15 Suspiciously Legal Things You Never Knew

The law protects the foundations of society and maintains the order required to run the world. On the other hand, many things seem illegal from the way people see them. Interestingly, a perfectly legal activity can be considered illegal due to people’s assumptions.

Let us look at the top things that most people think are illegal but perfectly legal.

Taking Food from Outside to a Restaurant

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When you visit a restaurant with food from outside, you may feel like it is entirely illegal. However, it is not. Some restaurants might have policies restricting it, but if they don’t, you can bring a few things from outside and enjoy. However, make sure you are not a cheapskate who buys food from elsewhere and sits in a restaurant just to eat.

Sleeping in the Car

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Many people have felt the need to sleep in their cars for various reasons. For example, you might have felt drowsy during a long drive. As long as you don’t sleep in your car while driving and don’t park it on private property, there is nothing to worry about.

Recording People in Public

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A random stranger holding up their smartphone or digital camera pointed at you in a public space might be embarrassing. You might think that the stranger is in the wrong to film you without your consent.

If you are in a public space, the stranger has the right to film you. Moreover, anyone walking on a public sidewalk can record whatever is happening in your home without any legal consequences. If you value your privacy, make sure that you close your windows.

Collecting Personal Data

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You must have seen advertisements pop up on your social media feed related to things you searched for or talked about with a friend. Online data tracking is a common practice for companies worldwide.

Don’t you think it is illegal to collect data about the online activities of a user, let alone thousands? Apparently, there are no legal consequences for companies collecting personal data.

Hiring Private Investigators

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Speaking about privacy, hiring a private investigator to pry into someone’s personal life can seem illegal. However, hiring a private investigator to click someone’s pictures and track their location is legal.

Trading Guns in Parking Lots

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The thought of buying or selling guns in a parking lot can make you feel that you are into something illegal.  You must have seen criminals do such activities in movies or TV shows.  Interestingly, trading guns in random parking lots is entirely legal in certain states in the US.

Free Samples

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You might need free samples to test the quality of products at a grocery store. If you find some grapes you want to buy, you can taste them without guilt. Ensure you don’t ask for too many free samples,    as it may annoy the owner, who might ask you to leave the store.

Marrying a Cousin

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Marrying a cousin may be seen as an appalling choice. However, history tells otherwise, as many royal families followed this practice for millennia. In fact, many popular people, such as Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein, married their cousins. Some states ban marriages with first and second cousins. On the other hand, almost 25 states allow marriages with first cousins.

Driving Barefoot

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Some of you might have heard rumors about a law by certain states prohibiting driving barefoot. The laws specify that you should wear footwear that does not create difficulties when using the pedal. As long as you can drive perfectly without any obstruction, you don’t have to worry if you drive barefoot.

Purchasing Uranium

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The thought of purchasing Uranium might appear risky, as it is a radioactive material that can be used to manufacture weapons. Interestingly, you can legally have around 15 pounds of uranium in the United States. As surprising as it sounds, there might be a few things you must check about your safety before buying Uranium.

Ownership of a Tank

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A private citizen can own a fully operational tank, complete with a cannon. However, acquiring one requires obtaining a federally-issued Destructive Device permit, which isn’t granted at the mere request

Counting Cards at Casinos

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You must have watched the trick of counting cards in many movies. However, it is a complicated skill and difficult to learn. The general assumption about counting cards is that they are illegal, as casinos look out for players who count cards. Even though counting cards is not illegal, casinos have the right to refuse service and remove you from their premises.

Radar Detectors in Vehicles

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A radar detector is an electronic device employed by drivers to alert them if their speed is being monitored by police or law enforcement using radar guns. According to law, citizens in the US can also install one in their vehicles. You can use them to know your exact speed and traffic flow in your vicinity.

Showing the Finger to Cops

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Showing the middle finger to cops might seem rebellious and illegal. However, you can do so without any legal consequences in the US. It is the First Amendment that gives you the freedom of speech.

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