The 14 US Cities Where Medical Expenses Are Suspiciously Low

Access to affordable healthcare is crucial for many people who are choosing where to live in the United States. While healthcare costs vary widely across the country, some cities stand out for their notably lower expenses. These places have competitive healthcare markets and strategies to keep costs down, making them appealing to those who are mindful of their budgets.

In this list, we highlight cities across the U.S. known for their affordable healthcare. Each city provides quality care without the hefty price tag, showcasing its unique approaches to cost management.

Sacramento, California

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Sacramento has made healthcare affordable through legislative measures of California state hospitals. It has a diverse healthcare ecosystem, including community health centers and clinics that offer normal fees based on income.

In Sacramento, the top health insurance providers for a 40-year-old are Blue Shield of California and Kaiser Permanente, with premiums of approximately $461 and $511, respectively.

It’s highly affordable for every average-income household in America.

Boston, Massachusetts

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More than 28% of American adults have skipped doctor visits due to rising costs. However, the city of Boston provides one of the lowest healthcare rates in the country and offers its residents access to quality healthcare without exorbitant expenses.

As per a recent study, Boston ranks number one in the United States for the hospital beds per capita category. The city’s emphasis on preventive care helps reduce overall healthcare costs, ensuring that residents can access medical services without financial strain.

Knoxville, Tennessee

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Knoxville has lower healthcare costs than other metropolitan cities. The presence of multiple hospitals and clinics helps maintain competitive prices. Health insurance plans available in Knoxville include Bronze and Gold, with monthly premiums of about $358 and $486, respectively. The city’s healthcare initiatives focus on preventive care, which helps reduce long-term costs.

McAllen, Texas

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McAllen boasts some of the lowest healthcare costs in the nation. Residents benefit from affordable medical procedures and low insurance premiums. The city’s low cost of living also contributes to the overall affordability. For instance, the average cost of bariatric surgery in McAllen is approximately $21,374. However, prices can range from as low as $4,900 for less complex procedures like lap band surgery to much higher for more involved surgeries.

Des Moines, Iowa

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Des Moines is recognized for its low healthcare expenses. The city offers affordable medical services, from routine check-ups to specialized procedures. For example, the median cost for a total hip replacement surgery in the area is $33,686, ranging from $8,300 to $61,800 across different medical providers. An MRI without contrast can cost around $595, and with contrast, the price may go up to $695.

Louisville, Kentucky

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In Louisville, Kentucky, healthcare costs are relatively competitive. For example, the average cost for a full knee replacement is notably lower in Louisville compared to higher averages in other regions like New York City. The city’s strategic healthcare policies focus on reducing costs and improving access. Louisville’s cooperative efforts among clinics and hospitals help prevent price spikes.

Jackson, Mississippi

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Jackson presents some of the most affordable healthcare options in the southern United States. Regarding Medicare, Jackson offers a range of affordable options, particularly in Medicare Advantage plans. For instance, some plans do not charge a premium and cap annual out-of-pocket expenses at around $5,900 to $6,900. This makes Jackson a city with one of the most accessible healthcare options.

Memphis, Tennessee

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Memphis offers significant savings on healthcare costs compared to other major cities. The local healthcare system benefits from a large network of hospitals and clinics. The city offers the best health insurance in Tennessee, with an average monthly rate of $524. Memphis also focuses on preventive healthcare, reducing the overall demand for expensive medical treatments.

Fayetteville, Arkansas

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Fayetteville residents enjoy lower-than-average healthcare costs. The city has several healthcare providers, which stimulates competition and helps keep prices manageable. Fayetteville’s hospitals are well-regarded for their quality and affordability. Ambetter’s Standard Silver plan is the best cheap health insurance plan in Arkansas, with monthly rates as low as $424.

Birmingham, Alabama

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Birmingham is known for its affordable healthcare. The city’s healthcare providers work together to keep costs down while maintaining high standards of care. Birmingham has invested in medical education and community health, further reducing costs. The premium cost of healthcare in Birmingham, AL, is at least 6% lower than most cities in the U.S. The city offers a range of economical healthcare options.

Cleveland, Ohio

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Cleveland’s healthcare costs are attractively low, especially given the high quality of care available. The city is a hub for medical research and education, which helps keep healthcare services advanced yet affordable. Ohio residents in Cleveland are required to pay approximately $497 per person for individual health insurance plans. The city’s focus on healthcare innovation continues to drive costs down.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City’s healthcare costs are among the most reasonable in the Midwest. The city has a robust network of hospitals and clinics that offer cost-effective services. Lowest monthly SHOP health insurance premiums in Oklahoma range from $134 to $378 per person. Oklahoma City’s healthcare initiatives aim to keep community health high and medical costs low.

Omaha, Nebraska

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The cost of medical care in Omaha is recognized for its cost-effective healthcare solutions. The city has a competitive healthcare environment, with numerous providers keeping prices low. A normal C.T. scan costs between $300- $6,750, depending on where it is performed. Omaha’s strategic health initiatives focus on preventive care, which helps residents save on medical costs in the long run.

Salt Lake City, Utah

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Salt Lake City boasts a healthcare system that is both high-quality and affordable. It hosts a variety of hospitals and medical centers that offer competitive pricing on healthcare services. The city’s focus on preventive health care and wellness programs helps reduce the need for more expensive medical interventions. Salt Lake City’s health insurance premiums are generally lower than those in many other U.S. cities.

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