The 12 States Providing Gen Z with the Perfect Platform for Success

The state where you live can affect your life, especially if you’re part of Gen Z. Some states give you more chances and things you want as a young person. The list is curated based on jobs, school, cost, and lifestyle.

New Hampshire

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New Hampshire has low costs but lots of new jobs in tech and healthcare. By the end of November 2023, New Hampshire’s non-farm employment was 703,200. The state cares about education and the outdoors.

  • Rank in quality of life: 5
  • Rank in work & education: 1


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Massachusetts has many job opportunities. In July 2023, it had 242,000  job openings. It also has top colleges and cities like Boston with lively culture. Jobs in healthcare, tech, and education drive the economy.

  • Rank in quality of life: 8
  • Rank in work & education: 2


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Big tech cities like Seattle have science and computer jobs. Washington values the environment and outside activities. The state is progressive in politics.

  • Rank in quality of life: 22
  • Rank in work & education: 4


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Utah’s booming tech industry means Gen Z has various job opportunities. Tech wages are more than 100% higher than median wages. Costs are lower, but quality of life is high. There’s great outdoor recreation.

  • Rank in quality of life: 38
  • Rank in Work & Education: 3


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Montana’s natural beauty and activities appeal to Gen Z, who like experiences. Jobs in hospitality and construction are growing along with remote work.

  • Rank in quality of life: 4
  • Rank in work & education: 31


St Anthony Main; Minneapolis, Minnesota: Third Avenue Bridge
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Minnesota has a thriving job market, especially in healthcare and tech. Plus, it has Midwestern friendliness. Education is top-notch, and the Twin Cities have a great culture.

  • Rank in quality of life: 17
  • Rank in work & education: 7


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Nebraska’s low costs and variety of jobs attract young people. This is especially true in manufacturing and technology. Omaha and Lincoln offer city perks.

  • Rank in quality of life: 11
  • Rank in work & education: 10


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Maine provides access to nature, farm-to-table dining, and charming coastal towns. Sustainability matters here. Tourism and tech jobs are increasing.

  • Rank in quality of life: 2
  • Rank in work & education: 19


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This East Coast state has a strong economy. Healthcare, finance, and insurance anchored it. Connecticut also has ranked schools and lovely small towns near cities.

  • Rank in quality of life: 6
  • Rank in work & education: 16


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Wyoming’s outdoor adventures attract Gen Z. The hospitality, construction, and energy industries in Wyoming provide plenty of job opportunities. Wyoming cares about education and providing access to technology.

  • Rank in quality of life: 21
  • Rank in work & education: 21

New York

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The iconic and vibrant City of New York offers many job opportunities. You can find jobs in finance, arts, and media. These jobs appeal to Gen Z. Natural beauty thrives outside urban areas. New York has something for every interest.

  • Rank in quality of life: 1
  • Rank in work & education: 32


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Vermont’s natural scenery, local food scene, and outdoor fun options attract Gen Z. Jobs in healthcare, trades, and hospitality offer opportunities in the state. The state values work-life balance.

  • Rank in quality of life: 3
  • Rank in work & education: 25
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