10 Old-Fashioned Names Kids Hate & 10 Timeless Names Kids Love

Naming a newborn child is one of the most difficult tasks for new parents. A 2017 study by Yonat Zwebner examines how one’s name affects one’s personality. Some names, though once popular, have lost their charm. On the other hand, some names have remained timeless because of their trendy tones.

Our team surveyed various online platforms and observed many polls to understand which names seem most timeless or old-fashioned in America. Here are our picks of 10 outdated names and 10 timeless names of all times.

The following names were once popular worldwide. Unfortunately, they could not remain people’s favorites.


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Gertrude was once a common name, especially in the early 1900s. The name comes from Old High German and means spear and strength. The name often conjures images of elderly ladies. It does not have a modern or youthful feel. As a result, it has fallen out of favor with new parents.


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Mildred is another name that was popular a century ago. Today, it is rarely heard in nurseries. Its harsh sound does not appeal to many modern parents, and babies might grow up disliking its old-fashioned vibe.


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Agnes used to be quite popular, especially in medieval times. This name is originally from Greek. One of the costliest hurricanes in America was named Hurricane Agnes. The name does not have a trendy ring to it anymore. Many parents avoid it, thinking their child might not appreciate its antique feel.


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Herbert is a name that brings to mind the early 20th century. it is not a common choice for babies now. The name has an old-man quality that does not fit the modern image parents often envision for their children. Kids might detest the name as they grow older.


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Ethel was a top name in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today, it sounds very dated. it is rarely chosen for newborns. The name might be seen as too old-fashioned and not fitting with contemporary trends.


Clarence was once a distinguished name. Now, it is perceived as too vintage. The name does not have the sleek or trendy appeal many parents look for today. Kids might find it cumbersome or out of place among peers with more modern names.


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Bertha was quite popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s. These days, it is often associated with older generations. The name has a heavy sound that does not resonate with today’s naming styles. Babies named Bertha might grow up feeling their name is too antique.


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Doris had its heyday in the early to mid-20th century. Today, it is seen as an old-fashioned choice. The name does not align with the new names in vogue now, and parents might find it lacking in modern appeal.


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Norman was a strong name in the past, especially around the 1920s and 1930s. Many American parents used to consider this name in the top 100. At present, the name does not fit with current trends. it is a name that children might not appreciate as they grow up.


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Gladys was once such a popular name that it was featured in the blockbuster TV series Friends. In contemporary times, it is rarely used for newborns. Babies named Gladys might find it too outdated compared to their peers.

Based on the record of United States Social Security, the following are the top names preferred in America. These names have often come up on the list of most popular names every decade.


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James is a classic name that has been popular for centuries. It has a strong and timeless appeal. Many famous people, from kings to modern celebrities, bear this name. Kids named James often feel a sense of pride and connection to its rich history. Around 4,586,625 people in America have this name.


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Mary is a beautiful name that has stood the test of time. It is elegant and simple, making it a favorite among parents. The name’s popularity soared in the 19th century and remains strong today. Children named Mary often find it easy to pronounce and spell.


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Michael is a name that has been consistently popular for decades. Its strong biblical origin adds to its timeless nature. Many famous athletes, actors, and musicians are named Michael. Kids with this name often appreciate its classic and enduring charm. It is the second most popular name in America.


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Patricia is a name with a graceful and timeless appeal. Its roots in literature add a touch of elegance. The name has remained popular throughout the years. Children named Patricia often enjoy its melodic sound and sophisticated feel.


William is a regal name with a rich history. It has been the name of many kings and notable figures. It is one of the most popular names among parents in America. The name exudes strength and dignity. Kids named William often feel a sense of importance and tradition.


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Jennifer is a name that radiates beauty and wisdom. It has ancient Greek origins and has been loved for centuries. The name has a timeless quality that appeals to parents and children alike. The classic and elegant vibe of Jennifer is loved by kids to date.


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Alexander is a powerful name with historical significance. It was the name of Alexander the Great, a famous conqueror. The name has a strong and heroic feel. Naming a child Alexander can instill a sense of pride and strength in their personality.


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Benjamin is a name with deep historical roots. It has been popular for centuries and has a special place in American history. The name has a warm and friendly feel. Children named Benjamin often appreciate its classic and enduring nature.


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Elizabeth is a name that exudes elegance and tradition. It has been a popular name for queens and notable women throughout history. The name offers many nickname possibilities, such as Liz, Beth, or Ellie. Kids named Elizabeth often enjoy its versatility and timeless appeal.


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Sarah is a name that has a modern yet timeless appeal. It is short and sweet, making it easy to remember and pronounce. The name has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Kids enjoy this name’s simplicity and charm.

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