10 Things Lowe’s Shoppers Can Get For Free

If you enjoy DIY home renovation projects, you must be a frequent customer of Lowes. They have everything from building materials to power tools to indoor and outdoor plants. Despite this variety, they still offer very competitive pricing.

However, nothing is better than getting something for free. We searched each section of Lowes’ website for all the free products and services available. These things won’t cost you a penny when you shop at Lowes. So, let’s see what they are.

Free Lumber Scraps

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While browsing the lumber section at Lowe’s for your next project, consider checking for free scrap wood. These are leftover from customer cuts or damaged boards that Lowe’s might discard. They can be a goldmine for smaller projects or even kindling for your fireplace. To see if any scrap wood is available, politely approach an employee in the lumber department. They’ll happily answer your inquiry and might even direct you to a designated scrap bin where you can make the right pick.

Seasonal Giveaways

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These giveaways often coincide with the current time of year. For instance, in spring, you might find giveaways of seed packets or small gardening tools.

This is to encourage customers to start their gardens. Similarly, fall events could offer free mulch samples or miniature rakes. You can know about them through flyers, Lowe’s website and their social media pages.

Free Coupon Books

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Lowe’s doesn’t offer universal free coupon books. However, they sometimes partner with local businesses for giveaways, which can be a great way to save money on your next home improvement project. Look for a local offers section on the Lowe’s website or app.

They might list any current partnerships offering free coupon books in your area. You can also subscribe to Lowe’s email list. These emails might contain information on where to find free coupon books. Besides, you can politely ask the store employees if they know of any free coupon book promotions in your area.

Free Repair Demos

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Lowe’s also offers free repair demos alongside their workshops. Like the free lumber scraps, these demos won’t be advertised everywhere in the store. The most direct approach is politely asking a hardware or tool department employee about upcoming repair demos.

They’ll have the most up-to-date information on repairs covered and when the demos are scheduled. You can also look for a local events section or workshop listings on Lowe’s website or app. The app or website may not specifically have a section for “repair demos.” You can find them under the “Do-It-Yourself Clinic” or “Home Improvement Tips” category.

Free Workshops

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Lowe’s regularly hosts free in-store workshops. These sessions cover a range of DIY topics, from gardening basics to home improvement techniques and tool usage. They offer a great opportunity to learn valuable skills for your next project.

To see upcoming workshops, visit the Lowe’s website or check for flyers in the store. You may need to register in advance for some workshops, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead. Attendance is usually free, and you might even receive a free starter kit for your DIY projects.

Free Samples

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Maybe not regularly, but Lowe’s occasionally offers free samples of products. These samples are a great way to try before you buy. Before buying the full size, they allow you to test out paint colors, cleaning solutions, etc.

You might find sample displays near the store entrance or in specific sections where the product is sold. You can’t know about the availability and type of samples. They vary depending on the store and current promotions. However, it’s always worth keeping an eye on them.

Plant Replacement

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Lowe’s Garden Centre provides a one-year guarantee for its plants. Under this warranty, you can get a store credit if your plan does not bloom or grow within a year. This program provides some peace of mind when purchasing certain plants. It applies to all kinds of trees, shrubs, or perennials you bought from them. You only need to keep the receipt while returning the plant to get the free replacement.

Free Workshop For Kids

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Lowes can offer a variety of free workshops specifically designed for kids. These workshops introduce young minds to the world of DIY in a safe and engaging environment. Topics range from building birdhouses and planting seeds to basic tool safety and simple home improvement tasks.

The workshops are great for sparking your child’s creativity and problem-solving skills. To find these events, look for flyers around the store or check Lowe’s website for upcoming workshops for kids. Registration beforehand might be required for some workshops, so plan accordingly.

Gift Cards

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While Lowe’s doesn’t directly offer free gift cards, there are clever ways to earn them through the Fetch Rewards app. This free app allows you to earn points by taking receipt pictures, including those from Lowe’s. You can redeem points for gift cards to various retailers, including Lowe’s.

To snag a $50 Lowe’s gift card, you’ll need to collect 53,500 points. The best part is you can earn points on purchases from any store, not just Lowe’s. This allows you to utilize the app to strategically maximize your point collection. Check the “special offers” section on their app to see which brands and products earn bonus points.

Cashback On Online Shopping

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No built-in cashback exists at Lowe’s for online purchases, but you can still earn rewards. Look for credit cards offering cashback or explore cashback websites and apps partnered with Lowe’s. These platforms offer a percentage of your purchase back as cashback, maximizing your savings.

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