15 Reasons Why Women Nowadays Decide to Be Single

There has been a constant rise in the number of single American women since the 1960s. During the period, more and more women embraced liberation and were not scared to stay single. The stereotypical definition of women getting married and being a housewife has been gradually changing.

In the US itself, the average age of women’s marriage has risen from 20.1 in 1956 to 27.1 in 2016. Plus, studies published by Pew Research Society show that 32% of women polled in the 18-29 age group were single. In this post, we will look at 15 reasons why women of today prefer to be single.

They Wait for the Right Person

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Most women look for a partner with whom they can commit long-term. Settling for the first person showing interest is one thing, but being in a committed relationship requires careful consideration, allowing one to be selective.

They Feel Held Back By Relationships

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In relationships that are meant to last, full commitment is expected. However, obligations such as spending quality time together, entertaining their friends, or running errands together can make women feel like they are sacrificing personal interests and time they would rather spend on activities they like.

They Prefer to Be Independent

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Most women, when starting their careers, often seek the independence and the flexibility to build a name for themselves, which requires a lot of commitment. At this stage, they prefer to not engage in relationships, fearing it might compromise their professional ambitions. While many women successfully balance multiple responsibilities, for others, this remains a tedious task.

They Are Better at Maintaining Friendships

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A 2016 Pew Research Center report of Americans aged 65 and older, shows that a higher percentage of women living alone manage their friendships better than men (71% vs. 48%). This ability can make living alone less isolating. Some women prefer living alone even when in committed relationships, valuing the freedom to socialize without needing their partner’s involvement.

They Like the Simple Life

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Single women often find their lives simpler and more focused. They have more time for self-care, friends, family, and career development. Being single frees up mental, physical, and emotional energy that would otherwise go into a relationship, allowing them to invest in other aspects of their lives.

They Have Not Seen Healthy Relationships

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If one has not seen their parents or loved ones being communicative, affectionate, expressive, or respectful toward their partner, they might not have good experience with romantic relationships. They might feel that it’s better to be alone rather than get into the complexity of a romantic relationship.

They Want to Preserve Their Individuality

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Everyone has their unique way of thinking and acting, which can either benefit or challenge a relationship. Compromise may be hard for those who highly value their creativity and personal beliefs. Choosing to stay single allows one to maintain their individuality and creative freedom without the need to adapt for someone else.

They Don’t Want Committment

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There are various stages of being single. Some singles choose celibacy, with no interest in relationships and contentment in solitude for a time. Others are actively dating, not committed to anyone but open to romantic and sexual connections with others.

They Are Worried About Doing More Chores

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Women often worry about taking on more than their fair share of chores when living with a man. Despite progress towards more equal distribution of household duties, inequality still exists. Both previously married women and never married women express concerns about doing house chores without their partners not contributing as much.

They Don’t Want Children

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Nowadays, more women are choosing to be childfree due to rising costs of child upkeep, mental health concerns, healthcare and much more. This makes them less prone to engage in a relationship. Even though it seems selfish to other people, these women prioritize other things more important to them snch as self-sufficiency, close friendships, and personal passions.

They Have Low Self-esteem

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Low self-esteem can prevent many women from managing their emotions, expressing themselves, and setting boundaries. This often leads to feeling lonelier in relationships than when alone. Various attachment styles may also make it challenging to maintain healthy relationships, making some women prone to be single.

They Stay Healthier

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Staying single may lead to better health, according to a study in the Journal of Women’s Health. The research suggests that single women tend to have lower risks of substance abuse and often maintain lower BMIs, both of which contribute to improved health.

Some of Them Are Asexual

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Not all men and women are interested in romantic or sexual relationships. This recognition includes the understanding that some individuals are asexual, meaning they do not experience sexual attraction to others. Such individuals often find fulfillment and contentment outside of traditional relationships.

They Are Open to Various Forms of Love

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Most women embrace diverse forms of love that extends beyond romantic relationships. These women experience love through deep friendships, passionate hobbies, and self-discovery. They find fulfillment in expanding their hearts in ways that don’t always include a partner. Recognizing and appreciating the abundant love in various aspects of life often proves to be more than sufficient.

They Are Financially Stable

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Women are becoming increasingly financially savvy, managing finances independently. They prefer not to merge their finances with others, maintaining full control over their spending, savings, and investments. This autonomy allows them to save, invest, and splurge at their discretion, enjoying a level of financial freedom.

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