11 American Beers That Make Even the Most Dedicated Drinkers Cringe

In America, beer is almost like a national drink. A recent Gallup Study found that 37% of Americans choose beer over other alcoholic drinks. Various types of beers are available, from light lagers to hoppy IPAs and smooth stouts. In 2022, 69% of U.S. beer drinkers primarily chose domestic brands such as Budweiser.

In 2022, a survey by BeerAdvocate ranked American beer brands based on a weighted rank. This rank combines customer ratings and the number of votes. Following this methodology, 24/7 Wall Street provided a detailed report of the worst-rated beers in America. Taking help from these sources, our team has curated a list of the worst beers in America as of April 13, 2024, focusing on those with the lowest weighted ranks.

Budweiser Select 55

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Average Rating: 1.65 (630 Votes)

Budweiser Select 55 is a golden lager beer with a light flavor. The low alcohol content of 2.4% may not please your taste buds. Many beer enthusiasts find Select 55 too watery. Its less favorable ratings are possible as many seek a stronger brew. The Select 55 is quite a bland choice in the beer world.

Natural Light

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Average Rating: 1.76 (2396 Votes)

Natural Light beer is a popular budget-friendly brew in the United States. It has a light body and mild flavor. However, many beer lovers rate this poorly due to its perceived lack of complexity. This beer can not compare to the depths of craft beers. Those who prefer bold flavors may find Natural Light’s taste bland. Despite this, it is a go-to choice for many college students and budget-conscious drinkers.


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Average Rating: 1.72 (174 Votes)

In 1989, Miller Brewing Company launched a non-alcoholic alternative called Sharp’s Beer. It has a negligible alcohol content of 0.40%. Thus, it’s a good option for those wanting to enjoy the taste of beer without much alcohol content. However, it doesn’t quite match the flavor profile of traditional beers. Some people find its taste lacking compared to regular brews.

Keystone Light

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Average Rating: 1.84 (2195 Votes)

Keystone Light beer is a popular choice among budget-conscious drinkers in America. Many people prefer it for its low pricing and wide availability in the country. Yet, it often receives criticism from American beer enthusiasts. Many argue its flavor profile lacks character compared to higher-end brews. In short, the cheaper price of Keystone Light does not compensate for the cheap taste.

Beer 30 Light

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Average Rating: 1.66 (105 Votes)

Beer 30 Light is another light-lager beer with a bad reputation. Its lower alcohol content of 4% does not satisfy discerning beer drinkers. The weak flavor and watery consistency can not hit the spot for many. Despite all that, the lower price point of Beer 30 Light makes it a supermarket favorite.

Natural Ice

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Average Rating: 1.85 (1590 Votes)

Natural Ice, or Natty Ice, is a lager in America. It uses ice brewing techniques, meaning the beer is partially frozen during production. This beer has a higher alcohol content of 5.9% at a cheaper price. Many people dislike it for the excessive carbonation and harsh aftertaste. With an ongoing craze for craft beer options, the market for Natural Ice and its alike is decreasing. Yet, it is popular in college parties and binge drinking culture.

Miller 64

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Average Rating: 1.84 (841 Votes)

Miller 64 is a light beer crafted by the Miller Brewing Company in America. It stands out for its low-calorie content of 64 calories per 12-ounce serving. This beer provides a guilt-free option for those watching their calorie intake. However, opinions on its taste vary widely. Health-conscious people enjoy its lightness and low alcohol content of 2.8%. Others find it lacking in flavor or depth.

Milwaukee’s Best Light

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Average Rating: 1.84 (738 Votes)

Milwaukee’s Best Light is famous as ‘Beast Light.’ This beer has light and watery taste profile. Its alcohol content is 4.20%, yet it lacks depth of flavor compared to other brews. Many consumers complain that it has a stale aftertaste. Some others feel disappointed about its mineral water-like smell. Despite being budget-friendly, Milwaukee’s Best Light does not meet people’s expectations.

Bud Light

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Average Rating: 1.88 (6666 Votes)

Bud Light used to be one of the top-selling beers in the USA. Recently, its market has fallen to 9.6%. Many say Bud Light’s popularity stays only with the baby boomer generation. This beer has a 4.2% alcohol content. Yet, many consumers find its flavor too light and lacking in complexity. Most consumers seek out beers with higher-quality ingredients and fewer additives. Thus, Bud Light’s cereal-malt flavor does not appeal to them anymore.

Milwaukee’s Best

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Average Rating: 1.89 (845 Votes)

Milwaukee’s Best is an adjunct lager beer. Its main popularity quotient is its cheap pricing and 4.80% alcohol content. In terms of flavor and smell, most people want to avoid it. The light corn-malt taste may be suitable for daily consumption. But the flavor can not satiate the thirst of beer lovers. Many have complained that this beer causes bad hangovers. It is definitely not the ‘best’ beer from Miller Brewing Co.

Busch Ice

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Average Rating: 1.87(368 Votes)

Busch Ice has gained a name for its comparatively higher alcohol content of 5.9%. Similar to Natural Ice, this beer also goes through an ice-brewing process. This ice-freezing technique concentrates the alcohol content. Sadly, it has a bitterness and astringency that seem off-putting to some. Those seeking a stronger buzz might like it for its cheap pricing. Yet, it fails to amaze people looking for a more balanced and enjoyable drinking experience.

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