20 Things People Over 60 Should Not Do

The sixties may be the new forties, but people in the 60s still need to catch up to look, feel, and to stay like those in the 40s. People in the 60s should avoid certain things to keep their golden years free of unnecessary drama, emotional turmoil, and health scares.

Read on to learn 20 things people should stop doing over age 60.

Being A Homing Bird

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If you worry about your home and spouse all the time, it’s time to stop. The harsh truth is that no one and nothing is indispensable. Life continues with or without you. So stop being tied to your home and spouse, and step out occasionally. Enjoy your life.

Neglecting Exercise

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With age, metabolism slows down, and muscles and bones degenerate. Exercising helps maintain strong bones and muscles, fight depression, promote better sleep, elevate mood, and keep the brain and digestion healthy.

Lifting Heavy Weights

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The benefits of exercise are tremendous, but over exercising or doing more than required kills them. Heavy lifting in mature adults can lead to tears and rips that take longer to heal. Lift enough to maintain strength.

Avoiding Technology

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In today’s world, technology is essential for staying connected and relevant. Embracing modern tools like digital books, notes, and health apps can be fun and valuable.

Not Taking Care Of Themselves

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While exercising, eating a proper diet, and getting regular health checkups are given, people over age 60 should also take care of their physical appearance. Keep updating your wardrobe, getting regular hair trims, indulging in body spas, and getting your nails done.

Interfering In Children’s Life

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Everyone has their own life, and they choose their path. Once children are mature enough to make their own decisions, it is wise to leave them alone. Stressing about them will not only ruin your health but affect your relationship with your children as well.

Consuming A Poor Diet

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Metabolism changes and slows down with age. Eating anything and everything that comes your way can lead to gastric issues in the short term and severe illnesses in the long run: ditch processed foods, sugary drinks, and saturated fats. Being mindful of nutrition helps keep you fit and healthy for years.

Neglecting Health Checkups

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With age, the risks of high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, and dementia increase. It is necessary to go for half-yearly or yearly checkups to ensure all critical markers for health are in place.


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From old magazines to unused gifts, moth-eaten clothes and bedroom linen, outdated bone china dinner sets, and broken things, hoarding can quickly clutter spaces and your mind. By throwing out these things, you can ensure a tidier environment and a more stress-free mental space.

Living In The Fast Lane

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A life full of activity and excitement often involves overexertion, pressure, and stress. As we age, things need to slow down. Leave exciting and high-pressured pursuits for people in their 20s and 30s while you focus on mindful and slow living.

Overindulging in Alcohol

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While moderate alcohol consumption is acceptable, overindulging can have serious consequences. Overindulging in alcohol can lead to liver damage and heart problems. Furthermore, taking drugs and doing substance abuse is a complete no-no at any age.

Skimping On Sleep

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Not prioritizing sleep or sleeping less can reverse the benefits of your other healthy habits. Sleeping 7-8 hours is vital for physical and mental wellness. Create a sleep-conducive environment. Sleep separately if your partner’s snores disturb your sleep.

Holding Onto Grudges

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Grudges can weigh you down and interfere with your peace of mind and positive well-being. Forgive people even if they haven’t apologized and focus on building positive relationships.

Tolerating Negative People

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Surrounding yourself with toxic people can drain your energy and bring negativity to your life. Distance yourself from people who pull you down and seek out the company of those who support you and lift you.

Depending On Children

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Keep a target of being financially and physically sound so that you don’t have to depend on your children. Furthermore, don’t weigh them down with your insecurities or make them a sounding board for your emotional upheavals. Keep your finances in order and physically fit with exercises and good nutrition while seeking support groups or people your age for emotional support.

Isolating Yourself

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Social connectivity is the license for mental well-being. Stay connected with friends and family over phone calls and occasional meet-ups, and build new relationships. Join a social club or volunteer to keep yourself engaged and happy.

Living In The Past Or Fearing The Future

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Don’t get caught up in past regrets or anxieties of the future. Appreciate the simple joys of the present, be grateful for what you have, spend time with loved ones, and savor the good times.

Being A Pushover

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It’s time to live for yourself. Say no to unreasonable requests from friends or family. Whether minding your grandchildren or keeping your neighbor’s pet, set clear boundaries and say no when inconvenient. Start putting yourself first.

Thinking Of Yourself As Old

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You are 60 – it’s not the end of the world, so stop thinking along those terms. Pick creative hobbies, learn a new language, or sign up for a painting class. Taking chances and exploring new interests can keep your brain young and healthy. Take that much-thought-of but much-delayed vacation. Open doors to new experiences and passions.

Giving Importance To People’s Opinions

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By your age, you have your distinct personality and values. Don’t compromise them for others or give importance to people’s opinions. Be it your fashion style or the way you deal with things, don’t let anyone ridicule you. Live by your rules.

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