17 Surprising Things Broke People Always Have Money For

Everyone knows someone who doesn’t manage their money well. Even though they have a hard time making ends meet, they always find money for things that might seem pointless or silly. 

This blog post will discuss 17 things that broke people always seem to have money for. We conducted this research online to help you understand some people’s strange choices regarding money.


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It is common to see people with tattoos all over their bodies despite struggling financially. Getting a tattoo can cost a lot. If a person wants a complicated pattern or more coverage, it can cost between $350 – $10,000. They view it as a personal investment, even amidst monetary challenges.

Alcohol and cigarettes

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Some people can always find a way to buy cigarettes and drink, even when money is tight. It’s wild that they’ll put these vices ahead of food or rent. An average American spends around $800 on cigarettes and alcohol. This behavior possibly stems from the fact that these drugs are addicting, but it doesn’t help their financial situation.

Expensive Beauty Treatments

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Broke people prioritize beauty treatments, even if they lack education or skills. This is because they think Kardashian got rich just by looking good. But that’s not the whole story. They had top-notch marketing backing them up, and luck, something everyone needs. 

According to a survey of over a thousand Americans, the average adult spends $722 per year on personal grooming. 

Sure, they have a right to take care of themselves, but remember, they can’t afford to spend on things that keep draining the wallet.

Lottery tickets and betting on sports

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Hope is a strong motivator; for some poor people. This holds true for the hope of getting rich and is too tempting to avoid.  Broke people often think their big break is just around the corner, so they buy lottery tickets and bet on sports games. It’s too bad these habits don’t pay off often; they worsen their finances.

Purchasing a New TV or a Phone

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When money is tight, the last thing a person should do is agree to a payment plan for something unnecessary. It can be a big TV or the newest smartphone. Still, many poor people can’t resist the lure of new gadgets or a big screen.

These purchases will only make their money problems last longer.

Expensive Pet Care

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When you have a pet, you must take care of it by feeding it, taking it to the vet, and cleaning it. However, broke people sometimes get pets without fully weighing the costs associated with them. As per stats, Americans spent $136.8 billion on their pets in 2022.
The figure clearly shows that owning pets is not meant for the poor. Because of this, their fuzzy friends may be neglected, which is terrible for both the owners and the animals.

Car Accessories 

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Some people use their cars for more than just getting around; they use them to show who they are. Spending money on flashy car changes might not be a good idea if a person suffers from financial crunches. These can be doorsill guards, which cost $2920, or leather sun visors, which cost around $740. A lot of the time, these accessories are more for showbiz than for function. 

Branded Accessories

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It is normal for poor people to wear designer sunglasses or handbags despite not having any money. They believe these items give the impression of wealth, but they burden their pockets heavily if not purchased rationally. Buying these items is like wasting money if they are not needed.

Fortune Tellers or Scammers

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Scams and schemes promising quick money can exploit desperate people. Poor people may fall for scams that exploit their desire to get ahead financially. These choices often make things even worse and make them fall into debt traps. 

Fancy Bottled Perfumes

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Some people choose to splurge on expensive fragrances, investing in costly perfumes presented in elegant bottles. They prioritize smelling pleasant, even if it means stretching their budget.

AliExpress or Wish Junk

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Online marketplaces such as Wish and AliExpress offer a wide range of inexpensive items, although their quality can be hit or miss.

Customers are sometimes drawn to unique or seemingly good deals, purchasing items that catch their eye. However, many of these purchases end up unused, contributing to clutter in their homes.

New Jordan Shoes

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Many people are into sneaker culture. Having the newest Jordans can signify success for them. On average, a pair of Jordans costs $146. Broke people may buy these expensive sneakers even when they have difficulty with money, which makes their problems even worse.

Dining Out

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Cooking at home is usually cheaper than eating out, but many poor people still eat out or order food all the time. On average, an American spends $20 per person per meal outside. It’s a classic case of putting short-term pleasure ahead of long-term financial security.

Trampolines and fireworks

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Some people with tight finances end up with strange things like fireworks or trampolines they may not need. These purchases, which have been made at random, show how unpredictable people’s money management can be.

Concerts and movie events

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Despite having little money, many poor people find ways to get to concerts and music events. People often put the experience of seeing their favorite acts live above more necessary costs. The memories and stories that can be told are worth the short-term cash stress.

Expensive Gym Memberships

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Even though there are free or cheap ways to exercise, many people pay a lot for gym fees. The average monthly gym membership costs from $40 to $70. The allure of fancy equipment and group lessons makes up for the price. People who look at it can see how ironic it is to pay money to sweat and strain.

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