16 Secrets HRs Have Been Guarding For Years, It’s Out Now

There are many stereotypes about Human Resource professionals. However, they do a few things cleverly that most people are unaware of. Today, we will tell you about 16 things HRs do while hiring but never tell you.

Favoritism Is a Real Thing

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HR managers favor specific candidates regardless of qualifications. This means that even if you are the most qualified person for the job, the HR manager can still choose someone else.

They Check Your Online Presence

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HR departments look at social media profiles. So, be mindful of what you post online. They do this to get a sense of who you are. They might reject you if they find anything concerning your behavior, opinions and views. It won’t matter, even if you are one of the most talented interviewees.

Answer Those Behavioral Questions Carefully

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Be ready for questions that start with “Tell me about a time…” and have specific examples ready to showcase your skills in action. They ask them to judge how you behaved in the past and how you react to situations. This question also helps them check your soft skills, such as communication, problem-solving, etc.

HRs Aren’t Interested About Your Personal Life

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It is better not to mention your family details in the interview. It takes away from your skills and qualifications and might lower your chances of getting selected. HRs may not select you if they know that you are going through family issues like divorce, child custody, and so on. It is because they’ll assume that these factors can hamper your performance.

Looks Matter

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First impressions are essential. So make sure you dress professionally and groom yourself well for the interview. Maintain good personal hygiene and appearance. It will show that even after having the qualifications, you’ve made efforts to respect the company decorum.

They Haven’t Read Your Resume

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Nowadays, most companies use Application Tracking Systems (ATS). This is why there’s a good chance that HR has no clue what’s on your resume. Try to highlight your skills throughout the conversation without sounding arrogant.

Don’t Expect To Get Justification For Rejection

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HR departments may not reveal the real reason you are not hired. HR departments often give vague reasons or standard rejections emails for not hiring someone. This can be frustrating for job seekers. However, it is important to remember that they are not obligated to give you feedback.

Be Ready To Explain Your Career Gap

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HR departments might be concerned about gaps in your employment history. These gaps could be due to taking time off to raise children, care for a sick family member, or travel. It is important to be prepared to explain these gaps in your resume and during your job interview. You can frame the gaps in a positive light by emphasizing the skills you gained during that time.

To HR, Age Is NOT Just A Number

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Age discrimination is illegal, but it can still happen. HR departments may stereotype older workers. Most common ideas include being out of touch with technology or unable to keep up with the job demands. To beat that, highlight your adaptability and willingness to learn new things. You can also consider removing your graduation date from your resume. This will help you avoid tipping off employers about your age.

Keep Your Authenticity in Check

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HR often seeks a polished professional demeanor. This involves toning down personal quirks and emphasizing job-relevant skills and experiences. While professionalism is key, it’s also important not to hide your personality. Strive for a balance between being genuine and professional.

Be Ready To Be Insecure About Your Weight

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As bizarre as it may sound, HRs may form opinions about your work discipline based on your appearance. Being overweight can be seen as a sign of laziness or lack of self-control. While at the same time, being too thin can be seen as unhealthy and weak. It is good to maintain a healthy weight for your overall well-being. However, do it for yourself, not to impress society.

Your Handshake Matters

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Most people won’t even think about this, but it is true. If your handshake is firm, they see it as a sign of confidence and professionalism. In contrast, with a weak handshake, they will presume you are nervous and underconfident. Make sure to perfect your handshake and dry any sweaty palms before the interview.

They Don’t Care If You NEED The Job

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HR departments are primarily concerned with finding the best candidate for the job. Plus, don’t forget that it is their job to think for the company first. Thus, they may not be sympathetic to your personal circumstances. This means that you should focus on highlighting your skills and experience rather than appealing to their emotions

Pregnancy Discrimination Is Common

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Pregnancy discrimination, though illegal, is still widespread. If you’re pregnant, be aware of your rights to address any discrimination you might face.

Office Romance Is A Big Red Flag

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HR typically frowns upon workplace relationships, even if not explicitly stated in policy manuals. They view them as a potential source of complications due to jealousy and conflicts of interest. It’s wise to steer clear of dating colleagues, or if already involved, keep it discreet.

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