14 Overhyped US Tourist Hotspots Revealed

Not getting your money’s worth is one of the worst feelings, especially when you’re on a trip and trying to make good memories.

This organisation delved deep into Tripadvisor and Google reviews for you. Avoid these overcharging places in America if you want a trip without disappointment.

Colorado: Aspen Ski Resort

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Lift tickets at Aspen are notoriously expensive, especially during peak season. An adult lift ticket can cost upwards of $200 daily. Resort fees might also be added to lodging costs. However, long lift lines and crowded slopes can make the high cost feel less worthwhile.


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Disneyland’s reputation for high costs rings true, from entry fees over $100 to $15 for a burger and fry meal. Souvenirs also often carry hefty price tags. Things get even worse with long lines for rides. Wait times for popular rides can exceed 2 hours. Overcrowding also prevents you from enjoying the atmosphere. Compounding this, ticket prices saw another hike in October 2023.

Georgia: Six Flags

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Six Flags is one of the most expensive theme parks in the US. Entrance tickets can be around $80, and food is pricier than outside the park. There’s also a season pass parking fee. People often complain about the long lines, especially during the weekends and holidays. On top of that, some online reviews mention the unfriendly or unhelpful behavior of the staff.

Hawaii: Waikiki Beach

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Generally, Hawaii is an expensive destination, and Waikiki Beach is no exception. Expect to pay a premium for beachfront hotels and dining. Parking can also be quite costly. Yet somehow, the place still gets overcrowded. During the peak season, forget about enjoying the sunset. Some reviews mention the beach being dirty or not as beautiful as expected. Overall, the high cost of everything can make it feel underwhelming.

Idaho: Coeur d’Alene Lake

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While Coeur d’Alene Lake is a free public area, additional costs for amenities make it expensive. Some expenses to expect include boat rentals, lakeside dining, and lodging. Prices are even worse during peak summer months. During summer, the lake can get quite crowded, making it difficult to find parking or space on the beach. Boating on the lake can be expensive, too, especially if you pick pontoon boats or jet skis.

Maine: Desert of Maine

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It is an artificial attraction featuring recreations of deserts from around the world. You can expect to pay $16 per head to enter the park. However, that wouldn’t have been a big problem unless the park was so mediocre. It is a considerably small place. People often complain that it is overpriced for what it offers. There have also been comments about the displays not being well-maintained.

Massachusetts: Martha’s Vineyard

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Martha’s Vineyard is a popular vacation destination, and prices can reflect that. Expect a premium for ferry rides, accommodations, dining, and activities. During peak season, the island can get very crowded, making it difficult to find parking or reservations. Plus, during this time, the island feels overwhelmed by tourists. Therefore, the prices increase at an unreasonable rate.

New Hampshire: Castle in the Clouds

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The entrance fee for Castle in the Clouds isn’t excessive (around $16 for adults). Yet some reviewers mention feeling the cost wasn’t quite worth it for what they got. The Castle is not that large, and tours come at an additional charge. You can feel the castle tours being underwhelming or not very informative. The distance to the Castle from the parking area can also be a hassle for some visitors,

New Jersey: Atlantic City

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Atlantic City is known for its casinos, which can be expensive if you’re not careful. Food and drinks can also be pricier than elsewhere in New Jersey, especially on the boardwalk. Crowds and crime are some of the most common complaints about Atlantic City. Due to the ambience, you might feel unsafe or unwelcome in certain areas. The overall feeling can be less luxurious or glamorous than what you expected.

New York: The Hamptons

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The Hamptons exude luxury with high-end real estate, boutiques, and fine dining. Prepare for premium prices across accommodations, meals, and leisure. Despite its steep prices, the Hamptons get crowded during the peak seasons. For some, the high expenses are not worth it for the experience they get.

Pennsylvania: Hershey Park

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You pay $80 to enter this park. Costs for parking, food, drinks, and souvenirs are all excluded from this price. The prices are inflated ridiculously. Chances are you’ll find the same chocolate at a cheaper price outside.

Ohio: Cedar Point

Theme Park
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Cedar Point is one of the most expensive amusement parks around. Entrance tickets can be around $70, and food is pricier than outside the park. There are also often parking fees and additional costs. You will have to pay for things like refillable drink cups. Long lines and unfriendly staff are frequent complaints.

Rhode Island: The Breakers

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The Breakers is a grand mansion and a popular tourist attraction. Entrance fees can be around $30 for adults. While not the most expensive on this list, some reviewers felt the price wasn’t justified for a self-guided tour. Plus, the crowd can be an issue.

Virginia: Virginia Beach Boardwalk

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While Virginia Beach is a free public beach, expect to pay for parking. Food and drinks on the boardwalk can also be pricier than elsewhere in Virginia Beach. There are also arcades, amusement rides, and souvenir shops that are overall pricier.

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