17 Things Designers Recommend Getting Out of the House ASAP

Sometimes, making a home look right can be overwhelming. We often accumulate many unnecessary items that clutter our space. If you feel like your home needs a little makeover, there are some things you might want to consider getting rid of. Professional designers say that removing certain everyday items can make your home look better and work better too. It’s all about making your space feel more organized and attractive.

17 things that professionals recommend getting out of the house.

Fake Plants

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While you may be devoted to the large artificial plant in the corner of your living room, it does not contribute to the overall appearance of your home. Real plants provide a natural touch to your place. However, the fake one makes it look unnatural. Real plants can clean the air, improve your mood, and increase your productivity. They bring nature within and may create a calming environment. Choose a plant with a form and color that complements your room and meets your demands.

Too Many Throw Pillow

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Throw pillows became very popular in home decor. They can make a room look nice by adding color and texture, but having too many can make the space feel messy. To keep your room looking neat and stylish, designers recommend using only two or three throw pillows. This helps the room appear more organized.

Matching Furniture

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Having every piece of furniture in the same color can make your room look boring and feel incomplete. While it’s good for furniture to match somewhat, it doesn’t have to be perfectly coordinated. It’s recommended to mix different styles and textures to make your space more interesting. Before you buy new furniture, test your ideas with an app like Piccollage to see how they look together.

Too Many Photos

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Photos tell a story about your family, but having too many of them can make your space feel messy and chaotic. A space filled with too many photos can be overwhelming and may distract from the beauty of your home decor. Try using frames of different sizes and colors to make the display more visually interesting. You can also add some art pieces to the display to complement your photos.

Many Books on Bookshelves

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Since many people sit in front of their bookshelves during Zoom calls, they want their shelves to look nice. This makes your place appear neat and appealing. However, having too many books can make a room look messy. To avoid this, pick a few special books and put them on your bookshelf. It shows your personality and interests through the books you choose.

Plain Walls

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An empty wall can seem dull and unwelcoming, but with the right decorations, you can turn it into a beautiful space. By adding mirrors or a collection of framed pictures, you can create a more inviting and comfortable room. Carefully chosen wall decor can add depth and make the room look more personalized.

Plastic Furniture

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Plastic furniture is useful because it’s light and tough, perfect for outdoor spaces. However, it can sometimes seem low-quality, especially indoors. Choosing furniture made from wood, fabric, or leather can be a good idea. These materials may make a room appear refined and beautiful.

Too Many Mirrors

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Mirrors add style and sophistication to a place. However, they should not be used excessively. No one likes to see several reflections of themselves wherever they look. Instead, utilize only one or two mirrors to keep the space appearing clean and attractive. Place these mirrors where they can reflect natural light and make the space appear larger. In this manner, you may get a stylish and spacious appearance without crowding the area.

Old Window Treatments

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Old window treatments, like curtains or blinds, might still work, but they can make a room look old and boring. Window treatments are important because they give privacy and complete the look of a room. If your window treatments look old and out-of-date, they can make the whole space feel dull and uninviting.

Using Too Many Bright Colors

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Using bright colors such as yellow, purple, and pink might make your home appear disorderly. Select a few vivid hues and apply them selectively. Colorful objects such as cushions, artwork, and decorations may add flair to your space without overwhelming it.

Dark Curtains

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Dark curtains are great for blocking out light. However, they may make a room look smaller and more congested. If you choose the wrong dark hues, they may make the space appear less appealing. Thin and translucent curtains can make a room feel brighter and more open. They’re simpler to coordinate with other decor and colors, adding to a pleasant and stylish room ambiance.

Many Rugs on the Floor

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While rugs can make your space feel cozy, having too many can make it look messy. Experts suggest that having one or two rugs is best to keep your place neat and stylish. Also, try to choose rugs made from different materials for a nice variety.

Old Lightning

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Not all lighting fixtures are the same, and sometimes it’s good to replace old styles. Updating your lighting can immediately make the space feel fresh and full of character. Designers suggest that if you have the budget, don’t let sentimental attachment to old fixtures stop you from upgrading. The latest advancements in lighting technology can enhance the illumination within your household.

Old Vases

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When someone gives you flowers, you often end up with plain-looking vases that you never use. To deal with the extra vases, you can take them back to your local flower shop. They will gladly accept them for reuse. This way, you can recycle your vases and free up space in your home.

Kitchen Gadgets

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kitchens sometimes get cluttered because of too many unnecessary gadgets. For example, you don’t need an apple corer or a mango slicer; a knife works well. Many appliances like Instant Pots and Vitamixes often go unused, taking up valuable space. Some public libraries have programs for borrowing appliances, so consider donating unused items to them.

Old Electronic Devices and Their Boxes

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You likely have a drawer or cabinet filled with old phones, outdated laptops, and various cords and boxes. You keep them thinking you might need them someday, but you never do. After you reset your device, either recycle it or sell it back to the manufacturer. You might even get a discount on a new phone or computer in return.


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If you’ve got loads of cookbooks that aren’t in use because you find recipes online. Keep three or four favorites to display in your kitchen and donate the rest. Define your space boundaries and choose what you enjoy the most.

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