12 Signs You Lack Self-Respect

Self-respect is a vital element for living a fulfilling life. It influences how you treat yourself and how you let others treat you. Knowingly or unknowingly tolerating or ignoring certain negative behaviors of people can seriously dent your self-respect, diminish your self-confidence, and affect your overall well-being. It is estimated that approximately 85% of the population suffers from low self-esteem. Recognizing these detrimental traits can help foster a strong sense of self-respect.

Read on to learn if you tolerate these 12 things and how they show you lack self-respect.

Letting Others To Speak Down To You

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Allowing others to speak down to you or treat you rudely shows you don’t value yourself. Sometimes, they even dismiss your opinions as if they are not important enough or gaslight you. Such behavior over time can erode your confidence and self-esteem. However important the person might be to you or whatever might be your mistake – no one can disrespect you. Set boundaries and stand up for yourself to ensure that others treat you appropriately.

Staying In Toxic Relationships

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Toxic relationships can drain your energy and erode your self-worth. It is essential to recognize the signs of toxicity and take steps to move away from such relationships or connections.

Whether it’s your friend, partner, or family member, a negative individual can harm your mental health with their negativity. Set boundaries with negative individuals and surround yourself with positive influences to preserve self-respect.

Allowing Others To Make Decisions For You

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Having doubts and asking people close to you for guidance is normal, but the ultimate decision power rests on you. You should be the one making decisions for your life and owning up to those decisions.

If you constantly listen to other people, seek their approval, and let them influence your choices, you are doing yourself a big disservice.

Settling For Less

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You deserve to be in various aspects of life, including your career, relationships, or personal goals, according to your capabilities and efforts. However, if you don’t strive for better opportunities or improve yourself, you prevent yourself from achieving a better lifestyle, happiness, and contentment. Believing in yourself and aiming for what you deserve shows self-respect.

Allowing Others To Put Their Needs Before Yours

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If you always allow your family or friends to decide where to go, what to eat, or what to do without considering your opinions or preferences, you are letting them ignore your needs and feelings. This imbalance in the relationship is a major red flag. You are letting them disrespect you, and in the process, you are also disrespecting yourself and your needs.

Letting Others Take Credit For Your Work

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Sometimes, people don’t hesitate to usurp credit for other’s hard work. While it is okay to be humble, you cannot let others take credit for your work. Over time, allowing others to overshadow your efforts will lead to feelings of resentment and low self-worth. Hence, it is crucial to take ownership of your achievements and ensure you receive the recognition you deserve.

Afraid To Say No

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People pleasing can be a dangerous habit as it undermines your self-respect. If you find yourself saying yes to requests even when you don’t have the desire, energy, or time to fulfill them, you prioritize other people’s needs over your own. Learn to say ‘no’ when you are not up to it without feeling guilty.

Allowing Others To Walk All Over You

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The fear of confrontation can sometimes make you let others take the lead and walk all over your feelings. People can be rude or dismissive of your feelings. Failing to defend your needs and rights can lead to feelings of powerlessness and worthlessness. Hence, it is essential to assert your rights even if you dislike messy confrontations. It will boost your confidence and self-respect.

Letting Others Make Fun Of You

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Friends tease from time to time; it’s all good fun. However, when the friendly banter turns into nasty mockery, it shows disrespect. When someone makes fun of your disability consistently, even if they claim it’s only a joke, remember it is not. If you are upset at those mean jokes, try to understand you are not being overly sensitive, and thus, you should not lightly brush it off. Someone’s joke should not make you feel embarrassed or small. Speak up and tell them that their jokes are hurtful and disrespectful and that you deserve to be treated with respect.

Allowing Others To Play The Victim Card

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Some people always play the victim card and never own up to their actions. On the contrary, they mean to tell you that their actions are not wrong, but you are overreacting. You cannot let yourself put up with this behavior; it shows that you don’t respect yourself enough.

Engaging In Negative Self-Talk

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Engaging in self-critical or self-deprecating thoughts can diminish your self-respect. Negative self-talk can create self-doubt, which can lead to low self-esteem. Maintain a positive inner dialogue and replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations to foster self-respect and confidence.

Neglecting Your Well-Being

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Sometimes, people can be their own worst enemies. This is particularly true if they skip exercise, eat unhealthy foods, neglect personal hygiene, or ignore signs of stress and burnout. It is a sign that they are not prioritizing their own needs. Indulge in self-care and make time for activities that nourish your mind and body and bring you joy and fulfillment.

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