The Astonishing Prices of 18 Unexpected Items

Auctions are a one-of-a-kind experience. Many auctions in history have featured people bidding huge money for very weird items. Today, we will discuss eighteen weird items you would have never thought could cost this much.

Mark Zuckerberg Baseball Card

Image Credit: Adobe Stock

This wasn’t your average baseball card. It featured a young Mark Zuckerberg, presumably in his Little League uniform, at 8. He signed the card, making it a unique memorabilia for a Facebook or tech enthusiast.

Alexander Macklin’s Diary

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This diary held historical significance. It belonged to Dr. Alexander Macklin, who served as a surgeon during Sir Ernest Shackleton’s daring exploration of Antarctica between 1914 and 1917. The diary likely documented his experiences and observations on this challenging journey.

Baseball Autographed by Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe

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This baseball combined the worlds of sports and Hollywood legends. It was signed by Joe DiMaggio, a baseball superstar, and Marilyn Monroe, a famous actress, making it a valuable collectible for fans of either or both personalities. The auction date isn’t given in the article.

Keith Moon’s Drum Set

Image Credit: Adobe Stock

This wasn’t just any drumset; it belonged to Keith Moon, the legendary drummer from the rock band The Who. Moon was known for his energetic and vivid drumming style, and he would have used this drum set during his peak years from 1968 to 1970.

Pink Diamond Barbie

Image Credit: Adobe Stock

This wasn’t your childhood Barbie. Designed by an Australian jeweler, this doll was adorned with a real pink diamond necklace, making it a luxurious collector’s item. The sale proceeds went towards breast cancer research, adding a charitable element to this extravagant doll.

Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers

Image Credit: Adobe Stock

These slippers were part of the famous 1939 Hollywood movie The Wizard of Oz, making them a historic part of Hollywood cinema. Five pairs were made as part of the costume, but most of them have disappeared. This was the first pair, making it even more special.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Suit

Image Credit: Adobe Stock

This was not just any other suite you could get made. The fabric had minute gold strips with the prime minister’s name written on them. It holds the record for the most expensive suit ever sold. The piece not only screams luxury but is equally remarkable for its craftsmanship. A diamond merchant in India bought it.

Adolf Hitler’s Watch

Image Credit: Adobe Stock

This timepiece was a gold Heuer stopwatch inscribed with Hitler’s initials “AH.” The watch itself holds great historical significance. However, it’s a controversial item due to its association with a figure responsible for immense war and atrocities. The sale sparked outrage, with critics arguing it glorifies a tyrant.

114-bottle lot of Romanee-Conti Wine

Image Credit: Adobe Stock

This wine collection was pure luxury. Romanee-Conti is a prestigious winery in Burgundy, France. They are renowned for their limited production, like the Pinot Noir wines. This specific lot most likely included bottles from various vintages. It made it a dream for a serious wine collector, as it promises an exceptional drinking experience. And let’s not forget the potential investment value due to the wine’s rarity and collectability.

666-6666 Phone Number

Image Credit: Adobe Stock

Easy-to-remember phone numbers, especially numbers with repeating digits, are desirable for businesses for marketing purposes. They are particularly sought after due to their memorability. Besides, for an individual, they could be a great conversation starter or status symbol.

Buzz Aldrin’s Apollo 11 Moon Jacket

Image Credit: Adobe Stock

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin wore this jacket during the historic Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969. It’s a priceless piece of space exploration history. The jacket is a white, fire-resistant garment designed for lunar conditions. It also has the NASA logo, the American flag, and Aldrin’s name tag.

Vostok Space Capsule

Image Credit: Deposit Photos

These Vostok capsules were used in the early Soviet space program, most famously for Yuri Gagarin’s first human spaceflight in 1961. The capsule sold was likely a backup or test model, but it still represents a significant technological achievement.

Leica 0-Series No. 122 Camera

Image Credit: Adobe Stock

This camera was a prototype from a German company that makes high-end cameras. It was produced in 1923 and sold for $2.97 million in 2018.

Lunch with Warren Buffett

Image Credit: Adobe Stock

For over a decade, an annual charity auction has been held to sell a lunch with Warren Buffett, a renowned investor. He does that to raise money for the Glide Foundation. In 2016, the winning bid for this lunch was a staggering $3.5 million. The lunch was held at a steakhouse in New York City.

1856 1-Cent Magenta Stamp from British Guiana

Image Credit: Adobe Stock

This stamp is the rarest stamp in the world. It was printed in 1856 in South America by a 12-year-old boy who used a newspaper press explicitly bought for making this stamp.

Flowing Hair Silver Dollar Coin

Image Credit: Adobe Stock

This coin, minted in 1794, is believed to be the first coin produced by the United States Mint, Philadelphia. It is one of the rarest articles a coin collector can have. It has been sold several times before but is still in incredible condition.

1943 Patek Philippe Watch

Image Credit: Adobe Stock

This watch is a steel-cased perpetual calendar chronograph made by Patek Philippe, one of the most renowned watchmakers in the world. In 2016, there was an intense 13-minute bidding war over it, and it ultimately sold for a staggering price.

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