15 Reasons Cats Are Undeniably Superior to Dogs As Pets

The debate over whether cats or dogs are the better pets continues without end. Dog lovers often praise their pets for being warm and loyal. They sometimes view cats as colder and more self-centered. However, many are unaware of the numerous advantages cats have over dogs.

To provide a balanced view, we’ve collected insights based on the experiences and research of various pet enthusiasts. These insights highlight why some people might prefer cats as their furry companions. Let’s dive into these reasons and discover why cats can be seen as superior pets in several aspects.

Cats Need Less Space

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Cats are champions of adapting to their surroundings. Most dogs crave wide-open spaces to run. However, cats are perfectly happy in apartments or smaller homes. With their flexibility, they easily navigate furniture, climb places, and enjoy small areas. Even a small apartment can be transformed into a cat playground. You just need to strategically place shelves, scratching posts, and cozy hideaways.

Quieter Pets

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Cats are ideal companions if peace and quiet are important to you. Unlike dogs, who bark to alert you or express excitement, cats meow and express themselves through their body language. Their vocalizations are also usually softer and less frequent. This makes them less disruptive in an apartment setting or for those who prefer a calmer environment.

Smaller Carbon Footprint

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While we love our furry friends, their impact on the environment can’t be ignored. Cats generally eat less food than dogs. This means a smaller carbon footprint associated with their food production. Additionally, their smaller size means less waste generated from their litter than large dog breeds. Now, there are some exceptions, like Main Coon, Ragdoll, Savanah etc, who are larger in size. However, their food proportions are still smaller than dogs of average size.

No Drooling

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Let’s face it: doggy drool can be messy. Whether it’s on your clothes, furniture, or even your face, dog slobber can be a constant battle. Cats, on the other hand, are meticulous groomers and rarely drool. Cats only drool if they are sick. So this eliminates the need for constant cleaning and keeps your home feeling a bit fresher.

Indoor Friendly

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Cats can thrive indoors, making them perfect companions for city dwellers or those without a yard. They can be easily entertained with toys, scratching posts, and window perches. They don’t need outdoorsy stimulation like dogs. This makes them ideal companions for busy lifestyles or those who live in areas with harsh weather conditions. Plus, since they prefer staying indoors, there’s less chance of them getting lost or injured outdoors.

Less Expensive

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Owning a cat can be easier on your wallet compared to a canine companion. Cats generally require less food due to their smaller size.  Their grooming needs are minimal, and they usually entertain themselves. This eliminates the need for expensive doggy daycare or training classes. Litter box upkeep is expensive but still cheaper than high-quality dog food, treats, and professional grooming.

Kittens Are Easier Than Puppies

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While both kittens and puppies are adorable, kittens can be slightly less demanding.  They are naturally litter box trained and require minimal training. On the other hand, puppies need extensive potty training and socialization. Their playtime is often quieter and less destructive. This gives you a bit more breathing room as they adjust to their new home.

Cats Are Cleaner

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Cats are renowned for their hygiene. They spend a lot of time grooming themselves and keeping their fur clean. This means less shedding and less need for frequent baths, which is not the same as with a dog. Cat’s self-cleaning habits cut the need for frequent baths, reducing overall mess and odor in your home.

Less Separation Anxiety

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Cats are naturally more independent creatures compared to dogs.  They are content to spend time alone while you’re at work or running errands. They’ll happily entertain themselves with a nap, a solo play session, or birdwatching. On the other hand, dogs are pack animals. They need to be around someone all the time. This is why the majority of dogs suffer from separation anxiety. This situation is not ideal for people who live alone and go to job.

Respects Personal Space

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Cats are masters of affection on their terms. They’ll shower you with purrs and cuddles when they feel like it. However, they also respect your need for personal space. Unlike dogs, they won’t demand constant attention. They also won’t follow you around, even when you go to the bathroom. Thus, cats give you a more relaxed and independent companionship.

Show Genuine Affection

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Let’s dispel the myth once and for all that cats only love humans for food. Dog enthusiasts often spread this false assumption. However, a 2017 study revealed that most cats actually prefer the company of their humans over their food, toys, and even catnip. Cats are natural predators and remain on alert.

So, when a cat shows you affection, it’s real and meaningful. They might cuddle in your lap, purr, or greet you at the door. This affection is not automatic like a dog’s. It shows you’ve earned their trust and love. Cats choose when and how to show love, making each moment special.

Non Smelly

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Cats are hygiene freaks, and they like keeping themselves clean all the time. Unlike dogs, who might develop a doggy odor, cats are generally low-maintenance regarding smell.  Of course, litter box duty is a reality of cat ownership, but with proper scooping and maintenance, it doesn’t spread much foul odor.

Pest Control

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Cat owners have a secret weapon in the fight against unwanted critters.  A feline friend’s natural hunting instincts make them excellent mousers. Their keen eyesight, quiet stalking skills, and lightning-fast reflexes keep rodent populations in check.  This is a natural bonus for homeowners who want to deter unwanted guests without resorting to harsh chemicals or traps.

Revered in History

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In ancient Egypt, cats were revered as deities.  Bastet, the cat goddess, was associated with protection, motherhood, and fertility.  This historical reverence speaks to the special qualities humans have recognized in cats for millennia.

They were not only respected in Egypt but also in other cultures. For example, in Islam and Norse mythology, cats hold a special place. Even though we don’t see them as actual gods today, cats are still cherished and valued around the world.

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