10 Reasons Why Living in the US Is No Longer Worth It

In a survey conducted in March 2024, it was found that 34% of Americans are considering leaving the US permanently. This indicates a significant level of dissatisfaction with life in America. Here, we’ll explore the reasons behind this desire to go. Many factors are driving this trend, from concerns about employment rights to the high cost of living and issues with public services.

Unfair Employment Rights

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Every year, many workers in the US lose their jobs or undergo diverse reprisals while they try to form unions. There has also been a substantial violation of workers’ freedom and a lack of fundamental rights.

A CNBC report from 2021 states that the US ranks last among other countries that offer employee benefits such as paid leaves, retirement benefits, healthcare or vacation days. It’s the only country that refrains from offering universal healthcare services to its citizens.


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Racism is one of the prolonged problems in the United States. People might argue that the intensity of racism today isn’t what it was decades back. Yet, there are still some subtle yet adversely affecting forms of discrimination within the country. Economic disadvantage, inadequate execution of anti-discrimination laws, unequal employment rights, and reduced educational opportunities are a few outcomes of racism in the US. Therefore, people are deciding to emigrate from the US to escape this.

Cost of Living

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The cost of living is a worrisome consideration for Americans. Even with a drop in the inflation rate from a peak of 9.1% in 2022 to 3.5% in March 2024, Americans’ living expenses have not been much relaxed. On average, a single person in the USA’s living expenses are $3,189, which is $38,266 per year.

The rising demand for diverse goods or services and the supply chain challenges are collectively increasing the livelihood expenses of American citizens. A 2021 survey reveals that around 34% of consumers in the US expressed their struggle to meet their financial necessities.

Pricey Higher Education

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The United States faces a paradox in higher education. While demand remains high compared to other countries, state funding has fallen short. This decline and rising operational and administrative costs have driven up tuition fees significantly. Americans appreciate the value of a US college degree, but the ever-increasing price tag is a significant source of discontent.

The average tuition fee for a four-year public college degree in the US is approximately $100000, but if you opt for private institutions, it can be as much as $41540 a year. Note that we are only speaking of the tuition fee.

Insufficient Public Transportation

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Public transportation isn’t at its best in the US and is declining consistently. As of 2024, around 45% of Americans do not have access to any form of public transportation. Due to the outdated designs of certain cities and affluent neighborhoods, many Americans are forced to use private transport and pay more. Thus, it further adds to their living expenses, which convinces them to leave the US.

Costly Healthcare Services

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A lot of Americans have been delaying the medical treatment of their family members, mostly because of the increasing costs. In a survey, around 38% of Americans have confirmed the same. A lot of people are relying more on medications and are dodging doctor visits for conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and others. This indicates that people are struggling with healthcare expenses, which is one of the reasons they are leaving the US.

No Gun Control

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Gun violence in the US is not something unknown to the world. The lack of gun control in America is worse when compared to all other wealthy countries. In 2021, the US was ranked 28th for recording the highest count of gun violence deaths around the globe, i.e., 4.31 deaths per 100k people.

A 2023 report by Statista further highlights around 42% of American households reported to have at least one firearm. Thus, it explains the US’s uncontrollable gun situation, which frightens normal citizens to live in the country.

Life Quality

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America’s quality of life has consistently deteriorated in the past few years. People are fed up with overpaying for products or services compared to the quality they receive. Furthermore, education, retirement, and healthcare are now unaffordable for average Americans. The worst part is that the pricing for these services continues to rise every year. Thus, leaving the country is now a smart decision for many.

According to 2022 Gallup polls, as much as 15 percent of Americans say they want to leave the country permanently, and even more say they would consider expatriating under the right circumstances.

Failing Infrastructure

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America’s infrastructure is deteriorating, with approximately 42,000 bridges in poor condition. These bridges handle a staggering 167 million vehicles daily, exacerbating safety concerns.

Moreover, over 15,800 of these bridges were already in dire straits a decade ago, according to an Associated Press analysis. This failing infrastructure jeopardizes public safety and undermines economic stability, prompting some to reconsider living in the US.

Mental Health Instability

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Depression, stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues are accelerating among Americans. It has now reached a level where no one can ignore the symptoms.

A poll by CNN reveals that 90% of Americans say they are in some mental health crisis. It is a problematic figure that is triggered mainly by drug abuse, serious illnesses, or emotional breakdowns. Furthermore, access to treatment for mental health conditions isn’t up to the mark in the US, which further worsens their condition.

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