11 Fears That Have Americans Tossing and Turning

We all know that America is a land of great opportunities. But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that make people worry or get paranoid.
Fear is a big part of life. Sometimes, it keeps us from feeling safe, while other times, it can make us stuck or stressed. This article explores the top things that scare Americans the most and is based on research by Chapman University alongside other online resources.

Government Corruption

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Americans fear corruption more deeply. It’s a sign of worry that the people in charge or those in power might be putting their interests first.

Gun Violence

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Even the minutest sign of something happening to their loved ones is a sigh of worry for Americans. Gun violence, which is a big problem in America, makes parents extra scared for their kids’ safety, both inside school and even outside.

Mass shootings are another constant threat. These things make it quite challenging for the people of America to feel truly safe.

Harm to Loved Ones

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Beyond the physical harm, the fear of a loved one getting sick or getting sick yourself is another big one. Besides the fear of losing someone, loneliness, and sickness, the concern is expensive healthcare services. Many Americans fear they will be unable to afford it if they or their dear ones fall ill.


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Beyond physical health, mental health is another big concern for the people of America. Conditions related to stress, anxiety, and depression are on the verge of becoming widespread in America. The fast-paced lifestyle, lack of readily available mental health services, and constant pressure from social media. These fears are concerning. Why? Because it might lead to a vicious cycle, where the fear would itself worsen and hence the mental health struggles.

Public Speaking

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The fear of public speaking is the most common concern in America. It arises because of constant pressure to excel and achieve. Feeling judged in front of a vast audience may also be nerve-wracking.

The Unknown

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The fear of the unknown, a primary human anxiety, is also a significant fear in American society. Probably, it’s a fear of what lies beyond our control, the unsettling feeling of stepping out in the dark. The fear of the unknown manifests in a number of ways: technological advancements and even the vastness of the universe.

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

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The fear of Missing Out (FOMO) has probably become a significant issue in the world. This feeling can probably impact mental health, leading to other issues like anxiety, depression, and a constant need and urge to keep up with others.

Existential Fears

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Existential fear is also an anxiety that looms large in American society. It is when a person tends to question their life’s meaning, particularly death thoughts. It arises when contemplating the loss of a loved one or even one’s own mortality.

Financial Collapse

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Given the current circumstances of high interest rates, inflation, and a sudden banking crisis this year, many Americans were understandably anxious about the possibility of an economic recession. These financial concerns contributed significantly to the elevated fear of economic or financial collapse. When people face uncertainties such as these, worries about job security, savings, and overall financial stability tend to escalate, heightening their fears about the economy’s health. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the fear of economic collapse ranked so prominently among people’s concerns during this time


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Despite being a recent addition to the survey, the fear of Russia employing nuclear weapons has consistently ranked as the third most prominent fear in America. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the extensive media coverage surrounding it, coupled with concerns about Vladimir Putin’s intentions regarding nuclear weaponry in his efforts to assert control over Ukraine, have contributed to the heightened anxiety surrounding this issue in the past two years.

There is also a fear regarding biological warfare and cyber terrorism

Environmental Degradation

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In 2018 and 2019, environmental concerns, particularly pollution of oceans, rivers, and lakes, were prevalent in the top 10 fears. However, this year, only pollution in drinking water remained a significant concern, indicating a shift in focus among the public regarding environmental issues.

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