14 Sneaky Hiding Spots to Fool Burglars

If burglars ever break into your home, they’ll be looking to grab as much as they can and quickly. That’s why it’s crucial not just to secure your home but also to hide your valuables in unexpected places.

Here, we’ll reveal some of the best and most unexpected spots around your home to protect your items from theft. Discover these clever spots to enhance your home security strategy and protect your valuables in case of a break-in.

Prepare A Stash Container

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Tin containers originally used for storing edibles do qualify as hiding spots. Fill a plastic bag with your small stash of dollar bills. You must make sure to roll the stash. It will ensure you can store more in a single container. Moreover, you can also paint the container to make it more innocent and legit. However, keep in mind that any modifications should look natural to avoid suspicion.

Storage Behind Art Pieces

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Protect your expensive valuables in a hidden storage behind a big art piece. You just have to cut a hole in your wall to create a storage area and create racks if necessary. To drop the suspicion level, get an art piece that fits your taste and other wall decor elements. Fix it over the hole to cover the opening entirely.

Vegetable Jewelry Boxes

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There are small storage boxes available in the market that resemble vegetables. You can store your jewelry or valuables and keep them in your fridge. No matter how hard burglars look around the house, looking into the refrigerator might never cross their mind. Even if they do, they aren’t going to rip open every vegetable they find!

Open Plant Pots

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Burglars often plan on checking the designer flower vases around the house, but leave the potted plants alone. Therefore, you must consider the open plant pots to hide your valuables in plain sight, raising no suspicion. Place your items in a waterproof bag or container and bury them under the plant’s soil. It’s a natural and effective way to conceal important items right under a burglar’s nose.

Wall Clock Safe

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No burglar will ever enter your house expecting surprises in a normal wall clock. You just have to open the clock and prepare a small storage area for something priceless on your property. Once you secure the clock with your valuables in it, hang it on the wall normally. Make sure your clock storage doesn’t sit on the wall at an odd or suspicious angle.

Fake Wall Outlets

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Small fake wall outlets around the house can act as the perfect hiding spot for your valuables. No burglar will care to check every wall outlet around the house. You can cut out small holes on your wall to store a little cash or jewelry. Once done, you can cover those holes with fake wall outlets or power sockets.Ensure that installations do not interfere with actual electrical wiring.

A Cozy Pillow

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If you have spare pillows you won’t mind cutting, they can be good spots to hide valuables in plain sight. Just cut the pillows, remove some stuffing, and store your belongings. Now, stitch the open end of the pillows and check if the fluffiness stays intact.

Bathroom Tile

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Use your bathroom for more than refreshing yourself every day. Remove a couple of tiles from the bathroom wall and make a hole. Store your priceless possessions in a plastic bag and hide them in those holes. Replace the respective tiles to cover those holes. No burglar will come looking for bathroom tiles to find your possessions.

Fake Pipeline Setup

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You can install a fake pipe setup around the house, with its cleanout opening plug in the basement. You just have to unscrew the plug and that will be your secret compartment to store the valuables. No burglar will follow the pipelines around your house to look for expensive items you possess.

Secret Floating Shelves

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If you like decorating your home with floating shelves, consider using them with secret storage spaces. Craft drawer-style floating shelves that you can access by just pulling the structure’s outer shell. You can store cash and some other valuables in these shelves safely.

Stair Tread Storage

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It is definitely a tiresome spot to achieve for storing your valuables, but it is immensely effective. You have to free a stair tread and attach a hinge at its back. It will be invisible even to the keen eyes, giving you a good spot to hide your stash of dollar bills and other valuables.

Use Kids’ Rooms

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It is obvious for burglars to omit the kids’ rooms while looking for valuable items around the house. Find some perfect spots to store your valuables, but ensure they aren’t within the reach of your kids. For instance, you can create a hidden floor safe and cover it with kids’ playing carpet.

Use the Ceiling

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Among all the spots you can use for hiding your valuables and securing them from burglary, your ceiling can be one of your best bets. Remove a ceiling panel, and store your valuables inside it. Make sure the items are inside sturdy containers to avoid accidents.

Bookcase Storage

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Craft out a hidden storage section behind the bookcase. You can keep your password-protected safe, cash, jewelry boxes and other such items in the space. Just pull the bookcase out when you want to access the storage and push the same to conceal it. Don’t forget to secure your bookcase to avoid accidental tipping.

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