10 Florida Areas Where Median Home Prices Are Affordable

Florida is a great place with nice weather, lovely beaches, and homes that aren’t too expensive. However, the prices of homes in Florida, especially in cities like Miami by the coast, have gone up 7.4% as compared to other places in the country. The  median home value in Florida has increased by approx 3-4% from $386,500 to $415,300 in January 2024.

We have listed 10 places in Florida where the median home prices are still cheap.


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Callahan, a small town that’s about 30 minutes away from Jacksonville. It’s close to a big city, but homes there are still affordable. According to DataUSA, in 2021, the median value of a house in Callahan, FL was $189,200. However, an increase of 54.5% home prices has been recorded. As of April 2023, the median home price in Callahan is $294,500.

The job rate in Callahan has increased by 2.7% in the past years. Moreover, over the next 10 years, it’s expected that the number of jobs will grow by about 35.26%, which is even faster than the average across the whole United States, where it’s about 30.54%.


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Moving south from Orlando along the I-75 corridor, you’ll find Ocala, a place known for its affordability compared to nearby areas. Ocala is called the “Horse Capital of the World” because it’s surrounded by many horse farms and green pastures. It is also close to the Ocala National Forest, so it’s easy to enjoy nature and outdoor activities.

As of January 2024, the median value of home in Ocala was $267,427, which is much lower than the average prices in Florida and across the country. Despite its affordability, Ocala still gives you a sense of living in a small town, while being only an hour’s drive away from Orlando.

Fort Myers

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It is a city in Florida, known for its beautiful palm trees and tropical scenery. It’s popular because it’s close to beaches like Sanibel and Captiva Islands. People also like it because it’s affordable and close to the beach.

In 2022, Fort Myers was one of the fastest growing cities in the country where you can have a nice home, a job, and a good lifestyle. The average price for a home is about $366,600. 

Lake City

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Lake city is called “The Gateway to Florida” because it’s right along Interstate 75, which is a major road. This makes it a really important spot.

There are different kinds of jobs here, such as in tourism, mining, making things from trees, and building stuff. These jobs help people find work and help the city’s economy grow.

It is a really affordable place to live in Florida and 15%-16% cheaper than the national average, which means it’s more affordable than many other places in the US.

Rent for a typical house is around $1,400 a month, and the average home costs approx $251,271.


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Deltona, a city in Florida, is a great place to live because it’s affordable and safe. It is in Central Florida, so it’s close to big cities like Orange City and Sanford. There are also various places to visit, like Green Springs Park and Deltona Lake.

As compared to other places in the US, living costs here are 15%-16% lower.  Moreover, the crime rate is 58%-60% lower than in other Florida neighborhoods, making it really safe in Sunshine state.


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Pensacola is by the sea, with over 50 miles of beautiful coastline along the Gulf of Mexico. People living there can enjoy lovely beaches and pretty views. There are also lots of fun things to do outside, like water sports, fishing, and hiking.

The average rent for a house ranges from $1,795-$1950 a month, and the average cost to buy a home ranges from $258,715-$261,741. That’s cheaper compared to many other cities in Florida.

Another good thing about living in Pensacola is that it is 13% cheaper to live there compared to the national average.So, people can enjoy the nice lifestyle there without spending as much money.

Panama City

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Panama City is 8% cheaper than many other parts of the country. One big reason people like it is because healthcare is both good quality and affordable. Even if you don’t have health insurance, seeing a doctor for a regular check-up doesn’t cost much. It is only $2 to see a doctor, $5 for a specialist, and $10 each day if you’re in the hospital.

Panama City also has a lot of history, with important places like Panama Viejo and Casco Antiguo. These places help to see how the city looked and what it was like a long time ago.


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It is 9% cheaper to cover expenses compared to the average across the whole country. This means you can get by with spending less money in Lakeland than in many other places in the US. Moreover, Lakeland is well-connected and the median house price is $160,400 in Lakeland.


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The average monthly rent for a property is roughly $1,600 and can go up to $1,755 while the average purchase price ranges from $290,584- $297,461. This implies that houses and apartments are less expensive in comparison to other areas in Florida.

Gainesville is famous as a college town since it is home to the University of Florida. Despite the cheap cost of living, residents in Gainesville make a good livelihood. The average household income is roughly $66,377 and has a poverty rate of 29.02%. This implies that inhabitants of Gainesville can afford to live comfortably.


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It is a city in Florida that’s growing really fast. The weather in Jacksonville is nice most of the time, with not-too-cold winters and warm summers, so people can do their things outside all year. Moreover, the cost of living there is 4%-5% lower than they do in most other parts of the country and 9% lower than Florida. The city also provides reasonably priced housing, which is approx 4%–5%less than the national average and 7.2% less than the Florida average. This means the median home price is $295,018.

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