18 Reasons Why Men Decide to End Relationships

Regarding relationships, men are more oblivious and forgiving than women. They often overlook minor arguments and mistakes. However, there are certain things in a relationship men cannot tolerate, leading them to end it. According to research conducted in 2022, 76 percent of men in the US shared that they are the ones who end a relationship.

Lack of Sex

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Sex is not everything in a relationship, but it is the most critical factor in keeping it enjoyable. Research published by the Journal of Health and Social Behavior said that physical intimacy helps to release the oxytocin hormone. This hormone reduces stress, lifts mood, and fosters romantic bonding between couples. Sexual activity not only provides men physical satisfaction but also offers emotional benefits and keeps fidelity.


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According to a National Survey of American Women, 20%–25% of women cheat their partner. It is a common problem between couples, and cheating on a partner is a deal breaker for most.

Almost no men like their partners cheating on them, and rightfully so. It breaks their trust and makes them feel betrayed. It isn’t easy to trust your partner again, leading to the end of a relationship.

No emotional connection

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Emotional intimacy is necessary to form a deep connection with your loved one. The relationship will suffer if a man cannot share his deep feelings and trust his partner.

Financial troubles

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In America, four out of every 10 divorces occur because of financial troubles. Financial troubles are the most common reason for conflict between couples.

Men may feel drained and overwhelmed if the financial burden is on them and vice versa. Additionally, differences in opinion regarding spending and saving money can also cause distress in a relationship.

Toxic behaviour

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According to a study, around 57 percent of Americans feel uncomfortable due to psychological and physical abuse in their relationship. No one wants to endure toxic behavior for a long time. Men don’t want women who keep doubting them, create significant issues over every small matter, and show unmanageable possessiveness. Instance of abuse, whether physical or emotional, persuades men to end a relationship.

Not getting appreciation

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Sara B. Algoe discusses her research in the video “How Gratitude Affects Romantic Partners,” highlighting the significance of appreciation in relationships. Like women, men also desire attention and gratitude. Though they are the natural providers, they like it when their partner appreciates their efforts. When you express gratitude towards your partner, they feel valued and more committed to the relationship. Men may leave their partners when they feel unappreciated.

Too much expectations

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Another reason men end their relationships is due to over-expectations from their partners. Desire to buy a bigger home, luxurious things, involvement of family members, taking on additional debt, and so on can strain the relationship.

Lack of attraction

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A relationship can only last a while without attraction. Attraction between you and your partner is essential to keeping the bond alive. Men want to feel attracted to their women. They may start looking for another woman when they sense a lack of emotional and physical attraction.

Losing connection with oneself

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Men tend to end a relationship if they feel they are losing connection with themselves. Due to the relationship, they may not be able to spend much time with their friends, practice their hobbies, or have lost touch with their old identity. In such situations, men may feel like ending such a relationship instead of dragging it.

No respect

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When a relationship lacks respect, it can’t last long. If a man feels his partner keeps hiding things from him, not taking his suggestions seriously, using his insecurities against him, and not respecting him in front of friends and family, he may end the relationship.

Difference in opinions

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A couple can have differing opinions on many subjects. However, the relationship may suffer if they strongly disagree on crucial matters and cannot come to a conclusion. It can turn every conversation into an argument, which is mentally exhausting. Supporting this, a report from relationship breakup statistics indicates that arguing is the most commonly reported reason behind divorces.

Competition with partner

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Most men want to dominate the relationship. When they see their partner is more successful than them, they feel competitive. Such men can’t appreciate their partner’s win. Their big egos become the factor that ends the relationship.

Hindrance in personal growth

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If a man feels he cannot achieve personal growth and goals due to his partner, he may consider ending the relationship.

No adjustments

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In a relationship, both partners have to make some adjustments. When a woman doesn’t want to change anything in her routine and behavior and only a man has to make all the adjustments, he may end the relationship.

Lack of communication

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Research conducted on 886 couples and published in the Journal of Divorce & Remarriage reveals that 53 percent of couples identified poor communication as a primary reason for their breakup. Lack of communication makes a relationship poor and unhealthy. If a man cannot communicate with his partner, he may end things and find someone more straightforward and relatable.

Controlling behavior

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When a woman tries to control every step of her man and is overly involved in everything, he will feel suffocated. As per national statistics, every 1 in 18 men in the United States has been stalked by their partner to the extent they began to feel fearful. Such a relationship becomes unbearable after a certain period, and the man may leave it.

Interference of family and friends

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Family and friends are essential, but they should not influence your relationship. If everyone starts giving input on your relationship, he may end it. Handle your relationship yourself, and don’t let your friends and family over-involved between you.

One-sided relationship

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If a man puts all his efforts into a relationship and does not receive as much in return, it can be a big turn-off. Every relationship requires mutual efforts from both partners.

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