18 U.S. Cities Quietly Boasting Low Populations

The United States has diverse cities, each with its unique culture. It has busy metropolitans, peaceful Suburbans, and several smaller towns. This article lists some cities with the lowest population in the U.S.

Arden-Arcade, California

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Arden-Arcade, California, is a suburban community in the Sacramento metro area. It is famous for its shopping centers and recreational facilities. This city offers both residential areas and an urban lifestyle. These qualities and a low population make it an ideal choice for families.

Population in 2024: 92,186

Miami Beach, Florida

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Miami Beach, Florida, is well-known for its surreal beaches. It also has lovely architecture and offers a bustling nightlife. This city is suitable for all lifestyles ranging from traditional to luxurious. While the city is a tourist magnet, the residential population is relatively low.

Population in 2024: 92,312

Lynn, Massachusetts

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Lynn, Massachusetts, is a city on the North Shore. The city has a rich industrial history and is a hub for growing arts. It also offers beautiful beaches and historic architecture. Though the population of Lynn is small, it has many diverse traditions and cultures.

Population in 2024: 92,457

Plantation, Florida

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Plantation, Florida, is a tropical paradise with a suburban feel. Plantation has lush landscapes, beautiful parks, and an active community of residents. It is an ideal city for families and people who want a peaceful and engaging environment.

Population in 2024: 92,560

Boyle Heights, California

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Boyle Heights, California, is a neighborhood in East Los Angeles. The people of Boyle Heights have a strong sense of heritage. One of the highlights of the city is its authentic cuisine. Many immigrants over the years have shaped the city’s art and cultural history.

Population in 2024: 92,785

San Marcos, Texas

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San Marcos, Texas, is well-known for housing the Texas State University. The city has a beautiful river that adds to the state’s natural beauty. Besides a vibrant student community, the city is also suitable for families.

Population in 2024: 92,931

Santa Monica, California

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Santa Monica, California, is a city on the southern coast of California. People prefer living in Santa Monica for its vibrant beaches and urban lifestyle. The city offers a laid-back lifestyle of relaxation and enjoyment.

Population in 2024: 93,220

Boca Raton, Florida

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Boca Raton, Florida, is another beach city with a serene lifestyle. It has beautiful scenery and a bustling economy. The city attracts people looking for a luxurious yet peaceful lifestyle. Many retirees and senior businessmen call Boca Raton their home.

Population in 2024: 93,235

Carson, California

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Carson, California, is a diverse city in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. It offers amenities for everyone, including families, businessmen, and senior citizens. Carson has both residential and commercial facilities. It also offers high-quality sports facilities for anyone looking for an active lifestyle.

Population in 2024: 93,281

Hesperia, California

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Hesperia, California, is a city in the Mojave Desert. It has scenic landscapes that people love to live in. It is also a great place for hosting outdoor recreational activities. Though it has a lively community, the population of Hesperia is still small.

Population in 2024: 93,295

Flatbush, New York

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Flatbush, New York, is a laid-back city in the busy state of New York. It has great architecture and is an evolving hub for business centers. It has a largely urban lifestyle, though some areas have a historic cultural vibe. The localities of Flatbrush are suitable for families and youngsters to live.

Population in 2024: 93,361

Quincy, Massachusetts

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Quincy, Massachusetts, is often called the “City of Presidents.” It is the birthplace of two former U.S. presidents and has a connection with American History. It is also a coastal city and has beautiful beaches. People who love an outdoor lifestyle flock to Quincy for its natural charm.

Population in 2024: 93,618

Yakima, Washington

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Yakima, Washington, is a city of agriculture and greenery. It has several hectares of vineyards and apple orchards. This gives Yakima a breath of fresh air and adds to its natural beauty. People who are into agriculture prefer Yakima for its farmer community.

Population in 2024: 93,701

West Albany, New York

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Another city in New York, West Albany, is a quiet and serene suburb. It has a close-knit and diverse community of people of all ages. The people of West Albany have easy access to city life with the neighboring Albany. At the same time, they also enjoy the tranquility of living in the suburbs.

Population in 2024: 93,794

The Woodlands, Texas

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The Woodlands, Texas, is one of the planned cities that has a low population. The city is spacious and has abundant green spaces in the residential area. It also boasts of several shopping centers and entertainment options. It is a beautiful example of urban planning, and the residents have excellent quality of life.

Population in 2024: 93,874

Lawrence, Kansas

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Lawrence, Kansas, is a small town with a rich cultural charm. It has a large student community due to the presence of the University of Kansas. The city has everything from arts to education. It also offers commercial and innovation opportunities for young minds.

Population in 2024: 93,917

Yuma, Arizona

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Yuma, Arizona, is a warm city with sunny and pleasant weather. Due to this, the city attracts outdoor enthusiasts who look for adventure activities. The city is also located on the Colorado River, giving it a scenic beauty. Despite many tourists, the local population is among the lowest in America.

Population in 2024: 94,139

Orem, Utah

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Orem, Utah, is a city in the Wasatch Mountain Range. It has a family-friendly atmosphere and has a young crowd. The city houses the Utah Valley University, which adds to its diversity. It is also a hub for innovation and has several cultural and outdoor activities.

Population in 2024: 94,457

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