6 Worst Cities For A Staycation In America (and 5 Cities To Go Instead)

Inflation and expenditures have been rising rapidly in recent times, leading people to save more. With that, the concept of staycation has become the norm among Americans. Staying closer to home for a vacation may initially sound surprising, but it is quite popular. In fact, the market size for staycation is supposed to reach a mammoth US$758.1 million globally by 2033.

We have researched a WalletHub survey and various online forums to present the best and worst American cities for a staycation.

Here are the top worst ones:

Fremont, California

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The fourth largest Bay Area city, Fremont, is a picturesque city. However, you should not consider it for a staycation. The city does not have too many swimming pools or relaxation centers, nor does it offer you vibrant nightlife. While the city has a sizable population of 217,548, there are better options if you want to go on a staycation.

Overall Rank: 182

Food & Entertainment Rank: 176

Rest & Relaxation Rank: 176

Recreation Rank: 145

Irving, Texas

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Housing the headquarters of companies like ExxonMobil and Blackberry, Irving is a city of hard workers. Yet, the high cost of restaurant meals and the lack of good hiking trails make it a wrong choice for a staycation. The city does not have the best nightlife vibe and options, either.

Overall Rank: 181

Food & Entertainment Rank: 140

Rest & Relaxation Rank: 178

Recreation Rank: 167

Pearl City, Hawai’i

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Known as ‘Central Oahu,’ Pearl City is not a popular tourist destination like other Hawai’i places. It is often overcrowded, and traffic is a cause for concern. The city does not have many coffee and tea shops, and recreational options are scant.

Overall Rank: 180

Food & Entertainment Rank: 180

Rest & Relaxation Rank: 156

Recreation Rank: 182

Chula Vista, California

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The coastal city in Southern California has its share of drawbacks that keep people from staycationing there. Chula Vista is not very affordable despite being a charming place full of landscapes. It has a 154.9 cost of living index, almost 55 per cent more than the national index of 100. It also has a poor quality of air and bad traffic making commutes 5 minutes longer on average than the American average of commute time.

Overall Rank: 179

Food & Entertainment Rank: 179

Rest & Relaxation Rank: 152

Recreation Rank: 159

Yonkers, New York

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Located along the Hudson River, Yonkers is the third-most populous city in New York State. While the city has a rich history, including its involvement in the Revolutionary War, it lacks safety. It is safer than only 38% of American cities. However, it ranks 18th in the list of happiest cities in the US.

Overall Rank: 178

Food & Entertainment Rank: 182

Rest & Relaxation Rank: 154

Recreation Rank: 93

Santa Clarita, California

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If you are planning for a staycation, you should choose other cities over Santa Clarita. The city often experiences high temperatures of above 100ºF. With few places for recreation and a high intensity of earthquakes, most people tend to avoid Santa Clarita when they want to vacation closer to home.

Overall Rank: 177

Food & Entertainment Rank: 157

Rest & Relaxation Rank: 168

Recreation Rank: 148

Here are the top good cities to consider instead

Orlando, Florida

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Home to a host of recreational centers like amusement parks and zoos, Orlando ranks no. 1 among the best places for a staycation. The city has affordable restaurants, and options for a vibrant nightlife. It is also a great place if you are in the mood to eat out and have fun with your friends and family.

Overall Rank: 1

Food & Entertainment Rank: 1

Rest & Relaxation Rank: 18

Recreation Rank: 24

Honolulu, Hawai’i

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Honolulu – the capital of Hawaii – is a popular tourist destination. It is also a well-known staycation destination due to its tropical climate, and abundance of beaches. Honolulu is full of historical sites and natural landmarks, which add to the activities you can participate in when you are in Honolulu. Places like the Waikiki Beach and Downtown Honolulu amplify the city’s charm.

Overall Rank: 2

Food & Entertainment Rank: 17

Rest & Relaxation Rank: 86

Recreation Rank: 1

Cincinnati, Ohio

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Thanks to an abundance of places that offer entertainment activities, including sports and music, Cincinnati is a fun place to be for staycations. Nicknamed ‘The Queen City,’ it boasts a rich cultural heritage and excellent restaurants. A vibrant nightlife, a booming job market, and affordable living costs make Cincinnati an ideal place for a staycation.

Overall Rank: 3

Food & Entertainment Rank: 8

Rest & Relaxation Rank: 7

Recreation Rank: 14

Las Vegas, Nevada

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Las Vegas is synonymous with casinos but is also an affordable city with a variety of places of entertainment. Known as the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World,’ Vegas offers diverse dining options, art galleries, and live music at bars. Despite being the most expensive city in Nevada, it does not charge state income tax.

Overall Rank: 4

Food & Entertainment Rank: 2

Rest & Relaxation Rank: 11

Recreation Rank: 33

Tampa, Florida

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Popular for its Cuban cigars, Tampa is an ideal place for staycations. It boasts a vibrant culture and enjoyable weather throughout the year. Tampa has lots of amusement parks, museums, and restaurants where you can enjoy delectable food. As a bonus, the Tampa Bay Area is also home to Clearwater Beach, often voted the best beach town in the state.

Overall Rank: 5

Food & Entertainment Rank: 13

Rest & Relaxation Rank: 3

Recreation Rank: 40

Chicago, Illinois

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Consisting of 77 communities, Chicago is as diverse as it gets. The city has plenty of parks for outdoor activities and things you can do throughout the year. World-class museums and some incredible food only add to the city’s charm.

Overall Rank: 6

Food & Entertainment Rank: 16

Rest & Relaxation Rank: 67

Recreation Rank: 5

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