14 Side Hustles Every Man Should Know

The desire to earn extra income can be driven by various factors, from personal goals to unexpected expenses. Luckily, men have a diverse range of side hustles available, catering to different skill sets and interests.

We’ve analyzed¬† popular trends, income potential, and the skills required for each hustle to come up with this list. Whether you’re a creative mind, a tech whiz, or a business-minded individual, there’s a side hustle waiting to be explored.

Airbnb Hosting

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This involves renting out a spare room, apartment, or house to travelers on the Airbnb platform. It can be a passive income stream, but success requires effort.

Research local regulations, secure necessary permits, prepare your space, and provide excellent hospitality for positive reviews. Income potential varies based on location, property type, and guest turnover. You can refer to websites like Airbnb and VRBO to start this gig.

Car Flipping

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For this side hustle, you can buy used cars at a low price, repair and refurbish them (if needed), and then sell them for a profit. It requires knowledge of car mechanics, negotiation skills, and an eye for potential value.

Success depends on finding good deals, completing repairs efficiently, and marketing the car effectively. Income potential varies based on the number of cars flipped and the profit margin achieved. Copart and Facebook Marketplace are some good places to start with this side hustle.


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If you are a music enthusiast, DJing can be a good side hustle that helps you make decent money. It involves playing music at events like weddings, clubs, or private parties. However, you will require strong musical taste, technical skills in mixing and blending tracks, and the ability to read the crowd and create a desired atmosphere.

Building a network and marketing yourself effectively is crucial. You can also start looking at platforms like GigSalad and TheBash. Income potential depends on the type of event, location, and DJ’s experience and reputation.


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In this side hustle, you set up an online store that sells products without physically holding inventory. You partner with a supplier who ships products directly to customers after you make a sale. This side hustle requires researching profitable products, setting up an e-commerce website, and effective marketing strategies. Income potential depends on product margins, sales volume, and marketing efforts.


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This involves selling products online through your website or established marketplaces like Amazon. You can source products from various suppliers, create your brand, or resell existing items.

Unlike dropshipping, it requires research, product sourcing, website management, marketing, and customer service. Income potential varies greatly depending on the chosen niche, product selection, and overall business strategy. Start exploring renowned platforms like Shopify, Etsy, and Amazon. However, compared to dropshipping, the profit margins are higher.

Event Planning

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In event planning, you can organize and manage events like weddings, corporate functions, or social gatherings, depending on your availability and bandwidth. The profession requires organizational skills, attention to detail, vendor management, and handling logistics seamlessly.

The stronger network of vendors you can build, the more profitable your business will become. The income potential also varies based on what events you cover. For example, weddings are more elaborate than birthdays or corporate events. Hence, the earning potential is more in the first option in most cases. You can also start looking at platforms like The Knot and WeddingWire, particularly for wedding planning.

Furniture Restoration

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This side hustle involves restoring old, damaged furniture to its former glory. You need to know woodworking techniques, carpentry skills, and an eye for aesthetics. The profitability of the side hustle depends on sourcing furniture at reasonable prices, completing restorations efficiently, and marketing your services to the right audience.

Besides, the earning potential also depends on what type of furniture you return. If you can find and restore vintage furniture, your profits will increase.

Graphic Designing

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If you have a knack for art, you can try graphic designing as a side hustle. You have to create visual content like logos, illustrations, website layouts, or marketing materials. However, you need to learn design skills, software proficiency (e.g., Adobe Creative Suite), and an understanding of visual communication principles. For better success, build a portfolio and share it with prospects online. You can leverage online networking or freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr to spot clients. The income potential varies based on experience, project complexity, and client base.

Local Tour Guide

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If you live in a tourism-dominant location, then you can become a tour guide on your off days and earn good money. As a tour guide, you may need to lead tours for visitors in your city or region and showcase historical sites, cultural attractions, or hidden gems. For this, you need to have extensive local expertise, good communication skills, and the ability to engage and entertain guests. Success depends on promoting your services through online platforms or local tourism agencies, building a positive reputation, and offering unique and memorable experiences. The earning potential varies based on tour duration, group size, and local tourism rates.

Personal Chef

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If you are a food enthusiast and love cooking, you can become a freelance personal chef. You can charge per hour basis from anywhere between $17.45 to $53.67. However, to charge on the higher side, you have to have culinary skills, excellent food preparation techniques, and the ability to adapt to diverse client requests. You must also build a clientele through word-of-mouth referrals, online platforms, or partnerships with event planners to have enough work in hand.

Personal Training

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This side hustle is perfect for individuals passionate about fitness. You can train clients online or in person, designing personalized workout plans and providing guidance to help them achieve their fitness goals. Success hinges on acquiring relevant certifications, building a solid online presence, and offering flexible scheduling options. Your earnings will depend on experience, location, and clientele.


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If you have a keen eye and enjoy capturing moments, photography offers a lucrative side hustle. You can specialize in weddings, events, portraits, or product photography. Building a portfolio, establishing an online presence, and networking with potential clients are crucial. Your chosen niche, experience, and the complexity of projects undertaken will determine how much you can earn from this.

Seo Consulting

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Businesses these days are relying increasingly on search engine optimization to improve their online visibility. As an SEO consultant, you’ll analyze websites, identify optimization opportunities, and implement strategies to boost their search engine ranking. Success requires staying updated on SEO trends, building a strong network of clients, and delivering measurable results. Income potential varies based on experience, client base, and the scope of projects undertaken

Stock Market Investing

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For this side hustle you would need to buy and sell stocks for making a profit. While inherently risky, the potential for significant returns exists. Thorough research, understanding market trends, and building a diversified portfolio are crucial for success. Income potential varies greatly depending on initial investment size, chosen stocks, and market performance.

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