16 Restaurants That Just Aren’t Family Friendly

When it comes to dining out, family-friendly restaurants are a go-to for many. However, sometimes, you just want a grown-up night out. Visit a place where you can enjoy expertly crafted cocktails and intimate conversation and not have to deal with crayons and meltdowns.

This article explores the world of these non-kid-centric establishments, which focus on innovative cuisine and sophisticated ambiance.

Le Bernadin, New York, NY

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Le Bernardin, a celebrated New York seafood restaurant, caters to a specific clientele. While their policy isn’t explicitly stated, the atmosphere leans towards a sophisticated and quiet experience, which might not be ideal for young children. Le Bernardin might not be the best fit if you’re seeking a kid-friendly restaurant.

Alinea, Chicago, IL

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Alinea in Chicago, known for its innovative and artistic cuisine, prioritizes a sophisticated dining experience. While they don’t have an official “no children” policy, the atmosphere leans towards adult enjoyment. The focus on multi-course tasting menus, hushed tones, and potentially unfamiliar dishes might not be right for young children.

Caruso, Mooresville, NC

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Caruso’s in Mooresville, North Carolina, offers a taste of Italy in an elegant, intimate setting. Their menu boasts expertly prepared dishes for a truly divine dining experience. While they welcome families, they have a policy restricting children under 5 to ensure a peaceful atmosphere for all guests.

French Laundry, Yountville, CA

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The French Laundry in Yountville is a haven for sophisticated palates. Its focus on meticulously crafted dishes and hushed reverence creates an ambiance best enjoyed by adults. While families are welcome, it might not be the ideal spot for loud and noisy toddlers.

Nettie’s House of Spaghetti, Tinton Falls, NJ

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Nettie’s House of Spaghetti offers delicious Italian fare with a modern twist. However, it’s made a name for itself for another reason: it doesn’t allow children under 10. The restaurant cited reasons such as noise levels, lack of space for high chairs, and cleaning up messes as the reason for its policy. While the restaurant boasts delectable dishes, it caters to an adult atmosphere, prioritizing a peaceful dining experience.

Minibar by José Andrés – Washington, DC

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Minibar by José Andrés in Washington D.C. isn’t exactly kid-friendly. This Michelin-starred restaurant focuses on intricate, multi-course tasting menus in a sophisticated atmosphere. While they don’t explicitly ban children, the focus here is on an adult experience that might not suit younger diners.

Bouley, New York, NY

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Bouley, a French restaurant, offers a refined dining experience that might not be ideal for young children. While they haven’t banned children, the staff discourages bringing children under five. This suggests a focus on a quieter, more sophisticated atmosphere.

Commander’s Palace, New Orleans, LA

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Commander’s Palace, a New Orleans institution since 1890, offers a taste of Creole elegance. This landmark restaurant boasts award-winning cuisine, featuring specialties like turtle soup and bread pudding soufflé. Their dress code and upscale ambiance create a refined atmosphere perfect for adult diners seeking a special occasion experience. While families are welcome, the overall experience leans towards a sophisticated crowd.

Vespertine, Culver City, CA

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Vespertine in Culver City isn’t your typical kid-friendly restaurant. This restaurant is more like an immersive art experience than a traditional meal. The ultra-modern food and architecture by renowned figures create a complex, multi-sensory atmosphere that might overwhelm young diners.

QUI, Austin, TX

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Austin’s QUI offers a tranquil escape for adult palates. While renowned for its delectable Chinese dim sum, the calm, almost ritualistic atmosphere might not be suitable for children. QUI prioritizes a peaceful dining experience, making it a perfect spot for grown-up enjoyment.

Canlis, Seattle, WA

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Canlis in Seattle offers breathtaking views and a mid-century modern atmosphere, ideal for a sophisticated evening. However, the focus on quietude and elegance might not suit families with young children. While the staff is known to be friendly, the overall vibe leans towards adult diners seeking a refined experience.

Saison – San Francisco, CA

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San Francisco’s Saison is perfect for adults seeking a memorable, distraction-free meal. While their fire-cooked Californian cuisine is impressive, the focus on meticulous details and a sophisticated experience might be lost on younger diners.

Rasputin, New York

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Rasputin offers a fusion of French and Russian cuisine alongside a multi-course dining experience. However, with live entertainment progressing from singers to a Vegas-style floor show and even an after-hours disco, it’s clear this isn’t your typical kid-friendly spot. While families with older children (10+) might be welcome, Rasputin caters more toward an adult atmosphere for those seeking a full-sensory evening of entertainment.

Husk, Nashville, TN

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Nashville’s Husk offers a sophisticated spin on Southern cuisine, featuring elevated takes on classic dishes. While the historical setting and farm-fresh ingredients are charming, the focus on gourmet reinterpretations might be lost on younger children. This restaurant caters more to an adult atmosphere for those seeking a refined dining experience.

Joel Robuchon – Las Vegas, NV

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Las Vegas’ Joël Robuchon isn’t exactly built for families. This three-Michelin-starred temple to French cuisine offers an opulent atmosphere and gourmet dishes, demanding a level of decorum that might be a challenge for young diners. While it caters to a sophisticated palate seeking a refined experience, it’s best to leave the little ones at home for this one.

Victoria & Albert’s – Orlando, FL

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While nestled in Disney World, Victoria & Albert’s offers a far cry from your typical family dining experience. This award-winning restaurant caters to adults and well-behaved children aged ten and above. The elegant ambiance and ever-changing menu of exceptional American cuisine create a sophisticated atmosphere perfect for a special occasion.

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