10 Worst Airports To Fly Out of In America

Air travel is crucial in today’s modern life, connecting people and generating new business opportunities. However, busy airports can sometimes pose challenges. These airports can leave travelers with high frustration and unsatisfactory experience.

We will discuss the 10 American Airports which has bagged their place in the worst airports list to fly out of in 2024 made after a comprehensive analysis of data published by the “Bureau of Transportation Services” researching the data of over 2 million flights till February 2024.

These airports consistently experience operational challenges, including on-time performance issues, terminal capacity limitations, and a lack of available amenities and passenger services.

Provo, Utah

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The analysis of data from the “Bureau of Transportation Services” indicates that Provo Airport in Utah has experienced various operational challenges.

The airport has the highest percentage of flight delays among United States airports, with an average delay exceeding 1 hour, 42 minutes, and 31 seconds.

This regional airport took in 2194 flights over a period of 13 months, of which around 40% were delayed. The delay has also occurred due to the ultra-low-cost operators. The airport has tiny and inadequate terminals, causing on-time performance issues.

Orlando International Airport

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Although it has a central terminal space through which passengers can travel to the appropriate satellite terminal, Orlando International Airport has marked its place among the country’s worst airports.

After the security check at the airport, the experience of the travelers has not gone well in terms of security efficiency, waiting for time for the arrival of the flights, terminal maps, congestion in the check-in area and the departure area, and other issues. 28 of every 1000 flights were delayed due to such issues.

Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas

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The airport serves the Dallas and North Texas regions of the US and is the largest hub of American Airlines.

It was termed the second busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic in 2022 and 2023, according to the Airports Council International. Dallas International Airport has experienced an average wait time of over 1 hour and 29 minutes. Over 29% of its total flight schedule was disrupted due to flight delays, long wait times, and long queues at check-in and departure doors.

Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey

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This airport consistently ranks as the least traveler-friendly airport in the country. Various surveys and traveler reviews cite a multitude of drawbacks that contribute to a negative travel experience.

Delays caused by long security lines can significantly impact on-time departures and passenger stress levels. It also experiences a higher-than-average rate of flight delays, adding to travelers’ frustration.

These factors, combined with potential limitations in amenities and terminal layout, contribute to Newark Liberty Airport’s reputation as a challenging airport for departures.

George Bush International Airport, Houston

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Travelers frequently cite Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport for its confusing signage and lack of essential amenities. Navigating the airport can become tedious for passengers unfamiliar with the layout, causing delays in reach time.

Additionally, some reports highlight issues with comfortable seating, dining options, and adequate power outlets for charging devices within the terminals. This lack of amenities can significantly impact the comfort and patience of passengers during layovers or delays.

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, Louisiana

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Although the airport holds a historical charm for some, many travelers express their concerns about its aging infrastructure and outdated facilities.

Signage within the airport is an issue with this airport too and it can confuse, potentially hindering the smooth travel to the airport. Furthermore, some reports point out the lack of upgrades to modern amenities, leaving passengers with limited options for relaxation and entertainment.

While the historical experience at this airport may muse some travelers, it can detract from the overall journey experience of the travelers.

Dulles International Airport, Virginia

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This airport occupies a prominent position for international travel in the US. However, despite its significance, the airport is ranked among the least traveler-friendly airports in the country.

The complexity of the airport layout again makes its head into the news with this airport.

Furthermore, the long distances between the terminals create hurdles for passengers and compel them to either walk long distances or take shuttle services. These factors prove taxing for travelers with limited mobility or those carrying huge or heavy luggage.

Hartsfield- Jackson International Airport, Atlanta

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The Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, despite being the busiest airport in the US, finds itself ranked among the worst airports in the country. This low rating stems from customer reviews about the inefficiencies in passenger processing, long security lines due to insufficient staffing, etc.

There’s a substantial selection of food options and helpful information personnel at the airport, but these merits are overshadowed by the waiting times in the queues, which irritates the passengers.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport, North Carolina

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Charlotte Douglas Airport is a central hub for a significant intake of flights. Still, it has been criticized for shortcomings that make it among the country’s worst airports.

This airport has an average delay of 1 hour, 28 minutes, and 36 seconds, based on data from over 40,963 delayed flights. Furthermore, the airport has recently undergone significant expansion, leading to complex road maps to reach it.

This has grown annoyance among the passengers. The disjointed design, along with the long security lines, causes delays to the passengers. Such a huge airport also lacks basic amenities, causing inefficiency to travelers, like limited restroom facilities, which contributes to its disorganization.

Miami International Airport, Miami

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Miami has again made its position among the worst airports in America after the 2022 survey. The city’s airport has an average delay of 34.8 minutes. Although the airport has scored marginally better in other aspects, the position in the worst category is still maintained due to the flight delays.

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