12 Things You Should Never Buy From Walmart

Walmart is one such stop that is the guilty pleasure of shopaholics. However, no matter how big of a shopping addict, you wouldn’t want to waste your money, right? From fruits to drones, you can find anything at Walmart, but that doesn’t mean you should buy them all.

Walmart sells some items that are either pricer than other places or not up to mark. We went over online forums and leading news websites to gather the general sentiment of the consumers who did buy the product. So, let’s see what those items are so you can avoid wasting money.

Kitchen Appliances

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Kitchen appliances at Walmart are usually cheaper than the average market price. For example, an oven with an MRP of $84.99 can be bought for $44.80 at Walmart. However, this allure of saving money often doesn’t pay off in the long run.

The lower price comes with a trade-off in quality, with many appliances likely to fail within a year. This might not be a major issue if you plan to use these items only occasionally. However, frequent use tends to reveal their lack of durability. Many customers have reported needing repairs just a few months after purchase.

Glasses & Dishware

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If you are planning to invest in long-lasting glassware, please don’t buy it from Walmart. The quality isn’t up to the mark, and the design is very basic and cheap-looking. You can get better deals at Amazon for better-looking dishware. Even customers who liked the products later regretted the poor quality of the dishes.


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Walmart’s store brand, Great Value, tries to replicate popular cereals like Apple Jacks and Cocoa Puffs. They sell these cereals for one or two dollars less than the name brands. Many people are tempted by the lower price. However, they often find that the taste doesn’t match the original brands. Some customers also report a strange aftertaste and a texture that reminds them of chewing on a sponge.

Beauty Products

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Walmart carries a beauty line called Equate, which has not been well received. Several consumers have reported that the Equate makeup remover causes skin irritation and a burning sensation. The same goes for their shampoos and conditioners, which tend to leave hair dry and frizzy. Moreover, the skincare items are overly scented and smell strongly of chemicals, which is not ideal for skincare products.

Everyday Furniture

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We buy furniture as a long-term investment. However, Walmart’s Mainstays furniture product may not be worth your money. The customer complained that the chairs started to wobble within a few days and became even worse over time. The coffee tables also crashed and were dented very easily. The dresses’ drawers don’t slide out smoothly. Therefore, it is fair to say that the furniture department is generally not of great quality.

Frozen Pizza

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Think twice before picking up a frozen pizza from Walmart. Customers have shared experiences of pizzas with watery sauce and flavorless, rubbery cheese. The cheese often seems artificial. Additionally, the pizza base might turn out soggy instead of crisp.

Great Value Snacks

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Great Value snacks are not the best you can get at Walmart. If you buy a pack, you might find half of the chips broken into pieces or a bag of potato chips full of greasiness. Some buyers have even complained about the flavors seeming a bit “off.” If snacks are your guilty pleasure, then it is better to indulge in something that will be loved by your taste buds.

Great Value Frozen Broccoli

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You might wonder how frozen vegetables can go wrong, yet Walmart’s Great Value frozen broccoli often becomes a mushy mess when reheated. Some vegetables might naturally lose some texture after being frozen and then reheated, but they should still retain some firmness. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Walmart’s frozen broccoli. In a blind taste test, you might not even recognize it as broccoli.

Dill Pickles

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Another Great Value product that is again and again marked as the worst product of their range is the Dill Pickles. Even buyers who are not very picky eaters have complained that this pickle tastes bad. Some said it tastes like metal and has a weird aftertaste, which is hard to pinpoint. So it’s better you don’t waste your money on any product of this brand under Walmart.

High-End TVs

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Walmart may not be the best choice for high-end televisions. The store is known for low-cost items, so their selection of premium TVs is quite limited. If you’re thinking about buying a more expensive TV, you might not find what you’re looking for at Walmart. You could get a better quality TV by spending a bit more at another retailer. Make sure to check the brand and specifications before you buy to ensure you’re getting good value for your money.


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Buy batteries at Walmart only if you want them to die soon. Most of the cheap batteries that you get at Walmart won’t even last a year. For car batteries, the price is not less than what you can get on Amazon or Costco. Walmart has its store brand called EverStart batteries, and it has different product ranges that vary in price and quality. So, even if you choose to buy from them, make sure to do your research.

Maple Syrup

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The price per ounce of maple syrup can be quite high at Walmart. Even the generic brands might cost you double what you will pay at a warehouse club like Costo or Amazon. Usually, if the per-ounce price is around 39 cents, you should go for it. However, at Walmart, it is almost double- 64 cents, which makes no sense.

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