19 Cheap Flight Destinations from the USA

Traveling to new places doesn’t have to be expensive. Budget-friendly destinations allow you to explore more while being light on the pocket.

If you’re an avid traveler with a low budget, check out these cheap countries you can fly to from the USA.


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Reaching Mexico is accessible from the USA as it borders the country. Mexico offers a rich cultural experience and great cuisine. It is also famous for its natural beauty, which includes volcanoes and rivers. A round-trip to Mexico from Chicago typically costs $220 – $365.

Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is a territory of the USA. That’s why it offers hassle-free travel to Americans with no passport requirement. The Caribbean country has a vibrant culture with beautiful beaches and beach resorts. The travel and stay prices are also economical. Typically, flight prices from Chicago to San Juan are between $130 to $190.

Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic has beautiful beaches that attract travelers from around the world. It has all-inclusive resorts and great cuisine. There are plenty of flights available from major cities in the USA. Typical flight prices from Chicago to Punta Cana are around $220 to $290.


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Haiti is a destination that is yet to be popular among tourists. However, it has some of the best adventure activities and stunning beaches. You can also find affordable and beautiful stays in Haiti. Average flight prices between Chicago and Port-au-Prince range from $245 to $355.

Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is well-known for its biodiversity, national parks, and surfing spots. It is increasingly accessible thanks to economical airfares from the USA. Many flight operators frequently offer deals to Liberia and San José. The average airfare for a round-trip from Chicago to Liberia, Costa Rica is between $530 to $900.


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Guatemala is a hidden gem for travelers on a budget. The country has beautiful Mayan ruins and colonial cities. If you’re a history buff, Guatemala is the destination for you. Average flight prices are between $200 to $280 from Chicago.


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Canada is another neighboring country that is quite economical for Americans. It offers diverse destinations and has a beautiful coast. Major U.S. airlines provide competitive rates to cities like Toronto and Montreal. Usual flight rates from Chicago are between $230 to $405.

El Salvador

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El Salvador is Central America’s smallest country. It is becoming more accessible thanks to affordable flights. It has a rich culture, surf beaches, and archaeological sites like Joya de Cerén. Flight prices between Chicago and San Salvador range from $190 to $325.


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Colombia has resurfaced on the travel scene due to economical travel prices. The country has diverse attractions like coffee plantations and beaches. It also has vibrant cities if you want to enjoy a beautiful stay. Flight prices from Chicago to Bogota are typically between $265 to $485.


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Jamaica is a popular economic destination for travelers. It offers pristine beaches, white sand bays, and great music. Jamaican cuisine is great for those who want authentic food. A round-trip flight from Chicago to Jamaica costs between $255 and $315. 


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The Bahamas is very close to the coast of Florida. It also has affordable travel options from most major American cities. The Bahamas is well-known for its archipelago and crystal clear waters. A flight to the Bahamas from Chicago costs around $390 to $850 for a round trip.


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Ecuador is a great destination for nature and history lovers alike. It has the famous Galapagos island that offers great wildlife viewing. You can also experience South American lifestyle and adventure activities at fair costs. Flight prices from Chicago to Quito vary between $360 and $455.


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Panama is close to the USA, which makes it a cheap city to fly to. It has serene beaches and a tropical vibe for people who love the outdoors. You can also witness its rich biodiversity and tasty local cuisine. Flights from Chicago to Panama typically cost anywhere between $280 to $570.


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Brazil has a huge size and a vast biodiversity for people who love to explore. It has the famous Amazon rainforest, which has great wildlife viewing activities. Nature lovers flock to Brazil to experience living amidst the forest. The flight prices are also affordable, ranging from $780 to $990 from Chicago.


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If you want to experience a variety of landscapes, Chile is the place to be. It has everything from dry deserts to wet wilderness. Chile also has great adventure activities for people of all types. A flight from Chicago to Santiago costs between $690 to $970.



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Peru is a city full of historical places and diverse civilizations. It has Machu Picchu, which is the remnant of the Inca era. It also offers beautiful landscapes and has great cuisine. It has affordable flights from Chicago ranging from $410 to $580.


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Barbados has turquoise waters, lush landscapes, and British-influenced culture. It is accessible through affordable flights from the USA. This island offers a good experience without the high prices. Flight prices can range between $475 to $740 for a round trip from Chicago.


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Poland is rich in its history, culture, and natural beauty. It offers breathtaking views at a fraction of the cost of most European destinations. It also has beautiful mountains and picturesque rivers. A round-trip from Chicago to Warsaw can cost anywhere between $465 to $700.


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Italy is a perennial favorite among travelers. And it is also one of the cheapest destinations in Europe to enjoy a vacation. You can find great cuisine, affordable stays, and economical shopping places. Flight prices from Chicago to Rome can be anywhere between $480 and $600.

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