14 Personality Types Better Off Steering Clear of Florida

A tropical state like Florida sounds like the perfect place to live. In fact, it is a great place for many Americans to live. You may take an early retirement to live there or move to Florida at an early age. However, everyday living in Florida is not as perfect as it is made out to be.

We have reviewed various online forums and lifestyle guides to create a list of people who should never move to Florida.

Ones Who Are Scared Of Hurricanes

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According to the Monroe County official website, the hurricane season is a 6-month affair in Florida. It lasts from June 1st to November 30th. In recent years, the situation has worsened with hurricanes causing landfall in Florida. It also reminds people that such natural calamities pose irreparable damage.

Ones Who Hate Humidity

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Due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, Florida experiences hot and humid weather. With a relative humidity of 74.5%, Florida ranks second in America in relative humidity. If you prefer to avoid damp and sticky clothes, you should never move to Florida. Being in a coastal state will also make your hair sticky, which is not an ideal lifestyle.

Ones Worried About Climate Change

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As a coastal state, Florida has always been threatened by climate change. Right now, rising water levels threaten to submerge Florida’s coastline. Even if the sea level rises just a few feet, it can put the state in serious danger. Even if you want to experience beach life in Florida, consider the future’s ramifications and take a cautious step.

Ones Who Hate The Summer

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Like the rest of the South, Florida’s heat can be unrelenting during the summer. The temperature usually ranges between 73℉ and 95℉ during July and August. May to October are uncomfortable, especially when you combine the humidity. Florida should not be a probable residence for people who do not appreciate the summers.

Ones Who Like a Young Crowd

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The Sunshine State is home to almost 4.6 million citizens aged 65 or older. This makes Florida 2nd in being home to the senior citizens in America. With innumerable senior communities, Florida is more synonymous with golf courses than nightclubs. If you spend time with the younger crowd, you should postpone settling in Florida.

Ones Scared of Bugs

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Many of us run away at the first sight of a flying cockroach. Similarly, many of us are not fond of bugs and insects. Unfortunately for them, Florida’s tropical climate makes it a haven for bugs and pests. From cockroaches to ants and crickets, Florida is home to many such pests. Bed bugs, fleas, ticks, flies, bees, and mosquitoes also exist.

Ones Afraid of Alligators

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There are approximately 1.2 million alligators in Florida. So much so that the state is termed as the Alligator State. The abundance of swamps and untamed wildlife has led to the massive number of alligators in Florida. While you will have fun mistaking an alligator for a crocodile in a zoo, it will be scary if they appear unannounced in your backyard or at a golf course.

Ones Who Dislike Snakes

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As weird as it may sound, Florida has the second-highest snake population in America. The state is home to 46 different varieties of snakes. The warm, damp, and lush environment helps snakes thrive. Even though only 6 varieties are venomous, Florida is not the right place for you if you dislike snakes.

Ones Who Dislike Snowbirds

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Migrating snowbirds spend the winter in sunny weather like Florida. Those birds spend half the year there before returning home. When the snowbirds flock home, you may also want to leave Florida.

Ones Who Love Mountains

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Florida is a seaside state with fewer mountains or hills than other states. While enjoying a glowing sunset by the beach, you can not do the same from a hillside view. So, whether you love hiking, rock climbing, trekking, Florida is certainly not the state for you.

Ones Who Avoid Home Insurance

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The worsening climate and increasing hurricanes have deteriorated the weather in Florida. However, the worst part is that homeowners insurance premiums have been skyrocketing lately. Various fraudulent activities like roof-replacement claims have also led to the increase. All this has made Florida a state people avoid when considering moving.

Ones Without High Insurance Premium

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Florida has a high number of homeowner insurance premiums. It also has the most expensive average family health insurance premiums, at $7,258 annually. Since health insurance costs have risen in recent years, this can pose a problem for families moving to Florida.

Ones Who Hate Tourists

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Thanks to its sunny beaches, theme parks, and golf courses, Florida attracts a large number of tourists every year. In 2023, 122.89 million US tourists flocked to Florida. Due to its economy being reliant on tourism, there are plenty of vacation rentals as well. There are also a high number of crowded buses and fewer parking spaces. If you hate a lot of crowds and tourists, Florida is not the right place for you.

Ones Who Dislike Disney World

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One of Florida’s primary attractions is Disney World. Located in Orlando, it is a dream come true for many people who love Disney. However, if you do not prefer tourists or are not a big fan of Disney, you should consider moving elsewhere.

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