14 Old Baby Boomer Habits That Are Making A Comeback

In a world where trends come and go faster than a tweet, some timeless practices are quietly reclaiming their place in our lives. Once written off as old-fashioned, these habits are now enjoying a major revival. From writing letters to gardening, here are 14 baby boomer habits that are making a comeback

Vinyl Records

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Vinyl records are staging a delightful comeback in a world of on-demand music. Audiophiles appreciate their warm, analog sound, and collectors hunt for rare gems in record stores and flea markets. The hands-on process of placing a record on the turntable forges a physical link to the music. Interestingly, vinyl records have become the most popular physical format today, surpassing CDs.

Handwritten Letters

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Though emojis and instant chats rule the digital world, the personal touch of handwritten letters is making a comeback. Choosing the right stationery, crafting sincere messages, and sending them off via snail mail evokes a sense of purpose and excitement. Receiving a handwritten letter in the mailbox brings joy and creates lasting connections, reminding us that sometimes old-school ways are the most meaningful.

Knitting, Crocheting, And Sewing

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Knitting, crocheting, and sewing are no longer considered grandma-only crafts. The gentle click of the knitting needles and the rhythmic pull of yarn have found their way back into our lives. Thanks to social media, everyone from teens to grown-ups is picking up needles and making cool stuff. People add their personal touch to clothes and decorations with these fun hobbies.

Drive-In Movie Theatres

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Drive-in movie theaters have made a comeback, especially during the pandemic, as people seek safe entertainment options. Originating in the 1950s and 1960s, drive-ins were popular with the baby boomer generation. However, their decline began due to home entertainment advancements and real estate challenges.


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Gardening, once a pastime relegated to our parents’ generation, is experiencing a surprising resurgence. Millennials and Gen Z are taking to the soil, embracing the hobby for its stress-relieving benefits and connection to nature. This trend goes beyond sprawling backyards. Urban gardening is flourishing, with young people cultivating container veggies and nurturing houseplants in their apartments. Social media is abuzz with plant communities, fostering a sense of connection and knowledge sharing.

Preserving Food

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Canning, pickling, and fermenting are age-old food preservation methods that are back in vogue. These techniques reduce food waste and grocery bills and let you enjoy seasonal delights year-round. It’s a win for taste, budget, and sustainability.

Fringe Clothing

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Fringe, a signature detail of the swinging sixties and seventies, is making a comeback. Designers are reimagining fringe with modern fabrics and silhouettes. Beyond the classic hippie vibe, fringe adds playful texture and movement to any outfit. It’s not limited to clothing either – fringed bags, shoes, and jewelry offer a subtle way to embrace the trend. So, channel your inner flower child with a modern twist.

Board Games

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Board games, a cherished pastime of the boomer generation, are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. In a constant stream of digital content, board games provide a welcome break. Unlike solitary video games, board games bring people together, fostering friendly competition and laughter around the table. These games come in a vast array, catering to all interests and age groups. From strategic classics to lighter party games, there’s something for everyone.


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Scooters, a symbol of freedom and fun from the 50s and 60s, are revving back into popularity. This eco-friendly mode of transportation is more than just nostalgic – it’s a practical and stylish way to navigate the city. Modern scooters boast sleek designs and advanced features, offering a convenient and enjoyable way to zip around town. They’re perfect for beating traffic congestion and finding parking is a breeze compared to cars. Plus, they emit minimal emissions, making them a win for the environment.

Reading Physical Books

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While e-readers offer undeniable convenience, there’s a growing movement rediscovering the joys of physical books. Holding a well-worn paperback, the scent of aged pages, and the satisfying weight in your hands offer a unique experience that screens can’t replicate. It’s a chance to detach from the digital buzz and truly delve into a story. Interestingly, research suggests physical books enhance focus and memory retention compared to e-reading.


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Thrifting is back in a big way, and it’s not just your grandma’s hobby anymore. This treasure hunt for pre-loved clothes, furniture, and more is experiencing a resurgence, particularly among younger generations. Eco-conscious consumers are drawn to the sustainability aspect of second-hand shopping. Thrifting also offers a unique shopping experience. Vintage stores and online platforms brim with hidden gems, allowing you to discover one-of-a-kind pieces and curate a truly individual style. Plus, affordability is a major perk, especially for younger folks.

 Handwritten Journaling

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In our digital age of constant stimulation, journaling by hand is experiencing a revival. While digital tools offer convenience, there’s a growing movement embracing the therapeutic act of writing with pen and paper. Journaling provides a dedicated space for self-reflection, free from distractions. Unlike typing, writing allows for a deeper connection with your thoughts and feelings. Engaging in this reflective practice can unlock your ability to process emotions, set goals, and map your personal growth.

Home Cooking

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Cooking from scratch is like a culinary adventure that is making a comeback, even among the younger generations. For them, the satisfaction of creating a meal from scratch is a welcome change. Cooking at home also puts you in control of your ingredients, allowing for healthier choices and exciting flavor exploration. The kitchen becomes a place for connection as families and friends bond over creating a delicious meal. The aroma of homemade food adds a warm sensory touch, filling your home with a unique comfort.

DIY Home Repairs

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DIY home repairs are having a moment again, just like in the boomer days. Younger folks are ditching expensive professionals for the satisfaction of fixing things themselves. Online resources and a desire to save money and be eco-friendly are fueling the trend.

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