10 Most Affordable Water Parks To Visit This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy water parks without breaking the bank. Based on a recent study by SwimOutlet, here are the ten most affordable water parks in the U.S. The study assessed each park’s value for money by considering customer ratings, number of attractions, ticket prices, and national interest through Google searches. With Six Flags White Water leading the list, these parks offer a blend of fun and affordability.

The study highlights how these destinations provide great experiences without hefty price tags, making them ideal for families looking for budget-friendly summer activities. Dive into the details of these top-rated, wallet-friendly water parks.

Six Flags White Water

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The Six Flags White Water in Atlanta Georgia gives you the best value for money. Tickets for this water park are the cheapest at $30 per person. This is their daily pass and gives you access to all the 21 rides available.

This includes all the rides from the relaxing ocean wave pool to the scary dragon’s tail. This park has the second-highest number of rides amongst the Six Flags water park family. The park is stretched across 69 acres in East Cobb. originally the waterpark started as White Water Atlanta in 1984 but it was taken over by Six Flags in 1999.

Average Google Rating – 3.9 out of 5

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashtown

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Opened in 1994, Splashtown boasts over 18 rides, making it a water park paradise.  Thrill-seekers won’t be disappointed with the “Texas Twister,” a thrilling four-person raft ride that propels you through a funnel and out into an open bowl. Younger adventurers will find their haven in the “Hook’s Lagoon” children’s area, featuring pint-sized slides and water jets.

The park has around 18 rides, all of which you can access with their daily pass worth $35/ person. The high Google rating of this park also attests to the fact that visitors thoroughly enjoy their time over there.

Average Google Rating – 4.1 out of 5

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Phoenix

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Cool down in the scorching Arizona sun at Hurricane Harbor Phoenix. This desert oasis boasts over 15 rides.  The daily passes start at $30 per person which includes access to all the water rides. While the number of rides is slightly lower than the others, it is still enough to keep you entertained for an entire day.

You can try the Black Hole, a thrilling water coaster that propels you through a dark tunnel.  For a taste of weightlessness, try the wedgie-inducing wedgie slides.  Younger guests will love Big Kahuna, a multi-level play structure with water cannons, slides, and tipping buckets.  Hurricane Harbor Phoenix offers a perfect blend of high-adrenaline adventures and relaxing escapes on a budget.

Average Google Rating – 4.0 out of 5

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor NJ

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This water park is gearing up for an epic summer in 2024 with the opening of Splash Island, featuring brand new slides and an interactive play area designed to keep youngsters entertained for hours.

The park currently has around 12 water activities that you can try for $35 per person. This includes the heart-stopping King Cobra slide, where you plummet through a twisting, enclosed flume.  For a more relaxed experience, grab a tube and float down the Kahuna River, or catch some waves in the massive Caribbean Clipper wave pool.

Average Google Rating – 3.6 out of 5

Aquatica San Antonio

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Aquatica San Antonio is a water park with a distinct aquatic theme, featuring rides inspired by dolphins, whales, and other fascinating sea creatures. They have over 17 sea creature theme rides that you can enjoy for $36.99 per person. If you go alone you can take a plunge on the thrilling Walhalla Wave, a wave ride that simulates the power of the ocean.

For a family-friendly adventure, try the Omaka Rocka, a multi-person raft ride that takes you through a winding course. Younger guests will love the colorful Loggerhead Lane lazy river and the interactive play area, featuring tipping buckets, water jets, and slides. All these unique interests at Aquatica San Antonio at the budget friendly price attest to their high user rating on Google.

Average Google Rating – 4.6 out of 5

Schlitterbahn Waterpark New Braunfels

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Also known as  “The World’s Largest Waterpark,” Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, Texas boasts a sprawling complex divided into four sections, each with its own unique theme and attractions. In these four sections, you can enjoy 19 rides at $39.99 per person.

Experience the thrill of the whitewater rapids on the Blastenhoff, or test your courage on the gut-wrenching drop of the Sky Rocket.  For a relaxing experience, float down the lazy river or unwind in a bubbling hot spring.  Little ones will have a blast in the toddler-friendly areas with pint-sized slides and fountains.

Average Google Rating – 4.4 out of 5

Schlitterbahn Waterpark Galveston

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This beachfront waterpark gives an immersive experience of coastal life. The number of rides is a little lower than their New Braunfels branch. However, you must consider the relaxing coastal sunset you can enjoy from here. On their daily pass that costs the same ($39.99 per person), you get to enjoy 11 water activities.

Take a daring plunge on the Galveston Hurricane, a massive funnel water coaster, or challenge yourself on the męski  Pipeline, a high-speed racing slide.  For a more relaxed experience,  float down the relaxing  Palm Beach strand, a winding lazy river with tropical theming. For young guests, they have Treetop Ridge children’s area, featuring interactive water features and pint-sized slides.

Average Google Rating – 4.3 out of 5

Typhoon Texas

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With locations in Katy and Austin, Typhoon, offers a variety of parks catering to all ages. The general passes start at $49.99 per person, which is so far the highest in this list of affordable water parks. This pass gives you access to a total of 10 water rides including kids and adults.

Experience the heart-stopping  Dueling Daltons water coaster race your friends down side-by-side slides. For a family adventure,  raft down the  raging rapids  of the  Texas Tidal Wave.  Little ones will have a blast at Howdy Hollow, a vibrant children’s water play area with interactive features and colorful slides.

Average Google Rating – 4.3 out of 5

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Arlington

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As North Texas’s largest water park, Hurricane Harbor Arlington spans 47 acres of fun for the whole family. The daily pass costs $35 per person, similar to other Six Flags locations. This park boasts the highest number of water rides, with 23 thrilling options.

If you’re a thrill seeker, you’ll love the heart-pounding freefall drop on the Deep End slide. Float down the Bonzai Pipeline lazy river or catch waves in the massive Paradise Falls wave pool for a more relaxing experience . Younger guests can have a blast at Tadpole Town.

Average Google Rating – 4.1 out of 5

Adventure Island

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Adventure Island in Tampa Bay is a 30-acre water park located across the street from Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay. A single day ticket will cost you $46.99 per person over the age of three. At this price you can enjoy 20 water activities and rides. Some of the most popular ones include Riptide Rapids, a thrilling whitewater rafting adventure and Roa’ Rapids, a family-friendly rafting adventure.

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