17 U.S. Cities Ranked as Most Unhealthy

Living in a healthy city is essential to protect your physical and mental well-being. Many cities don’t have the basic amenities to maintain the health of their residents. This article gives you a list of such unhealthy cities in the USA.

The list ranks cities from worst to best, based on data from World Health.

Brownsville, TX

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Brownsville, Texas, faces significant challenges in terms of health and fitness. The city’s healthcare system isn’t accessible to everyone as it is very expensive. They don’t have many options for healthy food and space for physical activities. Locals are working on improving the public spaces to promote a better lifestyle.

  • Total health score: 25.72

Gulfport, MS

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Gulfport, Mississippi, has socioeconomic disparities that affect the city’s overall health. It deals with high rates of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. The health conditions remain even if the city has good weather and fresh air. People also have limited access to healthcare amenities across Gulfport.

  • Total health score: 28.19

Shreveport, LA

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Shreveport, Louisiana, ranks third on the list of most unhealthy countries in the USA. It deals with widespread obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. These conditions are prevalent due to poverty and lack of education. Many local hospitals are now offering free screenings to mitigate these health issues.

  • Total health score: 28.31

Columbus, GA

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In Columbus, Georgia, people are dealing with increasing obesity and inactivity. The lack of accessible space for physical activities is the leading cause of poor health in the city. Many people cannot access the health infrastructure to cure their health conditions. There’s also a high rate of smoking among its residents.

  • Total health score: 29.05

Augusta, GA

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Augusta, Georgia, is another city where smoking and obesity are major challenges. More number of people are dealing with chronic diseases associated with these issues. The city’s healthcare system cannot handle the high demand. facing severe health challenges, with smoking and obesity among the top concerns. Community-based initiatives are also having little impact on reducing smoking rates.

  • Total health score: 30.20

Montgomery, AL

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Montgomery, Alabama, has issues related to access to healthcare and nutritious food. Its residents suffer from several health issues, like obesity and diabetes. Economic and educational disparities also lead to poor health. The local health department is working on promoting healthy lifestyles among youngsters.

  • Total health score: 30.51

Memphis, TN

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Memphis, Tennessee, struggles with various socioeconomic factors that affect healthcare. Due to this, the city has the second highest diabetes mortality rate in the USA.

People have limited access to healthy foods and safe environments for physical activities. Despite efforts, the chronic conditions still take a toll on the city’s population.

  • Total health score: 31.39

Fayetteville, NC

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Fayetteville, North Carolina, has high smoking rates and increasing obesity. The city also has a military presence with a high population of veterans. They face unique health challenges related to old age and mental health. These further contribute to the declining health index of Fayetteville.

  • Total health score: 31.57

Laredo, TX

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Laredo, Texas, lacks culturally sensitive healthcare systems. The city’s Hispanic population is at a higher risk of diabetes due to their genetic makeup. Another pressing issue in Laredo is the lack of healthy lifestyles. Laredo’s healthcare infrastructure needs a major transformation to fight against diabetes.

  • Total health score: 31.62

Corpus Christi, TX

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Corpus Christi, Texas, is a city that has a majorly sedentary lifestyle. As a result, people deal with all types of health issues, like obesity and physical problems. The city’s health situation reflects the usual trend in large American cities.

  • Total health score: 32.60

Detroit, MI

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Detroit, Michigan, faces economic and lifestyle struggles. These factors contribute to the declining health of the population. Many people in Detroit deal with hypertension and are at risk of diabetes. Healthcare is expensive, making it inaccessible to people in the lower economic strata.

  • Total health score: 32.97

Fort Smith, AR

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The people of Fort Smith deal with both physiological and mental health issues. The lack of recreational activities and healthy lifestyles is affecting people’s fitness. Many residents are also active smokers, increasing the cases of lung diseases.

  • Total health score: 32.98

North Las Vegas, NV

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North Las Vegas, Nevada, primarily deals with health risks associated with obesity. Both children and young adults lead unhealthy lifestyles. This includes an excess of junk food consumption and a lack of physical activity. The city is trying to improve the health of its residents through wellness programs.

  • Total health score: 33.12

Charleston, WV

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Charleston struggles with countering opioid and drug addictions. The city also faces serious challenges with its water quality. This is causing an increase in water-borne diseases and respiratory issues. Many young adults also deal with various mental health and addiction problems.

  • Total health score: 33.20

Huntington, WV

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Huntington is another city that deals with the opioid crisis. It also has high rates of depression, suicide, and other mental health-related problems. However, the city’s administration is actively taking steps to curb these issues. It will still be a long road before Huntington’s health index improves.

  • Total health score: 33.29

Amarillo, TX

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The people of Amarillo deal with chronic health issues like diabetes and obesity. This is due to a largely unhealthy lifestyle that is plaguing most of the USA. In addition, youngsters are also struggling with substance abuse and mental health conditions.

  • Total health score: 33.75

Winston-Salem, NC

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Winston-Salem faces a range of health challenges like heart disease and hypertension. These lifestyle-related diseases stem from a lack of physical activity and nutritious food.  Addressing these issues requires a comprehensive approach to healthcare for a long duration.

  • Total health score: 34.54
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