Top 15 Flexible Jobs in the USA with A Minimum Salary of $20 Per Hour

A recent survey by McKinsey & Company reveals 58% of Americans want flexibility in their jobs. Fortunately, the United States offers a plethora of flexible job opportunities across various industries and catering to diverse skill sets and preferences. Most of these freelance jobs pay at least $20 hourly.

Our experts have consulted various platforms like Indeed and Payscale to find the right options for you.

Freelance Writing

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Average Salary: $25/Hour

The freelance writing job includes writing  blog posts, informative articles, or engaging website copies. Anyone proficient in creative writing can become a freelance writer irrespective of any degree or GED.  This job comes with flexible hours and the freedom to work remotely. As a freelance writer you can get started with platforms like Upwork, Fiverr or job boards like BloggingPro and ProBlogger.

Graphic Designing

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Average Salary: $22/Hour

As a graphics designer, you can venture into logo designs, branding materials, website layouts, or marketing materials. Social media management is yet another field for designers. Consider this opportunity if you have a knack for design aesthetics. Knowledge of designer software like Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, etc. will increase your avenues as a graphic designer. You can work on diverse projects according to your convenient schedule.

Freelance Tutoring

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Average Salary: $24/Hour

Tutoring is an exciting prospect for people passionate about education and mentorship. The various aspects of tutoring include academic, test, and language training. The salary of a freelance tutor depends on the qualifications and expertise. You can become a tutor after completing your high school diploma. You can decide how many students to teach and fix your schedule as per your feasibility. Platforms like,, etc. can be great for finding such jobs.


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Average Salary: $55/Hour

Videography offers another avenue for flexible employment. A videographer’s task is to capture memorable moments and create stunning visuals for clients. You can freelance for events, portraits, or commercial projects in this role. It is not mandatory to have a formal degree or certification to become a videographer, but having one can help you get an edge. You will have the freedom to fix the schedule and choose convenient projects. As you gain more expertise, your pay scale becomes higher.

Website Development

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Average Salary: $32/Hour

Web development offers a blend of creativity and technical expertise. This is an attractive option for individuals seeking flexibility and high earning potential. The primary responsibility is to create functional and visually appealing websites for clients. Excellent coding skills can be a key in landing such jobs. Freelance web developers can take on projects remotely with convenient deadlines. You can enroll on UpWork, Twine, or LinkedIn to find suitable projects.

Mobile Application Development

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Average Salary: $44/Hour

Mobile application developers have a tremendous potential for freelancing in the USA. As a mobile application developer, you can work remotely on selected projects for flexible hours. A bachelor’s degree in engineering is necessary for this job profile. You can specialize in iOS or Android development, hybrid apps, and mobile game development. Your specialization will increase your chances of getting paid more.

Insurance Agents

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Average Salary: $28/Hour

You can easily become an insurance agent in the USA after your high school diploma or GED. Based on the kind of insurance you want to sell, you will need to obtain specific licenses. You can check your state’s requirements on the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) website.  As an insurance agent, you can guide people through policy options and assess their needs. Agents are also responsible for providing personalized coverage solutions. You can have a total say on schedules and working hours.


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Average Salary: $29/Hour

Plumbing jobs involve installing, repairing, and maintaining plumbing systems. They are necessary in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. No formal degree is mandatory for this job role. However, to become a licensed plumber, you have to finish an accredited training course. You can work individually or for a company as a plumber. The skill to diagnose issues and install equipment is essential to being a good plumber.

Editing and Proofreading

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Average Salary: $22/Hour for Proofreading and $31/Hour for Editing

Written content is crucial in communication and branding in this digital age. Thus, the demand for freelance editors and proofreaders has increased. Freelance editors and proofreaders can work on remote projects to edit and proofread documents. It is essential to have a college education for such roles. They can offer services to both individuals and publication companies. Editors can enjoy the flexibility of choosing projects and working on their terms.

Virtual Assistance

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Average Salary: $24/Hour

Virtual assistants provide remote administrative support to businesses. Virtual professionals address customer inquiries and resolve issues. By providing customer satisfaction, they ensure a company’s reputation. There are no fixed educational requirements for this job role. Yet, a business or communication degree can set you apart from other candidates. This job does not require you to be confined to a traditional office setting. You can find suitable jobs on LinkedIn, Indeed, and other jobseeking platforms.

Digital Marketing

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Average Salary: $21/Hour

Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of roles suitable for resourceful people. Tasks include content creation and social media management. In this area, proficiency in search engine optimization (SEO) is a much-needed skill. To become a digital marketer, you can complete a degree course or partake in any certification training. As a digital marketing professional, you can collaborate with individuals and companies and take up convenient projects that suit your timeline.


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Average Salary: $24/Hour

As per recent data, around 68 million Americans are bilingual or multilingual. Proficiency in multiple languages can help you become a translator in the USA. You can translate written documents for individuals or businesses. Many translators also offer interpretation services to foreign nationals. You can apply for translator roles after finishing your high school diploma. You can work remotely at flexible hours as a translator.

Transcription Services

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Average Salary: $21/Hour

Transcription services can be useful in various industries. People with language efficiency and good grammatical knowledge can become transcriptionists. Many media platforms use transcriptionists to convert audio files into written documents. On the other hand, the need for medical transcriptionists is on the rise. Your efficiency and typing speed can fetch you more money in this field. With a high school diploma and basic computer proficiency, you can become a transcriptionist.

Real Estate Agents

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Average Salary: $42/Hour

Individuals can take real estate license examinations in America to become certified real estate agents. As a real estate agent, you can guide clients through the entire process of house-hunting. Your main responsibilities will be marketing properties, conducting property showings, and handling paperwork. To provide excellent service, you must stay informed about market trends and local regulations. You can advertise as a single business owner or work with any company as an agent.

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