Dive into the 17 Most Budget-Friendly Beach Cities in the USA

People love beach towns for their serenity and closeness to the sea. This list includes 17 beach cities in the USA where the cost of living is low. These places offer a mix of peaceful shores and lively communities. Find your ideal beachside home without overspending.

Port Arthur, Texas

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Port Arthur is a picturesque town with access to the Gulf of Mexico. Residents of the town enjoy fishing, boating, and bird watching. It is a hidden gem for people looking for a peaceful city to spend their retirement life. The low cost of living also makes it a great place for young families.

  • Cost of living index: 72.3

Port Lavaca, Texas

Halfmoon Reef Lighthouse in Port Lavaca. Port Lavaca, Texas, USA.
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Port Lavaca offers an affordable yet premium coastal lifestyle. It has serene beaches, adventure activities, and a friendly community. The town also provides ample opportunities for fishing and boating. You can also enjoy the stunning Texas Gulf Coast sunsets.

  • Cost of living index: 77.1

Palacios, Texas

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The “City by the Sea” Palacos is a popular location for beach lovers. Its vibrant community and calm waters are very welcoming to new residents. The Matagorda Bay makes it an ideal spot for those looking for a laid-back lifestyle. It is also an affordable option if you want to settle in a beach town.

  • Cost of living index: 78.4

Waveland, Mississippi

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Waveland’s quiet beaches are the main reason people move to this town. It has a close-knit community of fishing and boating enthusiasts. Waveland is also close to larger cities if you miss the urban lifestyle. The affordable housing options in the town bring down your overall expenditures.

  • Cost of living index: 81.5

Gulfport, Mississippi

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Gulfport is a town that offers multiple perks due to its location. It has the charm of southern living and also the peace of a coastal lifestyle. Gulfport has a range of adventure activities like boating and water sports. You can also go fishing or simply enjoy beautiful sunsets on the coast.

  • Cost of living index: 80.6

Texas City, Texas

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Texas City is close to Galveston Bay, which makes it an attractive town for many. Sea-side enthusiasts love the beach accessibility in Texas City. The town has a strong sense of community, which is good for new residents. You’ll have a balanced and enjoyable lifestyle if you move to Texas City.

  • Cost of living index: 82.0

Freeport, Texas

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Freeport is a haven for retirees and families looking for a relaxed lifestyle. The beach town has excellent and accessible fishing spots. It also has a host of public beaches that people can enjoy. Freeport offers a combination of beachside lifestyle and affordable living.

  • Cost of living index: 83.8

Ocracoke, North Carolina

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Ocracoke is a city located on the Outer Banks in North Carolina. It has a rich history and a diverse cultural heritage. Despite its remote location, many people prefer Ocracoke for its beach-centric life. The affordable housing and tight-knit community also amplifies Ocracoke’s popularity.

  • Cost of living index: 80.2

Corpus Christi, Texas

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Corpus Christi is a quite popular beach town with a low cost of living. It has both urban amenities and suburban calmness. People flock to Corpus Christi for its naturally beautiful beaches. The seaside is always jam-packed with people who love beaches and the outdoors.

  • Cost of living index: 83.7

Pensacola, Florida

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Pensacola has beautiful white sand beaches that line the coast of Florida. It is also a historic city that offers both cultural and urban living. Pensacola has a vibrant nightlife and several cultural celebrations. This keeps the residents active and keeps the community going.

  • Cost of living index: 87.2

Carrabelle, Florida

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Carrabelle is a remote beach town that has a friendly community. It is well known for its laid-back lifestyle and peacefulness. It also has excellent fishing spots for seafood enthusiasts. If you are seeking tranquility, Carrabelle is the place to be.

  • Cost of living index: 84.1

Long Beach, Washington

The Cape Disappointment end of Long Beach, Washington
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Long Beach, as the name suggests, has beautiful long beaches. It is a peaceful town for people who prefer a simple lifestyle. There are several outdoor activities and community events throughout the year. Long Beach is an attractive option if you want a slower pace of life.

  • Cost of living index: 84.0

Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Gulf coast beach in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.
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Ocean Springs is one of the most unique beach towns in the USA. It has great cuisine and distinct shopping centers. The residents of Ocean Springs are warm and welcoming to new residents. It offers a high-quality beach life at affordable prices.

  • Cost of living index: 88.1

Daytona Beach, Florida

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Daytona Beach is famous for more than just stunning beaches. It has a NASCAR heritage, which attracts many people. Despite its popularity, it still has a surprisingly low cost of living. The town is good for everyone, including adventure lovers and relaxation seekers.

  • Cost of living index: 86.7

Cameron, Louisiana

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Cameron is a small but beautiful beach town on the South Coast. It has excellent fishing locations and great wildlife attractions. However, the town is at a high risk of facing hurricanes like Hurricane Rita in the past. This keeps the housing costs at bay in Cameron.

  • Cost of living index: 90.3

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Shoreline of Myrtle Beach, south carolina, showing the ferris wheel, people relaxing on the beach and many colorful condos and sky rise buildings lining the shoreline. copy space available. all faces have been blurred out
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Myrtle Beach is a lovely city for people who love entertainment. It offers a host of fun activities like golf and cinema on top of stunning beaches. It is a popular choice among families who are looking to relocate.

  • Cost of living index: 87.4

Fort Pierce, Florida

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Fort Pierce is well-known among its residents as the Sunrise City. It has a rich cultural heritage and naturally picturesque beaches. The city is popular among both millennials and youngsters. It has a vibrant marine life and an encouraging arts scene, making it an attractive beach town.

  • Cost of living index: 88.4
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