12 Most Underrated Countries In The World

It is tempting to visit the popular tourist destinations because so much has been written about them. However, the world is a treasure trove of hidden gems that offer incredible travel experiences, too. Check out the list of the 12 most underrated beautiful countries one must add to their travel bucket list.

Croatia, Europe

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Home to Europe’s oldest inhabited town, Vinkovci, and more than 1000 islands, Croatia is a stunning destination. Tour the Blue Cave on Bisevo Island, go rafting on the Cetina River, indulge in truffle delicacies in Istria, visit lavender fields, or explore the national parks. Do not miss Yacht Week and Sail Week tours that take people on captivating sailing adventures in Croatian Adriatic waters.

Here’s a little fun fact: The fictional city of King’s Landing in the famous HBO television series Game of Thrones was filmed in Dubrovnik, Croatia. One can book a walking tour at the film sites there.

Belize, Central America

Gulf coast beach in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.
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Surprisingly, this tiny nation is one of the lesser-known countries despite its rich natural landscapes. The world’s second-largest barrier reef system, ‘The Great Myan Reef’, is located here. The jungle of Cockscomb is the only jaguar reserve on the planet. A few other things one can do here are explore the rocky ruins of the Maya Empire, scuba dive at the Blue Hole Natural Monument, or take a bioluminescence boat tour.

Laos, Asia

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This Asian country offers a noteworthy mix of cultural, scenic, and spiritual experiences. The mysterious caves of Konglor will take one’s breath away with their limestone formations. The Patuxai (war monument) tells the tales of heroic people who fought for the country’s independence from France. For people looking for spiritual experiences, a walk in the Buddha Park to admire more than 200 sculptures dedicated to Buddhist and Hindu traditions is highly recommended.

Panama, Central America

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People planning to visit Costa Rica can instead consider its neighboring country, Panama, which is located at the crossroads of two continents (North America and South America) and two oceans (Pacific and Atlantic). Visit its engineering marvel – the Panama Canal, meet indigenous communities, sail through mangroves, or explore turtle conservation sanctuaries.

Panama is also one of the few countries where one can enjoy humpback whale-watching tours.

Georgia, Europe

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Georgia’s gorgeous sightseeing spots make up for its pint-sized geography. The Old Town in the capital city, Tbilisi, is known for its hillside churches, monuments, and thermal springs. An authentic traditional Georgian feast called supra paired with local wine and cheese bread ‘Khachapuri’ must be on the list of things to do for culinary enthusiasts. Trekkers can look forward to a multi-day trek from Mestia to Ushguli in the Caucasian mountains. A rafting tour at Martivili Canyon is a must-do activity.

Cabo Verde, Africa

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This archipelago country, also known as Cape Verde, has UNESCO’s World Heritage site called ‘Cidade Velha’ to its credit. One can see the remains of Europe’s first colonial outpost in the tropics here. A trip to Cape Verde is incomplete without water sports and outdoor pursuits. Go snorkeling, diving, fishing, or kitesurfing at its beaches. Horse riding at its shoreline and soaking in salt ponds are other exciting excursions.

Kazakhstan, Central Asia

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Kazakhstan is the ninth-largest country in the world and yet an underrated travel destination. Go hiking to the snow-capped Tian Shan Mountains, visit picturesque lakes, or spot wildlife species at the Ile-Alatau National Park. This park also has the world’s largest outdoor ice-skating rink, Medeu, for winter sports lovers. One must also take advantage of a visit to the 12 million-old red sandstone landscape at Charyn. The Altyn-Emel National Park’s Singing Dunes, burial mounds, and petroglyphs are other main attractions here.

Oman, Middle East

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The modern Arabian country is the land of culture, nature, and adventure. There is much to do here, from paragliding and sandboarding to enjoying a special evening at the Royal Opera House to sailing on a cruise ship. Al Hoota Cave, a two million-year-old underground cave, is worth a visit. The country also has impressive Islamic architecture and five UNESCO World Heritage sites. Do visit the old marketplaces to feel old-world vibes while shopping.

Bhutan, Asia

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A diminutive kingdom nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, Bhutan is one of the less frequented countries. Its beauty lies in its serene vistas and fresh air. Punakha is known for river rafting, a 17th-century fortress, and a colorful folk festival (held in Feb/March every year). The Buddhist monastery Trongsa Dzong in the sleepy town of Trongsa draws people who are looking for peace and solitude. Other things to do in Bhutan are trekking in Mt Jomolhari and seeking hot spring therapy at Gasa Tshachu.

Madagascar, Africa

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The fourth-largest island in the world is separated from the African continent by the Mozambique Channel. Embark on wildlife tours to explore the unique flora and fauna of Madagascar. Daredevils can swim with sharks at Nosy Be and try crocodile meat burgers at the crocodile farm in Antananarivo. Hop onto a catamaran to explore the virgin islands of the country and discover local culture from close quarters.

Albania, Europe

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Albania is a small, mountainous country that often goes unnoticed on travelers’ European itineraries. The first sightseeing place in Albania is the UNESCO World Heritage site Butrint, which has ruins dating back to the 6th century. Blue Eye Spring will mesmerize you with its resemblance to a human eye and bright blue color. Rozafa Castle on a hilltop and Llogara Pass, the highest point on the country’s coastal road, are also worth a visit. Beach lovers can enjoy the blue water and white sand at Ksamil Beach and Dhermi Beach.

Bolivia, South America

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South America’s highest and most isolated country is an offbeat destination to explore Amazon rainforests and other natural wonders. The Uyuni Salt Flats is known for guided tours to its red lakes, geysers, and moon-like landscapes. Lake Titicaca, considered three million years old, looks breathtaking due to its sapphire blue color.


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