19 Bizarre Things That Could Get You in Trouble in the U.S.

While most laws make sense, others might only apply to a unique scenario. When you don’t know about them, you could get in deep trouble with fines or even face jail time. Here is a list of things that you should know about when you are in the U.S.

Tenants Have A Right to Sunlight

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California’s law protects the residents’ right to access sunlight for laundry needs. The tenants have the right to dry their laundry outdoors. This law aimed to promote sustainability, energy efficiency, and saving money by encouraging us to use natural sunlight to dry clothes instead of electric-powered machines. It would put less reliance on electricity consumption and reduce greenhouse gas effects.

No Netflix Password Sharing

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Netflix has recently announced that it is attempting to shut down password sharing as it directly affects its revenue. In Tennessee, a specific law was passed in 2011, stating that sharing passwords for subscription-based streaming sites was a crime. One could get a fine of $2500 or a year behind bars as a punishment.

No Burping in Church in Nebraska

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The lawmakers take the sanctity of the church very seriously. In Nebraska, children are encouraged to be extra respectful in church. A parent could be placed under arrest if their child burps while they are in church.

No Trick or Treat for Adults

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In Chesapeake, Virginia, only kids and teens who are 14 years or younger can go to celebrate trick or treat and return by 8 pm. Adults could accompany their child in trick or treat but cannot participate individually. Those who break the law could face jail time of up to six months and fines of up to $100.

No Ugly Faces at Dogs

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The lawmakers of Oklahoma seemed to be true canine lovers. They introduced a rule that people who make ugly faces can face a fine, jail time, or both. It is also applicable, even if it is your dog. There are rules where dogs are not allowed to gather in groups of three or more on private property without a signed permit from the mayor.

Use Complete Soap Bar

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In Mohave, if you are caught stealing soap, you must publicly wash yourself with it until it is completely gone. Considering how long-lasting the soaps could be today, it is a bizarre rule.

No Camel Hunting

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Specific experiments used camels to prepare for desert warfare in the USA. In Arizona, these camels were released after experiments and allowed to live. To protect them from getting hunted or killed, Arizona cited that it is illegal to hunt camels within their territory.

No Ice-cream Cones in Pocket

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Walking around with an ice cream cone in your pocket on Sundays is illegal in New York state.

Permission for False Teeth

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In Vermont, husbands need to permit their wives if they want to get false teeth.

Time Limit on Bingo

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In North Carolina, Bingo games are only allowed for up to 5 hours. As per North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement, more than 5 hours are allowed at games fairs only. No alcohol is allowed to be served during any bingo games.

No sharing of hotel rooms

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A man and a woman found occupying the same bedroom in any hotel, public inn, or boarding house for any immoral purpose shall be deemed guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor as per North Carolina General Statute Section 14-186. The law also states that one cannot lie about their marriage and stay together at a hotel or inn. Thus, a weekend getaway would demand two separate rooms for partners without marriage.

Sip and Spit Wine

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In Illinois, the state Senate Executive Committee passed a bill named ‘Sip and Spit.’ It would allow culinary students to sample alcoholic beverages but not drink them. “Taste training is essential for understanding recipes and pairing them with dishes. For the students and teenagers to take it seriously, any violations of this law would constitute a class A misdemeanor and can carry a fine of $2500 and a year in jail.

Unsolicited Pizza

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In Louisiana, it is illegal to send a surprise pizza to someone. It is considered harassment if you send pizza as goodwill. You will have to pay $500 as fines for this act.

Death Penalty

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In New York, there is a death penalty for anyone who tries to commit suicide by jumping off a building. The punishment for jumping off the building is death.

Eating Fried Chicken with Hands only

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In Gainesville, Georgia, known as the “poultry capital of the world,” a law declared that eating fried chicken with a knife and fork was a crime. It asserted that people should eat with their hands and enjoy this experience.

Pulled Over While Driving

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When a police officer approaches you, try to stay calm and keep your hands where they are visible. Acknowledge the officer and find a safe place to pull over the car. Do not try to resist or argue, but you can remain silent. Once the matter is solved, you can ask the officer if you can leave.

Say Yes to Cheat Days

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In Mississippi, the state has banned its cities and counties from trying to stop restaurants and food chains from posting nutritional information about meals and drinks consumed by the customer. They believe that it is not the role of the government to micro-regulate citizens’ dietary decisions. The responsibility for personal health depends on the choices made by the individual.

No Screaming in Horror Houses

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In Topeka, screaming in a haunted house is against the law.

No Singing on Streets

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In Topeka, it is against the law to sing in the streets at night. You can be arrested for causing a disturbance even if you want to whistle a tune.

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