17 Things to Avoid Unintentionally Pushing Men Away

The world of dating and relationships is quite complex. Certain behaviors may cause you to lose a potential partner. By being mindful of these behaviors, you can build a solid and meaningful relationship with a man you like.

Although men are not typically very picky about things, certain things may make them uninterested in you. Thus, avoiding these behaviors is essential to fostering healthy and fulfilling relationships with a man.

Being Clingy

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Everyone loves to get attention, and when you like someone, you naturally want to spend a lot of time with them. You may even want to give all your attention to your man. However, excessive attention can suffocate the other person and push them away from you.

Excessive Texting

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When you like someone, you might feel inclined to share every detail of your day with them. However, constantly texting, providing excessive detail, or constantly checking in can be a big turn-off for men. This behavior may come across as desperate, leaving them uninterested instead of intrigued.

Being fake

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Men value authenticity in a relationship. Pretending to be someone you are not, applying too much makeup to create fake beauty, or n using artificial enhancements like fake lips can erode trust and intimacy. You cannot impress him by being fake or putting on a façade to hide your true self; it is a major red flag for men.


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When you are excessively focused on yourself, and everything starts and ends with you, it leaves little or no room for your partner’s interests and needs. Men don’t like such behavior, and rightly so. Prioritizing personal needs, constantly talking about yourself, and placing your interests above all could be a significant deal breaker in your relationship.

Being dumb

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According to a report, 87 percent of men desire to date an intelligent woman. While physical attraction lasts for some days, mental compatibility and intellect are crucial for sustaining a connection. If you are not well-informed about everyday topics or show disinterest in engaging in meaningful conversation, it can lead men to feel uninterested in pursuing a relationship further.

Excessive perfume

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we all want to smell good, especially on a date. While a pleasant fragrance can be alluring, too much perfume can be off-putting and cause discomfort. According to a report, strong perfumes may trigger migraines, breathing problems, and even neurological effects in some individuals. It’s essential to wear subtle perfume instead of overwhelming it.

Social media freak

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Nowadays, it’s a trend to post everything on social media. Whether you are eating or shopping, you update everything. While being connected online is a part of modern life, constantly being glued to social media can create distance in real-life connections. It’s essential to strike a balance between online and offline activities to foster a deeper connection.


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Men are attracted to ambitious women who have clear goals in their lives compared to those who lack drive. They appreciate having a partner who supports their personal and professional growth and inspires them to reach their aspirations. Men value sharing their dreams and goals with an equally motivated and driven partner.

Being entitled

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Men are often put off by Women who lack sympathy and kindness toward others. A study reveals, an excessive sense of entitlement reduces intimacy and increases conflicts in a relationship. When a woman believes she deserves special treatment, lacks humility, and is unwilling to make any effort, it can be an unattractive trait for a man.


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Lying is a common trait. We often lie about something or another. However, if it becomes your nature to lie about almost everything, it can repel a man. Trust is the foundation of any relationship, and no man wants a partner who is dishonest or withholds information.


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Men are often put off by women who constantly ask for buy expensive gifts, want to go on luxury vacations and ride in expensive cars without being willing to share or give anything in return. When a woman prioritizes her desire over anything else, it can create a sense of selfishness and disconnection for a man.

Being judgemental

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No one likes being judged for everything they do; it can create a negative and unappealing atmosphere for a man. A woman constantly judges and criticizes others without respecting their feelings can be a turn-off for men. By being nonjudgmental and practicing empathy, women can form a deeper connection with men.

Over Dramatic

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While it’s good to be a bit dramatic to keep things intersting, too much drama can ruin things. Men don’t like women who make issues over every small thing; it can drain their energy and patience. Exaggerating situations without any valid point creates tension and stress, leaving men feeling frustrated and exhausted.

Being too aggressive

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Many men have little patience to handle women with too much aggression. They prefer to invest their energy and time in someone who is assertive yet respectful. Men value women who posses empathy, understanding, and effective communication skills.

Criticize his friends

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For men, Friends and family hold significant importance, and they appreciate a partner who respects and loves their loved ones. This sense of appreciation is essential as it makes them feel supported. However, constantly criticizing his friends and family can push him away from you.

Disrespect his opinion

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When women disrespect or belittle men’s opinions, it can make them feel inferior. If men notice this behavior often, it implies that women are trying to demean them. Over time, this behavior can undermine respect and trust, causing men to lose interest in such women.


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Women who lack confidence can be unattractive to men. They love to have a partner who is confident in herself and knows how to rule the world. Confidence in women boosts men’s self-esteem and brings harmony to their relationships. Additionally, having a confident partner enables men to engage more effectively in their social circles.

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