15 Things Americans Want Legally Banned

In the ever-evolving societal norms and values, certain activities or things can shift from widespread acceptance to vehement opposition over time. As sentiments change and awareness grows, what was once embraced can face demands for prohibition.

Plastic Packaging

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The United States has a plastic waste problem that needs addressing. Banning single-use plastics and packaging, like Europe has done, could be a game-changer. Plastic pollution is a serious threat to our environment and health, so it’s crucial to prioritize sustainability and move away from plastic reliance for the sake of future generations

Loud Commercials

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Television commercials frequently resort to loud sound effects to capture viewers’ attention, but this tactic often backfires. The jarring volume increase is not only annoying, but also disrupts the viewing experience. This drives viewers to mute the TV or leave the room altogether


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While fireworks captivate many with their dazzling displays, their loud noises frighten and disrupt both people and animals. Moreover, fireworks significantly increase the risk of fires, resulting in a surge of emergency calls annually. Given these safety hazards and disturbances, a ban on personal fireworks use merits serious consideration.

Assault Weapons

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There’s ongoing debate about gun control in the US. Some advocate for a ban on assault weapons due to their high capacity and association with mass shootings. They believe it would reduce gun violence and improve public safety.


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E-cigarettes, or vapes, have become popular alternatives to cigarettes. However, some health concerns have emerged regarding the long-term effects of vaping. Those who support a ban worry about potential health risks, especially for young people, and the potential for addiction

Targeted Advertising

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Targeted advertising uses personal data to deliver specific ads to consumers. While convenient, some find it intrusive and a violation of privacy. Supporters of a ban argue for greater control over how personal data is used and a return to more generic advertising practices.

Spam Calls

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Many Americans face a constant barrage of unsolicited spam and telemarketing calls. Despite attempts to block these numbers, scammers quickly adapt their strategies, rendering such efforts ineffective. These persistent calls disrupt daily life and expose individuals to financial fraud and emotional manipulation. Implementing stricter regulations swiftly to combat this predatory behavior and protect citizens from unwanted solicitations is imperative.

Animal Breeders

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Breeders who sell pets as a business can cause big problems. They care more about making money than about animals being happy and healthy. This leads to too many pets without homes and shelters getting too full.

We need stricter rules to make sure animals are treated well, and there aren’t too many pets without homes

Political Donations

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People who vote should be told who is giving money to political campaigns. We need better rules about donations to prevent wealthy people from controlling politicians.

In short, politicians should tell us about all the big donors, and we should find out who is behind those secret companies giving money. This would make politicians more responsible and stop the system from feeling unfair. In a good democracy, money shouldn’t be used to control decisions behind closed doors.

Bots Buying Concert Tickets

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Fans all over the world are upset because bots snatch up concert tickets as soon as they’re available. This means real fans miss out on going to concerts. It also makes tickets more expensive when they’re resold. Concert planners and ticket sellers should do more to stop this and make sure everyone has a fair chance to buy tickets at regular prices.

Putting Trash in Ocean

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Over 14 million tons of plastic and other wastes like bottle caps, cigarettes, and soda cans enter the ocean each year. Sea creatures sometimes eat small pieces of plastic, thinking it’s food, which can harm or even kill them. Plastic pollution also hurts places where marine life lives, like coral reefs and beaches, which affects fishing and tourism. That’s why it’s really important to tell people about this problem and do things to make less waste and protect the ocean and its animals.

Child Beauty Pageants

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Many people worry about child beauty pageants. These contests can harm both kids and their parents. They often make children feel bad about themselves and make them think too much about looking pretty.

While adult beauty pageants can be controversial, having children in them makes things even more unsettling.

Parents Using Children in Videos for Money

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It’s worrying when parents use their kids to make money, especially on websites like YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok. Some people might say it’s just fun, but it can really hurt the kids in the long run. It invades their privacy, uses them, and might make them feel bad. Instead of caring about the kids, these practices care more about making money. That’s why we should stop them.

Super-Bright Headlights

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The increasing use of extremely bright headlights is becoming a problem for both safety and driver comfort on the roads. When headlights from other vehicles are too bright, they can distract and confuse drivers, making accidents more likely, especially during nighttime driving. LED headlights, in particular, make this problem worse because they are even brighter. Overall, this makes driving at night harder and more dangerous for everyone on the road.


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Lots of people in America want to stop zoos because they worry about how animals are treated, the right thing to do, and protecting wildlife. Animals in zoos often show signs of being stressed and acting strangely because they’re kept in small spaces.

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