15 Odd Laws That’ll Leave You Wondering ‘Why?

If you are a globetrotter, you must be aware of the laws of the country you travel to. However, even if you’re not traveling, you can still learn about these weird laws for fun. Some are strict government rules, while some are local customs that should be followed.

Do Not Feed Pigeons In Venice

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In Venice, the winged residents are treated like feathered royalty. However, feeding them is a major no-no. This is to prevent the birds from becoming too dependent on humans. Also, it prevents pesky bird droppings from dirtying the beautiful city. This is a finable offense, and you may get charged up to 500 euros.

No Bikinis or Bare Chests in Spain

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While Spain boasts sun-kissed beaches, don’t expect too much skin. Bikinis and bare chests can draw frowns and fines, especially in smaller towns. Remember, a conservative cover-up is key for beachside bliss.

However, it does not apply to all Spanish beaches. So before heading out, research and learn about the rules of the particular beach you are visiting.

No Chewing Gum In Singapore

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The chewing gum ban in Singapore is no joke. The sticky menace was deemed a major litter culprit, leading to strict prohibition. This is the reason you will never find chewing gum sold in stores.

So, if you’re craving a chew, opt for hard candy or mints instead. However, there are exceptions for therapeutic gums with medicinal properties.

No Eating On the Streets in Florence

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In America, it is pretty common to grab a bite on the go. However, if you are walking through the historic cities of Florence, this deed can cost you anywhere from €150 to €500.

This rule came into action in 2018 and only applies between the prime lunch and dinner time. However, for extra precautions, we suggest not eating in public for the in-between hours, too.


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Public displays of affection are a no-no in the UAE. Holding hands, hugging, or even a peck on the cheek can land you in hot water. Respect local customs and keep your love low-key in public spaces.

Not only are you fined, but you can also get imprisoned for this.

Don’t Forget Birthdays In Samoa

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Samoa has a very close-knit community, and birthdays are a big deal there, especially when it comes to the better half.

The husband might face a maximum five-year prison sentence for this, according to the law of the land. The first time is forgiven, but if they forget more than once, they can get fined or jailed. This is why husbands are warned not to make this mistake.

No Winnie The Pooh Merchandise In Poland

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Your favorite childhood cartoon character may cause you trouble in Poland. There is more than one reason why the Polish government has banned Pooh t-shirts around playgrounds.

Reason one is that Pooh wears its iconic red crop top with no pants, which is considered inappropriate in Poland. And second, Polish people are worried that the character’s “dubious sexuality” can be a bad influence on kids.

No Selfie-Taking With Buddha In Sri Lanka

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There isn’t a written law in Sri Lanka specifically prohibiting selfies with Buddha statues. However, there are strong cultural and religious sensitivities surrounding the veneration of Buddha. Taking selfies disrespectfully or inappropriately, particularly with Buddha statues, can be considered offensive and hurtful to Sri Lankan people.

Don’t Make Big Sandcastles In Spain

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Building towering sandcastles might be a beachside dream, but in Spain, it can land you a fine. Large structures can disrupt the natural environment and disrupt other beachgoers. Stick to smaller creations and respect the shoreline, and you’ll be out of trouble.

Keep Your High Heels At Home When In Greece

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Those glamorous stilettos might look tempting for exploring Greek islands but think twice.
Wearing high heels in historical places in Greece is indeed illegal. This law was implemented in 2009 to protect the ancient sites from damage. This includes – the Acropolis and Parthenon in Athens, The Palace of Knossos in Crete, The Temple of Apollo at Delphi, and The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus.

No Water Guns In Cambodia

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While water guns are not entirely banned, they are prohibited, especially during the Khmer New Year. It is because the festival includes a ritual of sprinkling holy water for blessing, and using water guns disrupts the spiritual act.

Along with that, in 2023, a tourist got a serious eye injury from a water gun during the festival. So, the prime minister decided to ban it.

Handle Salmon Carefully When In Britain

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Handling salmon in Britain, especially under “suspicious circumstances,” can land you in legal trouble. It’s all about protecting precious fish stocks, so make sure your salmon dealings are above board.

Don’t Name Your Pig Napoleon In France

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If you’re a Napoleon fan and planning a pet pig in France, think again. Naming your pig Napoleon is illegal, a relic of past historical tensions. Choose a more neutral name to avoid any porky problems.

Can’t Have Creative Baby Names In Denmark

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Unleashing your creativity when naming your baby in Denmark is not a thing. Authorities can reject unusual or offensive names. You can only pick a name from the 7000 pre approved names.

Scrabble Is Banned In Romania

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You can’t play Scrabble with your Romanian friend as it is banned in the country. Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu banned this board game in the 80s, calling it “overly intellectual” and a “subversive evil.”

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