14 Reasons Gen Z Thinks They Should Get Paid Even Without Working

Gen Z, born between 1997 and 2012, sometimes get a bad rap at work, seen as “difficult” or “hard to work with.” But their reasons for this vary, from how they view work to what they expect in terms of fair pay.

Desires a Balanced Life

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Young people looking for jobs today really care about having a good balance between work and their personal life. They want to be successful without giving up all their free time. Employers can help by talking about boundaries and making sure everyone knows what’s expected. This can be especially important if the job has unusual hours.

Desire Meaningful Jobs

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Gen Z wants jobs that mean more than just money. They want roles that make their life better and match their interests. They don’t like jobs that don’t feel fulfilling or don’t help society. Today’s young people care more about making a difference than just getting paid.

Tired of Overworking

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A lot of Gen Zs are tired of seeing how working too much in today’s busy culture can hurt people. They want a work environment that’s better for them and wonder if the old ways of working are really necessary. They care more about staying healthy than working all the time.

Impact of Social Media

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Social media has shaped what Gen Z wants to do for a living. Many see online platforms as ways to become successful and famous. They think being an online entrepreneur or making content can be a real jobs. Gen Z is changing how we think about work and being successful.

Desire for Stable Jobs and More Money

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Even though some people think otherwise, Gen Z cares about having a stable job and enough money. They want employers who pay well and offer good benefits because they know it’s hard to make a living nowadays. Companies must understand what it really costs to live so they can attract and keep young talent.

Concerns About Automation

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With machines and AI taking over some jobs, Gen Z worries about choosing careers that might not be around in the future. They think there should be a safety net like basic income in case lots of jobs disappear. Because of this, Gen Z is getting ready for big changes in the job market.

Desire for Fairness

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Gen Z feels like they don’t see enough people like them in regular jobs. They want to work in places that understand their different backgrounds and ideas. They think everyone should be treated fairly and paid equally for their work. This feeling of not being represented makes Gen Z think about other ways to make money.

Want to Learn More Skills

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Young people want to keep learning and getting better even after they finish school. Besides work, Gen Z wants more chances to learn new things. For example, companies could teach them how to manage money. This shows they care about growing in all parts of their life, which can make them more excited about their jobs.

Changes in What’s Important

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Gen Z is leading a change in what people think is important at work. They think everyone’s contributions should be valued, not just some jobs. They’re also looking at different ways to get paid beyond regular jobs.

Doubts About School

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Gen Z doesn’t trust the school system to prepare them for work anymore. They wonder if going to college is worth it and if it really helps them get a good job. Some think it’s better to teach themselves things or start their own businesses.

Using Technology

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Because they’ve grown up with technology, Gen Z uses it to find new ways to make money. They use the internet to make money in ways that weren’t possible before. Their comfort with technology affects what they expect from work and how they get paid.

Wanting to Work for Good

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Young people want to work for companies that care about the same things they do. They care about making the world better and want their jobs to help with that. They expect their employers to share their values and do something about them.

Feeling Let Down

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Even though they were told they could “change the world,” Gen Z is disappointed with most jobs. They don’t want to work in jobs that don’t help make society better. They’re looking for jobs that let them make a real difference.

Interest In Digital Nomadic Culture

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The popularity of being a digital nomad has encouraged Gen Z to want a life where they can work and travel together easily. They care more about having the freedom to choose when and where they work than having a regular 9-to-5 job. They want to make money while seeing the world, not be stuck at a desk all the time.

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