16 Things Men Hate About Other Men

Men often get praised for being straightforward, relaxed, and flexible. However, some of their habits can be annoying

We went over online forums, read opinions and people spilling the beans on what bothers them about other men. We dove into those discussions to bring you the highlights. Here’s what we found from what men say they dislike about each other.

Calling Someone Gay Because They Show Emotions

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It is a common notion that men cannot express emotions, and if they do, other men are the first to call them names. This plays into the whole idea of toxic masculinity. However, it’s normal for men to have feelings and express them.

Putting down other men for showing emotions pushes everyone to bottle things up, which isn’t healthy. Men hate this about other men.

Bragging All The Time

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We’re familiar with that person—the one who exaggerates stories to seem more formidable, wealthier, or more impressive. It’s obvious and frankly immature. Numerous men have admitted to having acquaintances like this within their circle of friends.

Objectifying Women

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Women are people, not objects. Treating them like something to be conquered cheapens the interaction for everyone involved. Real men appreciate women for their intelligence, humor, and personality, and do not like other men putting them down.

Overstepping Boundaries

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Overstepping boundaries” is when someone ignores your personal space or goes too far in what they say or do. Like, imagine if your friend asked super nosy questions about your love life or made constant jokes about something you’re sensitive about—that’s overstepping boundaries. It’s annoying and kinda rude, and most guys aren’t cool with it.

Drunk Fighting

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Real men tend to dislike guys who get drunk and start fights. It’s because that behavior often leads to unnecessary violence and can put others in danger. Plus, it reflects poorly on everyone involved and can ruin a good time. Most guys prefer to handle conflicts peacefully and responsibly, without resorting to aggression or drunken brawls.

False Assumptions

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This attitude shows a lack of respect and understanding of boundaries. For example, if a guy assumes every woman he meets is attracted to him and behaves inappropriately, it can make everyone uncomfortable.

Most men value mutual respect and consent in their interactions with women, so they’re not cool with this kind of egotistical behavior.

Feigned Helplessness

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We’ve all encountered this type of guy. They refuse to lift a finger for household chores, even when they have plenty of free time. It’s immature and thoughtless. Men often notice this irritating behavior when they live in an all-male household or a bachelor pad and dislike it equally.

Bragging About Cheating

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Real men tend to strongly dislike guys who boast about cheating as if it’s some kind of accomplishment. It’s disrespectful to their partners and undermines trust in relationships. For instance, if a guy brags about cheating on his significant other, it reflects poorly on his character and shows a lack of integrity. Most men value honesty and loyalty in relationships, so they find this kind of talk distasteful and unacceptable.

The Alpha Complex

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Many men are tired of the alpha male narrative because it disrupts the natural flow of friendships. The relentless pursuit of dominance drains everyone’s energy. Collaborating and working together as a team yield far better results than playing power games.

Toxic Masculinity

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Some men love to mock others for some reasons. For example, being unable to grow a patchless beard when you’re just 19, liking the color pink, doing manicures, and things like that. All of these external validations are a result of toxic masculinity that tells how men should be. Researchers even pointed out that toxic masculinity can become a cause of lower life expectancy in men. Men can be strong, kind, and compassionate – all simultaneously.

Giving Unwanted Advice

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One trait that many men dislike in their peers is giving unwanted advice. It can come across as patronizing and intrusive, undermining a sense of autonomy. For example, if a guy constantly offers unsolicited advice on how to live your life or handle your relationships, it can be annoying and disrespectful. Most men prefer to offer support and guidance when asked for it, rather than assuming they know what’s best for others.

Acting All Tough

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This is another facet of toxic masculinity that men hate about some men. Real toughness comes from resilience, integrity, and facing challenges head-on. Putting on a macho act is just a mask. It’s okay to be vulnerable sometimes and show your true self.

One Who Keeps Poor Hygiene

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Men are tired of getting stereotyped as unhygienic people just because of some handful of men. Basic hygiene is about respect for yourself and others. No one wants to be around someone who smells bad or doesn’t take care of themselves. However, some men are infamous for their unhygienic nature, and they even boast about it. Showering, wearing clean clothes, and using deodorant are all part of being considerate.

One Who Ignores Consent

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Just because someone flirts or dresses a certain way doesn’t mean they owe you anything. However, some men don’t understand this. We found men complaining about how they are fed up with men not understanding the basic consent and then the whole community gets judged.

Forcing themselves on girls at clubs or spiking their drinks, and sending adult photos, are just a few of them. Always communicate openly and respect boundaries.

Mocking Marriage And Spouse

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Men who are in an unhappy relationship always mock marriages and spouses. They crack dark jokes, say how their lives went downhill, and encourage bachelors not to get married. Ultimately, mocking someone else’s happiness is a pretty negative thing to do. True friends support each other’s choices, even if they don’t make the same decision.

Getting Manipulated By Women

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Guys with low self-esteem might be more susceptible to flattery or manipulation from someone they find attractive. However, these men make the entire community look dumb. If a guy feels like he’s constantly being manipulated, it’s a red flag, not something to brag about.

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