19 Stars Who Crafted Iconic Brands

It’s not uncommon for celebrities and stars to start an entrepreneurial venture. They usually invest in a business when they reach a peak of success and fame. However, that’s not true for all.

Some stars don’t attain the desired on-screen fame but have great entrepreneurial skills. We’ll take a look at 19 such brands that lesser-known celebrities have founded.

Maisie Wilen by Maisie Williams 

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Maisie Williams of “Game of Thrones” founded Maisie Wilen, a forward-thinking fashion line. The brand stands out for its unique patterns and futuristic designs. It reflects Williams’s personal interest in innovative textiles and fashion. Maisie Wilen is where technology meets haute couture in the fashion industry.

Hommebody by Darren Barnet 

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Darren Barnet, known for “Never Have I Ever,” launched Hommebody, an apparel brand. It emphasizes comfort, promoting a message of self-love and ease in one’s attire. Hommebody’s casual wear line mirrors Barnet’s laid-back, approachable persona. The brand aims to make everyone feel at home in their clothes.

Neon Cowboys by Asia HallAsia 

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Hall created Neon Cowboys, known for its light-up cowboy. The brand combines fashion with technology, illuminating any event. It’s a reflection of Hall’s innovative spirit and flair for the dramatic. Neon Cowboys turns heads and lights up the night, one hat at a time.

Audio Collective by LaKeith Stanfield 

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LaKeith Stanfield, with his eclectic artistic taste, co-founded Audio Collective. This platform aims to amplify diverse voices and innovative sounds. Stanfield’s venture into the audio world supports creative freedom and expression. Audio Collective serves as a bridge between untold stories and eager audiences.

Preppy Paws by Frankie Grande 

A happy dog wearing a beach hat and sunglasses, catching a frisbee mid-air and wagging its tail with joy
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Frankie Grande, vibrant and full of life, started Preppy Paws, a pet accessories line. It combines luxury with flamboyance, much like Grande’s own style. Preppy Paws is for pet owners who love to pamper their furry friends fashionably. The brand reflects Grande’s belief in self-expression for humans and pets alike.

Mantra Health by Ben Aldridge 

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Ben Aldridge co-founded Mantra Health, focusing on mental health solutions for students. This digital clinic addresses the urgent need for accessible mental health care. Aldridge, passionate about mental wellness, aims to break down barriers to support. Mantra Health is a testament to the importance of mental health in overall well-being.

HighKey Clout Inc. by Jordan Lintz 

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Jordan Lintz leveraged his digital marketing skills to launch HighKey Clout Inc. The company specializes in influencer marketing and building an online presence, reflecting Lintz’s expertise in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. HighKey Clout Inc. helps brands and personalities skyrocket their social media influence.

Son of a Tailor by Will Forte 

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Will Forte, not an actor but an entrepreneur with a vision, started Son of a Tailor. This brand offers custom-fitted T-shirts, prioritizing sustainability and individuality. It champions the idea that personal style should be unique and precisely tailored. Son of a Tailor stands for quality and environmental responsibility in fashion.

Yitty by Lizzo 

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Lizzo launched Yitty, a shapewear line promoting body positivity and inclusivity. Yitty aims to redefine beauty standards with sizes and styles for everyone. The brand is a reflection of Lizzo’s advocacy for self-love and confidence. It’s where fashion meets empowerment, encouraging wearers to embrace their true selves.

Woodville Inc. by Wood Harris 

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Wood Harris, known for acting, ventured into fashion with Woodville Inc. The brand merges urban aesthetics with meaningful cultural narratives. It reflects Harris’s personal style and the roles he’s portrayed on screen. Woodville Inc. is for those who appreciate streetwear with a story.

Momentary Ink by Lena Headey 

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Lena Headey invested in Momentary Ink, a company specializing in realistic temporary tattoos. This venture allows individuals to experiment with body art without permanence. It reflects Headey’s own love for tattoos and self-expression. Momentary Ink is about creativity and changing one’s look on a whim.

LaRoyce by LaRoyce Hawkins 

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LaRoyce Hawkins founded his own merchandise shop, merging poetry and merchandise to inspire. This brand embodies Hawkins’s passion for spoken word and activism. It offers a platform for expression and connection through art. The brand aims to uplift and motivate through creative endeavors.

Scribe of London by Malachi Kirby 

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Malachi Kirby launched Scribe of London, a bespoke tailoring service emphasizing elegance. It caters to those who value the craftsmanship of custom-made suits. Kirby’s brand reflects the personal style and sophistication he brings to his roles. Scribe of London is about maintaining traditional tailoring in a modern world.

Evry Jewels by Brittany Xavier 

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Brittany Xavier, a fashion influencer, created Evry Jewels for trendy, affordable jewelry. The brand captures the essence of contemporary style and youthful spirit. It’s designed for the fashion-forward individual on a budget. Evry Jewels makes accessorizing fun and accessible to all.

Haze & Glory by Ivan Lam 

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Ivan Lam started Haze & Glory, focusing on sustainable and minimalist fashion. The brand is a testament to Lam’s commitment to ethical production practices. It offers high-quality clothing that doesn’t compromise on style or the planet. Haze & Glory appeals to those who seek simplicity and sustainability.

Foe & Dear by Katherine Huie 

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Katherine Huie founded Foe & Dear, a jewelry brand that prizes handcrafted, timeless pieces. This venture showcases Huie’s dedication to beauty and craftsmanship. It’s for those who cherish jewelry with a personal touch and story. Foe & Dear blends tradition with modern aesthetics, creating unique pieces.

Pley Beauty by Peyton ListPeyton 

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List, known for her role on Disney’s “Jessie,” launched Pley Beauty, a cosmetics brand. It focuses on cruelty-free, vegan, and sustainably packaged beauty products. Reflecting List’s own values, the brand aims to empower its users to feel confident. Pley Beauty is for those who care about the impact of their beauty choices on the planet and animals.

Loot & Lore by Tom Ellis 

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Tom Ellis supported Loot & Lore, a fantasy and board game enthusiast brand. It caters to fans seeking to immerse themselves in mythical worlds and adventures. Ellis’s venture into retail extends his storytelling from screen to tangible products. Loot & Lore is where fantasy becomes a shared reality.

Alchemy 43 by Nicci Levy 

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Nicci Levy founded Alchemy 43, specializing in micro-treatments for beauty enhancements. The brand reflects Levy’s vision for accessible, personalized beauty solutions. It’s about feeling your best without invasive procedures. Alchemy 43 stands at the intersection of technology and aesthetics, revolutionizing beauty routines.

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