13 Normal Things That Society Should Stop Demonizing

With the changing times, society has become more accepting and inclusive. However, there are still many things that society has not accepted, and they are still taboo. People doing those things are frowned upon or treated as social pariahs.

Read on to learn 13 things society has demonized but should be considered normal.

Stigmatizing Therapy

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Everybody struggles with mental health issues at some point in their life, and yet, it is a taboo topic, or people talk about it in hushed tones. According to National Institute of Menal Health, It is estimated that more than one in five U.S. adults live with a mental illness (57.8 million in 2021).

Mental health issues like depression are not fake problems; people genuinely suffer from them. Looking down on mental disorders makes people a lot less likely to talk openly about it and seek therapy.

Speaking Ill Of The Dead

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You must have heard people say you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead, but is it the right thing to do? A human makes mistakes, as did the person who passed away—no need to hide or avoid talking about it. People should tell the truth about the deceased even if he was evil.

Being A Teetotaller

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Just because excessive drinking and loud drinking parties are a norm doesn’t mean everyone is interested in it. Accept that many in your circle don’t drink at all, drink little, or drink occasionally. When they choose not to drink with you, it should not lead to raised eyebrows, mocking, or pressure to drink.

Not Being On Social Media

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The whole world is on social media, from teenagers to your 80-year-old granny, and many are present on different platforms or have multiple handles. It is customary in today’s society to be hung up on social media. On the other hand, there are a few people who stay away from online presence of any kind. That is perfectly normal, too. It doesn’t make them sociopaths.

Choosing Not To Have Children

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Society thinks that having children is the only natural course for couples. They sympathize if a couple can’t have kids because of a medical reason but frown and look suspiciously if a couple says they don’t want to have children. A couple can opt not to have kids because they don’t want them, and it’s completely fine.

According to Pew Research,  44% of non-parents ages 18 to 49 say it is not too or not at all likely that they will have children someday.

They have their reasons, so let’s respect them. Consider the ever-increasing world population.

Body Hair On Women

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All humans have hair irrespective of gender; accept that. However, it’s a skewed expectation that women should shave or wax their arms, legs, or bikini area. God forbid if they have facial hair. Many women (including young girls) have been ridiculed or bullied for their mustaches or beards. Body hair is completely normal; it’s time society acknowledged it.

Men Showing Emotions In Public

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While it’s normal for women to break down in public, the same kind of behavior is not accepted for men. Men are shamed for crying or showing vulnerability. It’s sad. The same emotions as women overtake men; hence, it should be perfectly fine when they let their guard down and express their feelings.

Grandparents Not Taking Care Of Grandkids

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Many children think that just because their parents have retired and love their grandkids, they will be open to babysitting them, and when they don’t, society maligns them. It shouldn’t be the case. Grandparents have raised their children and are entitled to live as they want. If they don’t want to mind their grandchildren, so be it.

Not Wanting To Earn More

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Not everyone wants to work themselves to death; some just want to take things slow. They don’t mind if they don’t take annual vacations to exotic foreign countries or don’t live in fancy condos. They are satisfied beings who don’t find happiness in consumerism. They want to relax and find time to pursue hobbies. As long as they pay their bills on time, society shouldn’t have an issue with them.

Embracing Minimalism

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Not everyone appreciates a home that looks like a museum or has closets full of clothes and accessories. Some don’t mind eating food from chipped plates or serving coffee to their guests in mismatched mugs. They don’t lean towards buying fancy china, shiny cutlery, or matching linen. It doesn’t mean they are cheap. It just means they don’t give into the societal pressure to consume constantly; they care about the environment and like to live with few items or bare necessities.

Men Wearing Makeup

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Many brave men have broken the mold of gender stereotypes and identities. However, they are still looked upon suspiciously, laughed at, trolled, or bullied. Nothing is embarrassing about men’s interest in beauty products and wearing makeup. It’s high time it’s considered normal for men to have feminine aspirations.

Having A Different Opinion

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Every human is different, and so are his values, thoughts, and opinions. People will have different opinions about everything from which flower is the most beautiful to politics and religion. Just because a person has a different opinion from yours doesn’t make him bad. He is entitled to his opinions. Argue with him but respectfully.

Single Fathers Raising Daughters

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While a single mother is seen as a Superwoman, a single father raising daughters is looked at suspiciously. A father is there for his daughters physically and mentally while the mother isn’t. He is dropping them off at school, preparing their tiffin, and supporting his daughters through period pain and teenage heartbreaks. It’s time people stopped giving single fathers glares and making them feel uncomfortable.

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