18 Lucrative Careers Paying Over $100k That Aren’t Doctors

Achieving a six-figure salary is a goal for many Americans. Even though prices are rising, earning $100K a year is still higher than what most American households make. According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2022, the typical household earned about $74,580. Doctors are commonly linked with high earnings. However many other careers can also achieve six-figure incomes.

We have listed 15 jobs other than doctor that pay six figure salaries.

Computer Hardware Designer

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Hardware design engineers work on creating parts of computers, like microchips and circuit boards. They are involved in making models to see if everything works correctly. They also help make these computer parts in factories.

Ship Engineers

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Ship engineers are responsible for the design, construction, and maintenance of ships and the equipment used on them. They ensure that ships have the power to move and that all systems work well. They focus on engines, generators, and other machinery that help ships run smoothly. Ship engineers play a crucial role in ensuring that ships can travel safely and efficiently across oceans and waterways.

  • The average salary is $108,110 annually.

Financial analyst in Bank

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An investment banking analyst helps people and businesses manage their money and make smart investment choices. They listen and understand their clients requirements.Then, they suggest the best investment options to help clients reach those goals.

  • The national average salary is $91,729

Managers in Financial Reporting Roles

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Financial reporting managers handle the creation and sharing of a company’s financial statements with management. They also manage the company’s main accounting records. Moreover, they ensure that all financial transactions and records follow government rules and regulations.

  • The average salary per year includes $115,168

User Experience Lead

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A user experience lead is a person who makes sure that customers have a good and easy time when they interact with a business. When a customer uses a company’s website, app, or product they focus on making the interactions smooth. This involves understanding what customers need and want. According to this UX managers design and improve the ways customers can use the business’s services.

Project Management Professionals

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Senior project managers manage project teams that work across different parts of a company. They handle schedules, budgets, and resources to ensure business runs smoothly. They also make sure that projects meet quality standards and follow specific guidelines at each stage.

Leaders in the Construction Industry

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Construction managers manage the whole building process, from planning to completion. They control how money is spent and keep everyone informed of developments. They collaborate closely with architects and engineers. They also hire other organizations to complete particular aspects of the work and ensure that everything follows safety protocols.

Creative Directors

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Creative directors take care of the project. This could be an ad campaign, a magazine cover, or even a website. They work with a team of other creative people like designers, editors, and stylists. They make sure everything looks great and meets what the client wants. Their job is to bring ideas to life visually, making sure everything is just right.


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Pharmacists are healthcare professionals preparing and giving out medicines. It doesn’t  need a four-year college degree before going to pharmacy school. However, to become a pharmacist, you do need to complete a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program, which usually takes at least four years.

Expert in Political Science

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Political scientists explore how politics function and how governments operate. They do this by carrying out public opinion surveys, studying election outcomes, and creating and testing theories. They usually work in government offices, universities, or nonprofit organizations.

Legal Counsel

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To become a lawyer or legal counsel  in the United States, you need to finish college and then attend law school for three to four years. If you want to go to a law school, you will have to pass an exam known as the LSAT or the GRE. For the state where you want to work as a lawyer, you must pass a bar exam.

  • The median salary of a lawyer is $135,740.

Risk Analysts

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Risk analysts use math and statistics to manage financial risks. They work in insurance, pensions, and investments. Their main job is to measure uncertainties about future events. For instance about accident chances, and market changes. Most risk analysts have a bachelor’s degree in math, statistics, or actuarial science.

  • Their average salary per year is $113,990.

Data Engineer

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Data scientists use technology to analyze complex data and solve problems for organizations. Their main job is to find useful insights that help businesses make better decisions. You don’t always need a college degree to be a data scientist; some are self-taught or attend boot camps. Companies hire data scientists because they excel at uncovering valuable information from data.

IT Operations Manager

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IT managers ensure that all computer systems function efficiently and support the organization’s objectives. They stay updated and maintain the smooth performance of both software and hardware. Typically, IT managers possess a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology.

  • The average salary per year is $164,070.

Sales Director

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Sales director leads the sales team. They hire and train new members. They set sales goals and review sales data. Sales managers collaborate with other departments to achieve revenue goals. Most have a four-year college degree, often in business.

  • The median salary per annum is $130,600.

Chemical Process Engineer

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Chemical engineers design equipment and create processes to make things like gasoline, rubber, plastics, detergents, cement, paper, and more. They use chemistry, physics, and engineering to figure out how to do this safely and efficiently. Their job involves coming up with ways to mix and change chemicals to get the products we use every day.

  • The average annual salary is  $122,910.

Aerospace Systems Engineer

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Aerospace engineers design planes, rockets, and spacecraft. Moreover they build and test them to make sure they work right. They do research to see if new materials or equipment can be used to make these vehicles better. They might suggest ways to make testing equipment and methods better too.

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