The Delaware Memorial Bridge is a set of twin suspension bridges crossing the Delaware River between the states of Delaware and New Jersey
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With a mesmerizing summertime vibe, Wilmington is a post-retirement hub. The average rent is approx $1500 with an average home value of $300k. 

Like Tampa, Wilmington also draws people with its fine dining options. For those fond of Indian food, the Chancery Market is the best place to hunt. 

Wilmington’s population of 70,750 is largely comprised of older citizens. The taxes are low, and there is no tax on your social security income. It also boasts a healthcare system that is better than many states in the US. 

Scottsdale, Arizona

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Scottsdale is one of the best places for retired folks. It has a median age of close to 50 years and offers golfing spots, spas, and beautiful architecture to its citizens. It also has some brilliant restaurants that cater to every foodie. However, the city has extreme summers with temperatures crossing the 100°F mark. While the healthcare system can improve, the crime rate is lower than the national average, so that’s a plus. 

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Yet another Florida addition to the list, Fort Lauderdale scores high points for all retirees. The city is famous for its beaches and features many waterfront condos. It has quality art galleries for connoisseurs and various restaurants. 

As a retiree, you can also take cooking classes in the city. Cruise terminals and an international airport provide the icing for the town. It has a warm climate. The robust healthcare system, low taxes, and affordable housing make it a perfect place to spend your days post-retirement. 

Cincinnati, Ohio

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Cincinnati is, generally, not the first post-retirement option for most people. However, it promises a good life for the retired. You have access to plenty of museums, botanical gardens, and parks for spending time. 

Cincinnati’s living cost is lower than average, and the crime rate is low. There are plenty of certified hospitals and physicians available throughout the year. The fluctuating temperatures also add to the vibrant lifestyle of the residents. 

Charleston, South Carolina 

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The coastal city of Charleston is famous for its southern hospitality. It offers innumerable activities for a retired person to take part in. 

The underrated food options are a blessing for the ones who appreciate a good meal. The cost of living is lower than average, which adds to its charm. Most of the year is sunny and you have access to a sound healthcare system. Charleston should be your option if you want a secure and healthy life after your retirement.

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