14 Things Women Do Only With Men They Love

Most men feel that it is impossible to understand women. They think women’s minds are a mystery and their emotions too complex to comprehend. The truth is that men and women have different ways of expressing their feelings. Hence, it can be difficult for either sex to understand how the other is feeling. However, these subtle giveaways, if you pay attention, can tell you what a woman you are dating thinks or feels about you.

Read on to know 14 things women do with men they love.

Puts You First

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It is difficult for people to put others first. Thus, when a woman starts putting you and your needs before hers, it’s a telltale sign that she loves you. She will book a table at a restaurant you prefer, cook a recipe because you like, go out of her way to buy that sourdough bread you so like, and even put up with that dreadful red checkered shirt that you love so much.

Sacrifices For You

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A woman in love will make sacrifices for her man without making it obvious. She will put aside her assignments to hear you grumble about your work problems. She will stay up to chat with you if you have to stay out late or ensure that you reach home safely after a boys’ drinking binge.

Wears Your Clothes

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There is something inexplicably sexy about seeing your girlfriend prancing around the house in your shirts. However, believe us when we say something more is going on when she wears your shirts regularly. She loves you. Wearing your clothes is her way of feeling close to you and drawing comfort from it.

Shares Her Deepest And Darkest Secrets With You

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Men think that women talk and share a lot. A woman might seem chatty or open to sharing things about her life, but she won’t share the darkest and deepest secrets with you until she trusts you. If she talks about darker and crazier parts of her past and shows her vulnerability, chances are, she loves you and envisages a future with you.

Makes Eye Contact With You

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A woman can say a thousand words with just her eyes. If you are sitting with her, your girl will try to make eye contact with you, smile, and say nothing. If people surround you, she will follow you with her eyes or try to catch your eyes if she wants to communicate without uttering words. It’s her way of signifying intimacy between the two of you.

Relaxes With You

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A woman will generally dress well and conduct herself in a prim and proper way before strangers. However, when bonding with a man, she will let herself go. She will not hesitate to meet you with her face sans makeup face or dance with abandon in a nightclub with you. She will relax and share her side, which she usually keeps hidden because she feels you will like her as she is.

Accepts You As You Are

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No man is perfect, and neither are you, but your girl will accept you as you are. She knows your strengths and weaknesses and loves you the way you are. Instead of embarrassing you for your mistakes or shortcomings, she will help you grow.

Doesn’t Take You For Granted

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When a girl appreciates what you do for her, it’s her way of showing her love for you. She will acknowledge and be thankful for your efforts, no matter how small the gesture. She will not point out your mistakes or try to embarrass you before friends and family.

Plans For The Future Together

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A woman in love plans for a shared future. She discusses long-term plans, aspirations, and dreams and tries to align them with those of the man she loves. She reveals her commitment and desire for a life together by involving the man in her plans.

Tries To Touch You

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When a woman loves you, she will seek opportunities to be physically close to you to draw comfort and warmth from that physical intimacy. She will ruffle your hair, pat your cheeks, hold hands, hug or cuddle.

Shows Willingness To Meet The Inner Circle

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Once a woman is serious about you, she will try to include you in her inner circle, which is a big step for her. She will introduce you to her friends and family and be eager to connect with yours. She will want to be involved in family traditions as well. This is her way of announcing her commitment to you to both your loved ones.

Fears Losing You

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When a woman loves you, she will be afraid to lose you. She will try to spend as much time together as possible and might complain that you are not giving her enough time or are spending time with other people or women. Jealousy shows she cares and loves as long as it doesn’t become nasty.

Lets You Breathe

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While a woman wants to spend maximum time with the man she loves, she knows that he has a life and dreams, too. She will support you while you chase your dreams, not complain when you have wild parties with your boys or when you want some peace and space. A woman in love will let her man breathe.

Forgives You

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A woman in love forgives her man for disappointing her and hurting her. She overlooks your faults and mistakes and gives you a second chance many times over.

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