18 Reasons People Are Angrier These Days

Many people are grappling with anger these days. It could be because of a variety of reasons like past experiences or tough circumstances. Each person’s perspective varies, affecting how they respond.

Lack of Sleep

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Not getting enough sleep is a big issue these days. Nearly 30% of American adults suffer from insomnia. When you are sleep-deprived, it is harder to control your emotions and stress. This often leads to feeling more irritable which leads to anger. If you constantly lack sleep, it can even cause long-term health problems that make your mood worse.

Childhood and Upbringing

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Childhood plays a huge role in how you handle anger as adults. Messages you receive as kids about anger can make it tough to manage when you grow up. For instance, if you were taught that it is okay to be aggressive when angry, you might struggle to control your temper.

Anxiety and Stress

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Anxiety makes it hard to manage emotions, especially when you are dealing with a lot of stress. When you are anxious, even small things can set you off. If you are already overwhelmed with other problems, you may find yourself getting angry more easily or over things that usually would not bother you.

Bottling Up Emotions

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You might have tried to hide your true feelings, especially anger because you think it is not okay to show it. But when you push down anger, it only builds up inside you, making you feel more resentful over time. Eventually, this can lead to explosive outbursts that seem to come out of nowhere.

Health and Wellbeing

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Health problems, both physical and mental, can make you feel angry. Conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, and depression often make you more irritable and prone to outbursts. When you are struggling with your health, it is easy to feel frustrated and angry about your situation, leading to more frequent angry outbursts.

Economic Stress

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Many individuals are feeling stressed about money because of the present economic condition and the job market. When you are worried about making ends meet, it is hard to stay calm and patient. The pressure of financial uncertainty can make you feel frustrated and angry. It can be especially so when you feel you have no control over the situation.

Workplace Pressure

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Work can be a major source of stress and anger for many people. Over 60% of workers experience high levels of stress along with extreme fatigue or feeling out of control. High demands, long hours, and job insecurity can contribute to a stressful work environment. When you are overwhelmed at work, it is easy for your temper to flare. It can lead to angry outbursts that spill over into your personal life.

Past Experiences

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Sometimes anger is related to things that happened to you in the past. If you have experienced trauma or abuse, you might still be coping with those feelings of anger. Past experiences can make you more sensitive to certain situations. It causes you to react more strongly than you normally would.

Family Struggles

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Family conflicts can be a major source of stress and anger. Whether it is financial problems, disagreements, or caregiving responsibilities, family dynamics can quickly escalate into arguments and fights. These conflicts can leave feeling unsupported and overwhelmed, leading to anger and frustration.

Weak Boundaries

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When you have weak boundaries, it is easy to feel taken advantage of by others. If you are constantly saying yes when you want to say no, or doing things you are not comfortable with, it can leave you feeling exhausted and resentful. Being a people-pleaser can lead to frustration and anger when your needs aren’t being met.


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Depression does not always look like sadness. It can also manifest as irritability and anger. Over 30% of individuals in the U.S. suffer from depression and anxiety. When you are depressed even small things can set you off. It can lead to frequent angry outbursts.

Control Issues

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Some people get upset when things do not go their way. Feeling like they need to control everything can lead to a lot of frustration. When you cannot control a situation, you might lash out in anger, not knowing how else to cope.

Feeling Invisible

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Feeling like nobody sees or appreciates you can be hurtful. It is like you are screaming for attention but nobody is listening. This can lead to anger bubbling up inside, especially towards the people closest to you, like family and friends.

Social Media Influence

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Social media can lead to more anger and frustration. It is like being bombarded with negative news and arguments all day long. The more you see, the angrier you feel. Moreover, since it is all online, people feel more comfortable letting their anger out, making it worse.

Alcohol Abuse

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One in 7 Americans experience a substance use disorder. With underage drinking being a significant problem in the country, it can directly impact your anger issues. When you are drunk, it is hard to think clearly or control your impulses. You might end up doing things you regret later because the alcohol messes with your judgment.

Decline in Community

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The community today is not as connected as it used to be. You are mostly on your own, dealing with a variety of things alone. Without any support, it is easy to feel frustrated and angry. You need each other to help manage your anger and stress.

Social Injustice

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Social unfairness and discrimination around you can make you angry. It can feel like the world is against you, and there is nothing you can do about it. That anger builds up inside until it explodes. It leads to protests and demands for change.

Technological Frustrations

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Technology is supposed to make your life easier. But sometimes, it just makes things worse. Slow internet, glitchy devices- it is enough to drive anyone crazy. Moreover, since you are always plugged in, there is no escape from the frustration, making you even angrier.

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