12 Things You Need to Hide Before Guest Arrive (So That They Don’t Judge You)

Guests don’t always stay confined to the living room or dining area. There is a chance that some will need to visit the restroom, and some nosy parkers will stumble into your kitchen or bedroom, too. They might notice things and comment on them, making you uncomfortable. Hence, cleaning your home and tucking away a few things before guests arrive is always a good idea.

The general rule of thumb is to ask, “Would this item start a conversation that I’d rather not have?” If the answer is yes, put it away.

Read on to learn 12 things to put away when guests are coming over.


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Mail comes every day, but only some people sort through the bills, advertisements, and catalogs daily, and most of them find themselves thrown either on the kitchen counter or the entryway table. However, when guests arrive, putting them away in a mail bin or a drawer would be a good practice. You wouldn’t want to put sensitive documents outside either for prying eyes to know about your income, overdue bills, taxes you pay, and your investments.


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There is no shame in taking medication, be it for a knee injury or mental health condition. However, you don’t want the whole world to know and discuss it. If you don’t want a nosy guest to notice your medicines and subject you to an awkward dinner table conversation, it is advisable to hide your medicines.

Recreational Drugs

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While weed might be legal in your state, it’s a good idea to hide it somewhere secure during dinner parties. Put them away where no one notices them. You will not have to answer uncomfortable questions or, worse still, have it stolen. The same goes for cigarettes, bongs, and pipes. If your guest list includes children, it’s definitely advisable to put away your stash of edibles out of reach. Their parents will appreciate it.

Controversial Books

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One would wonder what’s wrong with books; they are harmless. Well, not always. A good book can spark interesting conversations and keep guests engaged for hours. However, books on politics, law, or religion can lead to arguments and even fights, especially if guests hold polarizing views. You want to avoid that happening in your party. Hence, keep such debate-flaring books hidden from plain sight.

The same applies to books and magazines with X-rated content. While the world has moved onto online porn, this one might not apply to you. If you have porn magazines, hide it somewhere before the guests come over.

Personal Toys

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While people are generally aware of intimate toys, no guest wants to come across them while using the bathroom. Some things are as much for private viewing as for private use. Intimate toys definitely fall in that category. Hide them deep in your closet where no one would accidentally stumble.

Children’s Toys And Pet Accessories

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If you are a parent of small kids, it is understandable that the kids have more toys than you probably have storage space for. However, make sure that their toys are not lying around and are safely put away in a toy bin. Similarly, if you have pets, put away their beds, chew toys, and accessories. You don’t want your guests tripping over small objects or toys or hurting their feet when they step on a Lego brick.


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A host might have to make last-minute supermarket visits for groceries, soda, chips, and other knick-knacks for the party. However, they don’t have to sit on the kitchen countertop when guests arrive. It not only makes the kitchen look chaotic but also takes up space. Put these items away and make your kitchen look visually appealing.


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It won’t hurt to be more prudent if you are hosting a drinking party. After a few drinks, no one can predict how the guests will behave. Noisiness and recklessness are some common traits that guests exhibit while they are high on drinks. You wouldn’t want your precious collectibles knocked over and smashed in a bout of drunken madness. Put away anything that is precious or can be broken, including glass ashtrays.


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Imagine walking through the door and seeing shoes in disarray. It’s not a pretty sight. Store your shoes away in the shoe closet to make the entrance look neater and more organized. It will also create space in case your guests want to park their shoes.

Bathroom Toiletries

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When guests visit the bathroom, they want to avoid seeing your toothbrush, razor, loofah, or any other hygiene tools on display. The same goes for sanitary pads, tampons, other female menstrual products, and condoms. Though used by all, these items are private and should be stored in a private place, too. Put them away so that surfaces in the bathroom are clutter-free.

Dirty Laundry

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If you have the habit of piling your dirty laundry in the bathroom or bedroom until laundry day, understand that it is not visually appealing to your guests. Collect all dirty linen, undergarments, and clothes off the floor and put them in a hamper in the laundry room. Pick up wet towels off the bed or the back of chairs and throw them in the laundry bin, too.


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While people don’t usually fiddle with other people’s laptops, you can never be sure, especially if the laptop’s screen is on or not password-protected. You don’t want anyone to see what you were last working on, accidentally click and wipe out something, or go through your files. Shut down the laptop and keep it in a drawer.

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