16 Things Women Do That Drive Men Away

Men often feel pushed away when women struggle with jealousy or insecurity. These can lead to a breakdown in love and respect. Recognizing these behaviors can help maintain a healthy relationship.

Overthinking and overanalyzing

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When women examine every little thing a man says or does, it can make them come off as too intense or needy. This can push men away because they might feel suffocated or pressured. It’s important to find a balance and not blow things out of proportion, like obsessing over minor changes in communication or behavior.

Not giving space

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Men often need time alone or with friends. Men don’t like feeling trapped or accused without reason. When women don’t understand this, it pushes men away. Give him space without assuming the worst.

Expect To Read Minds

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One big mistake women make is expecting men to read their minds. It’s better to be honest and upfront about what’s bothering you. This shows you’re focused on solving problems, not punishing him. If you expect him to know without talking, he’ll likely disconnect and pull away. Being clear and open builds trust and keeps the relationship strong.


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Comparing your man to others or past relationships can hurt him. It’s equivalent to saying he’s not good enough. Men want to feel valued for who they are, not compared to others. It makes them feel insecure and unappreciated.

Being harsh and impatient

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When you’re not careful with your words and attitudes, negative feelings like pride, frustration, or impatience can show up. Be mindful of how you speak and act, especially when your partner makes a mistake. Treat them how you’d want to be treated. People are sensitive, so use your words to encourage them, not tear them down. Frustration in relationships can be an opportunity to build trust, so don’t miss it by being harsh.

Denying his offer to help

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Women sometimes tend to do everything independently. But it’s important to let your man be involved too. When you don’t let him help, he might feel unneeded and unloved. Next time, your man offers to help, let him. It shows him that you appreciate and value his role in your life.

Making him feel jealous

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Making men jealous might seem like a way to test their feelings, but it can backfire. Flirting with others to spark jealousy can confuse him and push him away. Therefore, it’s advised to focus on developing open and honest communication in your relationship.

Trying to change him

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Constantly trying to change your partner isn’t healthy for your relationship. He might adjust to please you but don’t bet on a complete transformation. It’s okay to encourage them to be their best selves, but it’s not okay to try to reshape who they are completely. Nagging and criticizing them all the time will push them away. It’s important to have a balance between helping them improve and accepting them as they are.

Expecting too much

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It’s important to let the relationship naturally develop before diving into heavy topics such marriage and children too early in the dating process. Getting emotionally invested too soon can make a man feel like you’re moving too fast, which can push him away. It’s best to take things slow and let the relationship progress at its own pace.


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Maintaining hygiene is super important. For instance, it can be a big turn-off when someone doesn’t brush their teeth or shower enough. It’s not about looks but about feeling good together. Good hygiene shows you care about yourself and your partner. So, keeping clean isn’t just about finding a partner; it’s about living well.

Toxic behaviors

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Some women take pride in their toxic behaviors, like cheating or mistreating others. This drives men away because they want a partner who strives to be better, not someone who’s proud of hurting others. It’s a big warning sign for men looking for healthy relationships.

Being too controlling

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When a woman tries to control everything in a relationship or her partner’s life, it can make him feel suffocated and unhappy. Men often like women who are independent and confident. However, too much control can make them feel she doesn’t trust or respect his choices. It creates tension and makes the relationship less enjoyable. So, if a woman wants to keep her man happy, finding a balance and giving him space to be himself is essential.

Acting dumb

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Acting dumb can push your man away because it shows you’re not being genuine, and it can be frustrating for him. The only men who like that are usually insecure, controlling, or narcissistic. So it’s important to be authentic and be yourself.

No motivation

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Lack of motivation can be a turn-off for many men. Men seek a partner who’s motivated. Being dependent and not contributing to growth makes you seem like a burden, not a partner. Men want someone who adds value. So, have goals and interests to keep a man interested.


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According to the Department of Health, half of the 1,700 people said they’d hesitate to start a serious relationship with someone who smokes. Men often don’t want to date smokers because it smells bad and makes their breath stinky. Moreover, it shows they don’t care about their health. It affects how they feel about being with that person. Just like any habit or behavior, it can influence how attracted someone is to you.


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If you’re struggling with insecurities, it’s better to work on them before dating. Women drive their men away due to behaviors like excessive jealousy, constant criticism, or a lack of trust. These behaviors can make a man feel suffocated or unappreciated, leading him to distance himself from the relationship.

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