16 Reasons Airbnb Has Lost Its Appeal For Many

In recent years, however, the company has lost its appeal among many travel enthusiasts for several reasons ranging from unreliable listings to scams to concerns over local housing markets.

Here are sixteen reasons why Airbnb has lost much of its initial charm for many travelers.


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Guests have found a stark difference between what an Airbnb looked like in the listing and reality. Many guests also reported problems with check-ins and rude behaviors from homeowners. Apart from this, there is also the problem of doctored listings and fake reviews that make Airbnb listings unreliable. Many guests have complained that the listing was not up to the mark despite numerous positive reviews.


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Recently, many users have reported a lack of security in their Airbnb stay. There were reports of hidden cameras in bedrooms and around the housing units, secretly recording the guests.

Hosts also allowed unexpected guests to stay without prior intimation and concern for the guests’ security.


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Airbnb hosts have access to the guest’s personal information and the right to enter the space at any time, unlike traditional hotels, where the guests have the utmost privacy and aren’t disturbed. This is one of the main reasons Airbnb has lost its appeal for many travel enthusiasts.


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An Airbnb host can cancel reservations with little to no notice. Many guests reported last-minute cancellations on their bookings, leaving them stranded. One of the main reasons for last-minute cancellations is the hosts listing their homes on numerous platforms other than Airbnb and getting multiple bookings for the same listing.


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One of the main reasons Airbnb is losing its appeal is the number of additional fees being levied. These fees include cleaning costs, service charges, meal charges, and additional surge charges during peak season. This is causing travel enthusiasts to pick traditional hotels with fixed charges over Airbnb.


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Another major drawback in Airbnb is the lack of safety measures across its rentals. The primary safety measures the properties lack are trained security personnel, fire safety equipment like fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, and emergency protocols. Travelers feel Airbnb is not prioritizing their safety, hence not preferring them.


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Many Airbnb guests have fallen victim to numerous scams, ranging from fake listings to overpayment scams. Some of the most common types of Airbnb scams include fake listings, overpayment scams, phishing scams, fake reviews, and even identity theft scams, in which details of the guests are stolen, and bookings are made under their names.

In cases of fake listings, scammers create fake Airbnb listings posing as hosts and tricking travelers into paying the money, giving them personal information.


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This might come as a surprise to many, but Airbnb properties are not always legal in many cities. Many Airbnb listings don’t adhere to local laws, operate without proper licenses, or violate local zoning laws. Countries like Spain, France, and Japan have levied fines as high as $10 million on the company for refusing to comply with state and country laws. Travelers are increasingly wary of booking accommodations that may be operating outside the law, preferring the security and reliability of licensed hotels and resorts.


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One major reason Airbnb has lost its appeal for many travel enthusiasts is the unregulated short-term rentals. These rentals have displaced long-term rentals, causing a shortage of affordable housing options for locals and contributing to the gentrification of neighborhoods.


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Many travelers have complained about Airbnb owners encouraging multiple bookings, where the owner accepts bookings from multiple parties and tries to fit them with the existing guests.


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Many hotels offer loyalty points or discount offers to frequent customers to ensure retention. Airbnb does not have any of these, so travelers turn to hotels where they get tangible rewards for their frequent visits.


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One of the significant reasons Airbnb has lost its appeal for many travel enthusiasts is the lack of cleanliness and sanitary conditions in some listings. Guests have reported encountering pest-infested rooms and unsanitary accommodations, which has led to a significant decline in trust and satisfaction with the platform. Many hosts, too, have talked about Airbnb not offering any maintenance support despite the company’s claims of having an outstanding support team.


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Contrary to popular assumptions, Airbnb is not that cheap. One of the major reasons travelers pick Airbnb is its low cost compared to hotels, especially when traveling in groups. However, this has been changing, and lately, Airbnb prices have gone up. One major reason is that many have turned listing properties on Airbnb into a business and are renting properties for the sole purpose of subletting them on the platform.


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Airbnb hosts don’t always provide Wi-Fi for their guests; many times, even the existing Wi-Fi is bad. Guests have reported spotty and non-existent Wi-Fi, which is a major inconvenience. There is also a lack of Wi-Fi standards or protocols for Airbnbs, making travel enthusiasts go for other options.


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While it is understandable for owners to be protective of their properties, some go way too far with this. Many guests reported hosts’ controlling and restrictive rules, which range from which glass to drink from to the type of shower curtain being used. Additionally, some hosts also impose strict check-in and check-out times on the guests, which a hotel wouldn’t impose.

These rules can make guests feel like they are intruding on someone else’s home rather than enjoying a vacation.


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Airbnb’s cleaning fees are a major turnoff for every traveler. These fees can be anywhere between $50 and $150 and are added to the cost of the stay.

Many guests find this fee unfair and unnecessary, especially for short stays. Additionally, the method of calculating these fees is not transparent, and the company does not communicate about these fees, further leading to people’s dissatisfaction.

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