21 Things We All Do When No One’s Watching

We all have a carefully curated public image. But when the world isn’t watching, our true selves can emerge. From silly habits to secret indulgences, there’s a whole world of behavior that only comes out in private. Here are 21 things we all do when no one’s watching us.


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Singing in the shower is something many people enjoy. The steam and warmth of the shower create a feel of a private concert hall where we can sing freely. The sound of the water enhances our voice, making us feel like professional singers. Singing in the shower can also be a great stress reliever and mood booster.


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Dancing around the house is a fun and liberating activity. When we’re alone, we don’t have to worry about looking silly or making mistakes. We can move freely to the rhythm of our favorite songs, letting go of inhibitions and feeling pure joy. It’s a great way to exercise and release pent-up energy.

Talk to Ourselves

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Talking to ourselves might seem strange, but it’s actually quite common. We often do it to sort out our thoughts, plan our day, or rehearse conversations. This self-talk helps us process emotions and make decisions. It’s like having a conversation with a trusted friend who understands us perfectly.

Eat Straight from the Container

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When no one is around, many of us forgo plates and utensils, opting to eat straight from the container. This habit is all about convenience and comfort. Whether it’s ice cream, leftovers, or snacks, eating directly from the container saves time on dishes and allows us to enjoy our food in a relaxed manner.

Make Funny Faces in the Mirror

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Making funny faces in the mirror is a lighthearted way to entertain ourselves. It can be a stress reliever and a way to see ourselves in a different light. This simple act can make us laugh and feel more at ease, reminding us not to take life too seriously.

Wear Pajamas All Day

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Staying in pajamas all day is a cozy indulgence when we’re alone. It allows us to fully relax and enjoy the comfort of home. We don’t have to worry about getting dressed up or meeting social expectations. It’s a small luxury that makes a big difference in our comfort level.

Watch Guilty Pleasure TV Shows

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Everyone has TV shows or movies they secretly love but might not admit to watching. When we’re alone, we tend to indulge in these guilty pleasures without any fear of judgment. Whether it’s a cheesy romance, a reality show, or a cartoon, these shows provide entertainment and escape from daily stress.

Skip Household Chores

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Procrastinating on household chores is something many people do when no one is around. We might leave dishes in the sink, laundry unfolded, or beds unmade. Taking a break from chores gives us a chance to relax and recharge, even if it means we have a bit more to do later.

Try on Different Outfits

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Trying on different outfits and playing dress-up is a fun activity when we’re alone. It allows us to experiment with our style and see what looks good without the pressure of an audience. This can boost our confidence and help us discover new fashion combinations.

Take Long, Luxurious Baths

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Taking a long, luxurious bath is a perfect way to unwind in private. We all love to indulge in a rejuvenating bath with our favorite bath products, light candles, and some romantic music. It’s a great way to relax our muscles, clear our minds, and pamper ourselves without interruptions.

Talk to Pets

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Talking to pets is a comforting habit for many people. At some point in life, we need someone to just listen to us. Pets are great listeners and provide unconditional love and companionship. This interaction can be very soothing and emotionally supportive.

Check Ourselves Out in the Mirror

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Checking ourselves out in the mirror, whether to admire a new outfit or just feel confident, is something we often do in private. It’s a way to boost our self-esteem and appreciate how we look. These moments of self-reflection can make us feel good about ourselves.

Take Selfies

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Taking selfies is a fun and private way to capture our best moments. We can experiment with angles, lighting, and expressions without anyone judging us. It’s a way to document our lives, celebrate our appearance, and sometimes share these moments on social media.

Practice Speeches or Conversations

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Practicing speeches or important conversations is common when we’re alone. This helps us prepare for important events, interviews, or difficult talks, making us feel more confident and ready. Rehearsing out loud can improve our delivery and reduce anxiety.

Binge on Junk Food

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Binging on junk food is a guilty pleasure for many. When no one is watching, we might indulge in our favorite snacks or treats without worrying about what others think. It’s a way to satisfy cravings and enjoy comfort food in peace.

Stalk an Ex on Social Media

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We all do it at some point. Checking up on an ex’s profile to see what they’re up to is something we all enjoy doing when no one’s watching us.

Sneeze Loudly

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Sometimes a sneeze just comes out really loud. When no one’s around, we don’t hold back and let it out as loud as we want.

Close the Elevator Door

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If we’re in a hurry or just want to avoid an awkward ride, we might quickly close the elevator door before someone else can get in.

Eat Something That Fell on the Ground

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We might apply the “five-second rule” and eat something that fell on the ground if no one’s there to judge us.

Pass Gas

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When alone, we don’t worry about holding in gas. It’s a natural part of being human that we prefer to do in private.

Pick Nose

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When no one’s around, it feels safe to pick our nose. Strangely enough, everyone enjoys doing it, even if they dislike watching others do it.

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